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With over 37 years of experience in Real Estate Law, Real Estate, and Mortgage, our law firm has helped homeowners navigate the legal complexities of real estate transactions through a forward thinking, no-nonsense approach.

In transactions that may require Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, and Mortgage Brokers we can be a resource that delivers a full-service solution all at competitive pricing.

Our Sacramento real estate lawyers have experience with probate, buying & selling, estate planning, wills & trusts, deed transfers, property disputes, foreclosures & all types of real estate legal cases. We have a wealth of experience & are true real estate law specialists.

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We offer free over the phone legal consultations to anyone speaking with us for the first time.  Just call in to schedule your consultation with our receptionist Ryane & we’ll book a good time for you & the attorney to talk over the phone about your legal situation.

There is no hard sell at the end of the call, or pressure to try to make you become a client. We will simply listen, discuss your specific needs, offer valuable insights, and determine if we have a case, and if we are a good fit to work together.

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If after discussing your case or legal needs and it's a good fit, we will move forward with the initial retainer. We'll then begin our discovery process which involves diving deeper into the details of your situation. We may begin drafting letters, gathering documents, contacting the court, or other relevant duties.

We will keep you in the loop via emails and give updates to you regarding relevant details to your case. At the end of the day, we are problem solvers who know California real estate law extremely well. Give us a call, let’s discuss your legal issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is real estate law?

Real estate law governs laws and litigation which has to do with property – including buildings which are affixed to a particular piece of land. This might include homes, commercial property or other types of real estate.

If I have purchased a home and found that something inside the home was faulty when I purchased it, is there anything I can do about it?

Often times, the buyer will be offered a warranty policy by the real estate agency to cover certain losses incurred by that buyer. You should determine whether you were given or purchased a warranty policy at the time of the home purchase. If not, you may need to speak to a real estate law attorney.

If I am purchasing or selling a home, should I hire an attorney to oversee the process?

Since you will be signing contracts and a substantial amount of money will likely be involved, it is a good idea to hire an attorney to protect your interests and ensure that the entire process is legal and valid.

What should I make sure of when I am purchasing a home?

Although it's a great idea to consult an attorney before purchasing a home, there are several things you should make sure of. Make sure that all property which is supposed to go with the home is included in the contract. This may include appliances or other extras you were promised. You also want to inspect the damage report and look at the surrounding area.

What should I make sure of when I am selling a home?

You'll want to make sure that there are no claims or liens against your property and determine what items or property should be included in the sale. You will also want to consider your lowest desired price and what you're willing to accept. A property law attorney can oversee the process and protect your interests.

As a seller, are there any defects which I must disclose to the buyers before signing a contract?

You should disclose all defects; however it's very important that you discuss your options with an attorney. If there are defects in the home and you do not disclose them, you could find yourself in court.

Are there any tips the buyer should heed before purchasing a property?

The buyer should spend time in the neighborhood to determine whether he or she will be happy there. They should also make sure the home is inspected and that there are no major problems that will drive up the cost of the home. It's best to receive advice from a real estate law attorney before purchasing.

For a home being sold as-is who is responsible for major repairs?

Typically, for homes that are sold as-is, the buyer is responsible for all repairs which must be made. Again, speaking to an attorney is the best idea.