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If you are a property owner, you may be aware of all the legalities that come with the territory when you move up the ladder. As property lawyers and real estate attorneys, our company Attorneys Real Estate Group has handled so many of these issues from disputes to incorrect paperwork, we deal with all of the legalities that comes from a real estate transaction whether on the buying or selling side, or any other matter.

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Property Lawyers & What They Do

You may be wondering to yourself what is a property lawyer and what do they do exactly? In better terms, how exactly can they resolve the issue that I’m having, at what cost, and how long will it take overall. In this article, we’re going to go over some of these common questions that come up quite often, either during our free consultation process where we tend to hear the same questions and concerns come up quite often. So, read on to discover everything you need to know about property lawyers and what they can do.


#1. Illegal Encroachment

If you own a property and have had the misfortune of learning about squatters as they’re called, that may be because you have dealt with this issue before. Any property owner that has dealt with this situation knows just how emotionally draining that it can be for both yourself, and the other party involved in the dispute. It may be an odd situation where you don’t want to have to tell the person to leave like if it’s your family, it may be you are too scared to approach the individual. There are a variety of different scenarios that can arise, and we can help you with any of them! Whether you need someone in a consultation role or to speak with the other party on your behalf, we can facilitate that and come to a relatively swift & amicable situation upon resolution.


#2. New Builder Construction

Oftentimes, when a home builder is building a new home, an issue can occur where the contractor accidentally pours concrete on the other party’s property and thus the party that was at damage has a claim and potential case against the home builder. Little issues like this arise frequently, and can often be resolved by a competent law firm coming in on your behalf to negotiate with the contractor and come to a positive resolution. We’ve seen this issues quite frequently in the Sacramento and Placer county areas and are experts at facilitating positive results for our clients.


#3. Home Owners Association

With regard to home owner’s associations, there can be quite a few rules & regulations to navigate that are particular to the home in question, and can vary quite a bit. We’ve negotiated on behalf of clients who do not feel their home owner’s association is doing their part for example, and upkeep & maintenance and other basics are being disregarded. Whether either party is dissatisfied, there are legal enforcements and outcomes that can be come to to satisfy either party. These types of claims and disputes are not uncommon in many neighborhoods in the Sacramento and Placer county area. We have successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients, so know our property law in this regard.


#4. Chain Of Title Issues

Any issue on the “chain of title” that is any document or paperwork that is integral to the facilitation of closing the deal whether on the buying or selling side, is part of this “chain.” Common problems occur when doing research on old claims or liens that may have been placed, hoa covenants or zoning issues can really muddy the water and slow the process to a grinding halt. As property lawyers in Sacramento, we are well versed with any type of paperwork that is liable to arise during this transaction can help you smoothly navigate the sales or buying process with your home or property.


#5. Neighbor Disputes

Another issue we have seen quite often is when two neighbors are almost coming to blows over a disagreement on either what falls on either’s side of the property, or even what someone can do on their property line such as burning trash, recording equipment or other issues of a personal nature. Any of these sorts of personal issues can trigger a person to contact a real estate attorney who also knows property law to the “T” and can help you negotiate these muddy waters into clearer space.


So, if after reading this article you understand a bit more about what property lawyers do, we’ll consider our jobs well done. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your property attorney needs or any other issues you may be having in regards to real estate law or anything else that falls under that umbrella, please feel free to reach out to us.

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