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With over 37 years of experience in Real Estate Law, Real Estate, and Mortgage, our law firm has helped homeowners navigate the legal complexities of real estate transactions through a forward thinking, no-nonsense approach.

In transactions that may require Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, and Mortgage Brokers we can be a resource that delivers a full-service solution all at competitive pricing.

Our Sacramento real estate lawyers have experience with probate, buying & selling, estate planning, wills & trusts, deed transfers, property disputes, foreclosures & all types of real estate legal cases. We have a wealth of experience & are true real estate law specialists.

When Do You Need A CA Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate law in California is a tricky beast and one that is constantly changing in terms of state law. On top of that, all real estate deals are different situations with no two being exactly the same.

You do have to be careful because there really are tons of quirks that are specific to California real estate law that are not typical in other states. There can be certain pitfalls that an experienced real estate attorney will help you avoid.

Simply put, there are a lot of scenarios where you may find having a real estate attorney in your corner is more than beneficial, it ends up being financially life-saving.

You may be in a situation where you have a real estate dispute, with a person or company. Perhaps you’ve been lied to, duped or deceived by a realtor, or home seller. There are so many layers to real estate law.

If you have a complex problem, or a legal issue where you just can’t figure out what to do, we excel in drilling down into your problem and finding the solution.

What Makes A Successful Real Estate Attorney?

It takes a unique blend of characteristics to succeed as a real estate attorney in California, one of the most challenging markets. Our attorneys are analytically minded, efficient, prepared & sharp, while at the same time remaining grounded, friendly & empathetic.

The minutiae involved with interpreting complex real estate law or knowing when to argue, or how to prepare to do something very specific takes years of practice both academically and in the field. Our lawyers have both.

Our team succeeds because we are serious about the details of the law & aim to strike the balance between factors such as good judgment, smart strategy, strong performance and a winning mentality.

We know that we win by giving value back to the community, and by upholding the fairness & morality of the law.

There’s a difference between a lawyer that also does real estate law, versus a real estate lawyer who is specifically tied to the market of real estate,

Our attorneys are also comfortable in the fire so to speak. If it comes down to having difficult conversations, speaking with other attorneys, or going into bitter litigation, then so be it.

We have a ton of experience in uncomfortable situations, and could say that we know how to succeed regardless.


Why We’re A Highly Rated CA Real Estate Law Firm

A law firm succeeds because it focuses on providing a valuable service to a community of people, striking the balance between profitability for the company and affordability for the client, whilst remaining forever vigilant, and up to speed regarding all aspects of CA law.

For that reason, we are a highly rated law firm in Google among others, because our clients generally leave us after having had a good experience and favorable outcome. We choose our clients carefully specifically so that we’re able to provide this valuable experience.

We don’t take cases we won’t win, generally speaking. This is good for you, and for us because it won’t waste either of our time or money.

We will oftentimes give our clients a lot of help that allows them to solve their own problem or to go a different direction altogether.

Our lawyers love to “crack” the case, or solve a puzzle, but also to represent someone who is being unjustly treated or have

Our obligation is to the law and with that end in mind, we are forever

5 Reasons To Work With Our Real Estate Law Firm:

Clarity. You’ll gain access to our team’s deep pool of insight and understanding of real estate law. Our attorneys have seen all types of real estate problems and issues arise & know how to solve them. We’ll help you sort out the legalities of buying or selling a property, title disputes & more. We possess a wide scope of knowledge that benefits our clients tremendously.

Security. Our real estate lawyers will work with you, protecting you from being taken advantage of, and if needed going to bat for you in the court of law. You’ll be shielded from the numerous legal pitfalls you could easily fall into unknowingly while dealing with these tricky & complex real estate law matters. We can be tough & will be on your behalf if necessary.

Savings. A real estate attorney can save you quite a bit in costs that most people don’t know about. For example, did you know that on property closing transactions, a real estate lawyer takes only 1.5% in commission rather than the 5-6% that brokers charge! We can also save you from the huge financial damage that making a real estate error could cost you.

Expertise. Sometimes you just need to hire a law firm to complete things you cannot legally do yourself. Maybe its deed transfers, wills & trusts, estate planning or drafting some other sort of legal contract that you need. Our attorneys are all real estate law experts who hold the proper licensure, degrees & certifications in order to practice law in the state of California.

Speed. We know how to make things happen fast. If you have an urgent legal matter that requires attention, we’re the team you want. Our relationships and insider knowledge of the California legal system is to your advantage. We’ve come through for many clients in their time of need. We’ll take your case & sprint across the finish line, helping you get it done fast.

Our Consultation Process:

Step 1:
Call In For A Free Legal Consultation

We offer free over the phone legal consultations to anyone speaking with us for the first time.  Just call in to schedule your consultation with our receptionist Allison & we’ll book a good time for you & the attorney to talk over the phone about your legal situation.

There is no hard sell at the end of the call, or pressure to try to make you become a client. We will simply listen, discuss your specific needs, offer valuable insights, and determine if we have a case, and if we are a good fit to work together.

Step 2:
If It’s A Good Fit To Work Together

If after discussing your case or legal needs and it’s a good fit, we will move forward with the initial retainer. We’ll then begin our discovery process which involves diving deeper into the details of your situation. We may begin drafting letters, gathering documents, contacting the court, or other relevant duties.

We will keep you in the loop via emails and give updates to you regarding relevant details to your case. At the end of the day, we are problem solvers who know California real estate law extremely well. Give us a call, let’s discuss your legal issue.

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Areas Of Practice

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are when a buyer agrees to buy a listed property. Buying a house entails many measures, which vary depending on the form of transaction and state regulations…

Company Formations

A company is a business or association created by a group of people with its own set of rights and responsibilities for the individuals involved. It may be a profit-making private corporation…

Estate Planning

Any person with assets (bank accounts, credit cards, currency, real estate and investments) has an estate and the estate does not follow when a person passes…

Contract Disputes

If not handled properly, real estate contract disputes can lead to lengthy court battles. At Attorneys Real Estate, we help our clients by providing various options…

Failure To Disclose

Purchasing a home can be time-consuming and stressful. Despite the joys of ownership, some buyers are deceived by dishonest sellers who fail to make the required disclosures under state law…


State law has particular guidelines that detail both tenant and landlord rights. Violations of these laws can lead to legal action as well as the loss of a rental property…

Ownership & Property Disputes

When several people share joint ownership of a property, disagreements can arise. Maybe one person wants to keep the house and the other wants to sell it…

Construction Defects

A construction defect is anything in your house, townhouse or condo that does not meet building standards. Everyone who worked on or developed your home was required by law to meet…

Non-Judicial Foreclosures

If a “power-of-sale” provision in the mortgage note or deed of trust exists, lenders may use the nonjudicial foreclosure method. If the borrower defaults on their loan, the lender…

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I started Attorneys Real Estate Group as a “one stop shop” for all of your real estate needs, legal & other. We know real estate inside-out & are committed to our client’s success. My team and I work well together to figure out solutions to your real estate issues, whether complex or simple. We are problem solvers who you can count on for our expertise. We’ll get the job done quickly, professionally & at fair rates.