About Attorneys Real Estate Group

With more than 30 years of experience in Real Estate Law, Real Estate, and Mortgage, our Veteran-owned law firm helps homeowners navigate the legal complexities of real estate transactions through a forward thinking, no-nonsense approach.

In transactions that may require Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, and Mortgage Brokers we can be a resource that delivers a full-service solution all at competitive pricing.


We believe in hearing our clients out & truly listening to their story so that we can make this process as natural, simplified & stress-free as can possibly be during the whole process.


Our mission or purpose is to, through our expertise, ensure that our clients get the quality of legal representation that they deserve, and that they get the best possible representation.


We are attorneys & real estate professionals who regularly maintain our required degrees, credentials & licenses, staying in good standing with all required legal governing bodies.