Sacramento can be assumed to be the legal headquarters of California. Sacramento is where the California Governor’s Mansion is located. When you are in a legal region like Sacramento, it is expected that handling legal matters would certainly demand a lot. If you are a trustee, heir or beneficiary in a dispute arising in Sacramento, this article is for you. This article will also assist you if you require insight and legal advice to secure and manage your assets when you are incapable of doing so by yourself, or you have passed away.

This article discusses the responsibilities of Trust &and Estate lawyer in Sacramento Ca. Trust and estate lawyer advises clients on every administration area, planning, taxation of estates and trusts, and settlement.


Responsibilities of Trusts and Estates Lawyer in Sacramento Ca

A Trust and estate lawyer will assist you to be orderly and effectively organize and plan the transfer of assets to your spouse, family members, charities and other qualified beneficiaries. The responsibility of a trust and estate lawyer involves the preparation of wills, power of attorney, trust agreements and tax planning for its clients. This practise also includes business structures held in partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants you the authority to appoint a person or corporate entity to manage your estate and financial affairs when you are handicapped.


The key aspects involved in the practice of Trusts and Estates Law in Sacramento Ca

  1. Manage your financial assets

The practice of Trusts and Estates Law in Sacramento Ca requires an estate and trust lawyer to consider the following during the process of planning:

  • Your objectives
  • Your family affiliations
  • Your tendency to donate to particular types of charity to aid the poor.
  • How State and Local tax, GSTT and gift tax laws affect your objectives?

For emphasis, GSTT is payable as a federal tax when there is a property transfer by inheritance or gift to a particular beneficiary who should be a minimum of 37½yrs younger compared to the donor. The current rate, which has been in effect since 2014, is 40% (Investopedia, September 2020).

In furtherance to the above considerations, an estate and Trust lawyer subsequently, with your support, and other legal advisers, devise plans on how to achieve your objectives. To actualize the plan of managing and organizing your financial assets that arise from the transfer of property, relevant legal documents-Trust agreements and Wills-are drafted to provide for an orderly distribution of the assets and payment of any debts or liabilities of the estate. They also assist in the creation of other business entities and their restructuring.


  1. Estate Administration

Trust and Estate lawyers in Sacramento Ca, also deal with the administration of estates. They work with the deceased family on a range of issues which include:

  • Insurance claims
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Managing the investment of the estate’s assets
  • Planning for the distribution of the assets of the deceased
  • Assist with the tax consequence that results from the distribution of the deceased assets.
  • Assist with the valuation of the client’s estate
  • Help to avoid probate.

Estate administration is different from a Will or Trust. It is arranged when you are still alive. It helps to eliminate uncertainties that may arise after your death. Please note that estate administration is not only for the wealthy and aged people of Sacramento Ca.


  1. Trust Administration

Trust lawyers in Sacramento Ca, liaise with beneficiaries in the area of administration of Trust. The beneficiaries could be individuals or corporate entities.

A trust is a credible agreement that allows a person, known as a trustee, to hold assets for a beneficiary.

Trust and Estate lawyer in Sacramento Ca, also helps clients in every aspect of trust and probate litigation. This includes amending the terms of a Will or Trust, defending or prosecuting Will Contest Actions or Surcharge Actions against trustees.

If you and your Sacramento Ca’s estates and trusts lawyers have agreed and planned a trust, you may escape being caught in probate, which is the legal process involved in the validation of a Will. It could be a long court process if your Will finds its way to probate. Your beneficiaries may have to be patient to inherit your estate. If your Will is declared invalid, your assets and estate may not go to the beneficiary.

Other benefits of creating a Trust include:

  • Financial Control- The terms of your Trust specifies who benefits from your assets and when.
  • Protection of your Legacy. In cases where your heirs or beneficiaries are not financially responsible compared to you, a Trust may stop your heirs’ or beneficiaries’ creditors from attempting to seize your assets.
  • Probate Protection. A Will that finds its way to the probate may be costly and has become public.

A Will is a document that enables a person to clarify their after-death wishes in the invent they become handicapped.


The primary objective of Estates and Trusts Lawyers in Sacramento Ca

A trustee, heir or beneficiary seeking the service of Estate and Trust lawyers, in a dispute arising in Sacramento has an objective. The primary duty of an estate and trust lawyer to its clients is to help the clients accomplish their goal or objective.  A trust and estate lawyer spend a considerable amount of time planning and dealing with tax issues that arise with the transfer of assets. This is done to secure a significant tax reduction for the clients, payable to the relevant Tax Authority. These taxes include state and local tax, gift tax and GSTT.