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Business law attorneys play a pivotal role in helping business managers perform their various responsibilities and business operations. A business attorney near me can help you navigate through routine and non-routine business decisions without facing any legal implications.”

A business attorney near me can provide advice and handle legal matters such as compliance with certain laws and regulations that govern businesses.

A business attorney near me can provide advice and handle legal matters such as compliance with certain laws and regulations that govern businesses.


Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, each business type requires having a business attorney near me. This is because of two primary reasons that exist and which concern every business.

Firstly, irrespective of the size and volume of a business, each business involves having a few to many stakeholders.

Secondly, certain business obligations require an understanding of their legal aspects where only a business attorney near me could help.

Consider combining the above two cases and you will better understand the need to hire a business attorney.

In simple words, every business itself and its stakeholders, in many instances, share some mutual and adjoining interests. The seriousness of these circumstances is such that business managers cannot risk making poor decisions. Any decision lacking a clear legal perspective could easily bring severe consequences to both the business and all stakeholders involved.

In this article, we strive to evaluate several different possible business situations that require seeking legal help from a business attorney near me.


What is a business attorney near me?

To put it simply, a business attorney is a lawyer who specializes in laws that are specifically related to business. A business attorney near me can provide advice and handle legal matters such as compliance with certain laws and regulations that govern businesses.

As mentioned in the beginning, every business has some stakeholders. This includes business owners and managers, employees, clients and customers, lenders and creditors, suppliers, landlord and tenants, etc.

A business attorney near me can make sure that no actions or transactions carried out by a business go against the interest of these stakeholders. In other words, they ensure maximum compliance of all legal frameworks that become applicable on a business to safeguard the interest of all stakeholders.

Similarly, in case of a breach or non-compliance, a business attorney can assist in eliminating or at least minimizing any chances of resulting damages.


Hiring a business attorney near me – Types of cases that they can assist you with

Before hiring a business attorney for your business matters, it is important to briefly know the scope of their services. Once you understand the type of cases that a business attorney near me can handle, they can represent you much better.

Typically, a business attorney will have the legal skills and technical expertise to address a multitude of business-related matters. While a comprehensive list of all such matters that business attorneys handle would be hard to compile, the following list still mentions several tasks covered by their broad scope of legal services, including –

  • Setting up a business, registration, licensing, permissions, etc.
  • Disputes that arise internally or with outsiders and/or third parties.
  • Filing and registration of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other important aspects of protecting intellectual property.
  • Making claims against damages incurred because of breach of contract, data leaks, rights infringement, privacy concerns, etc.
  • Issues related to buying, selling, and/or renting of property owned and/or used by the business to conduct its activities.
  • Defending a business against claims filed by clients, agents, competitors, or any other person or organization.
  • Handling of tax matters, filing tax returns, etc. Also, suggesting the right type of taxation method that should be adopted if there is a choice. Such as in the case of a limited liability company.
  • Compliance with different laws and regulations that directly or indirectly affect any aspect of a business procedure.
  • Timely adherence to a change in laws and regulations.
  • Filing for time extensions in certain matters to avoid penalties, fines, and suspension of licenses that could halt business operations, etc.
  • Advising on differences in laws and compliance issues occurring because of expanding business operations to another state or country.


A business attorney has the legal skills and technical expertise to address a multitude of business-related matters.

A business attorney has the legal skills and technical expertise to address a multitude of business-related matters.


Benefits of hiring a business attorney near me

While the above list briefly highlights several different types of cases and situations handled by a business attorney, here is an explanatory list of some important matters that they handle. These matters explain why it is beneficial for businesses to always have a business attorney near me on their side.


1. Beginning a new business

Starting a business is no joke. It involves careful planning and a thought-provoking process. Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities before starting a business and while doing it requires consulting a business attorney.

Things like what type of business you should register as, for example – a sole proprietorship, S and C corporation, partnership, or an LLC, can be comprehensively decided with the help of a business attorney near me.

Remember that any decision you take now while starting a business will impact you and your business in the future. Therefore, hiring a business attorney to guide you through this process will play a crucial role.

For example, the taxability of business income is of great concern for business owners and investors. This is because income tax rates directly impact a business’s profitability.

For some business entity types, the IRS prescribes a predefined income tax treatment. But in cases where the IRS is silent, there is a choice for businesses to decide on their own. Such as a choice to decide between double-taxation and pass-through entity tax treatment. However, this requires exercising utmost care and skepticism.

What you choose now will continue to remain the same in the future along with its positive or negative impact. Involving a business attorney near me will help you select an option that best suits your business type and trade.


2. Business mergers and acquisitions

Business mergers and acquisitions happen to be quite normal in the business world. Small and medium-sized companies merge to form bigger enterprises and corporations. Likewise, bigger corporations acquire smaller companies to eliminate competition and increase market share.

Business matters like these involve judgments and preparing feasibility reports with almost no tolerance for an error. A business attorney near me can help you decide the best option in your circumstances.


3. Making sound contracts to protect your interest

A lot of business commitments are made through proper and legally enforceable contracts. But before getting into any type of contractual obligation, make sure to consult a business attorney near me.

A business law attorney will ensure that your interests aren’t being compromised in any manner, nor are you paving a way for the other side to take undue advantage of any legal error or complication present in the contract.


4. Seeking resolution of business issues and claims

Several problems and issues can arise even in very professional and well-organized business environments. These includes, for example, cases of sexual assaults, discrimination, mental and physical violence, unpaid overtime work hours, and inappropriate or inadequate workplace safety measures, etc.

When such allegations for breach of legal and moral obligations are raised by any party related to the business, seeking the advice of a business attorney near me is of utmost importance.

Any attempt  to deal with such matters alone without the help of a business law attorney can further aggravate the situation. Since the affected persons in such cases file damage claims for substantial compensations, a business attorney can help negotiate the best outcome.

While big organizations have a dedicated team of business attorneys to eliminate or reduce the severity of such issues, other businesses can seek help from a small business attorney near me.


5. Contractual disputes and breach of contractual obligations

In the world of business, things may not always go as smoothly as planned. One such example relates to contractual disputes that arise because of a breach of contractual obligations.

There are times when even decade-long business partnerships end in an unanticipated and unlikely manner. A common reason for this is when one party to a contract is unable to fulfill its promises, all the while making other parties involved suffer because of this.

Suppose what happens when a business is not able to pay its suppliers because its clients have either delayed payment or filed for bankruptcy. Try imagining the extent of implications that arise if this single event turns into a domino effect.

An expert business attorney near me cannot just help recover payments, but also compensation for the maximum number of damages incurred in such a situation.


6. Business attorneys near me helping in legal compliance and areas of risk management

Certain types of business entities due to their specialized nature mostly remain under rigorous observation of concerned authorities. This means that even a slight mistake on their part could raise eyebrows, thus resulting in warnings, fines, and even termination of certain rights.

A professionally competent business attorney near me can provide advice as well as develop systems to ensure compliance and reduce any risks that may arise in such businesses.


7. Licensing issues

A few types of businesses cannot be carried out without a proper license and permit from the concerned authorities. Obtaining such licenses, ensuring their timely renewals as well as disapproving any act that could result in their forfeit, requires always having a business attorney near me by your side.


8. Handling real estate issues and property disputes

Almost all forms of businesses require some sort of physical space to showcase, operate, and/or warehouse their inventory and equipment. This means acquiring real estate property through a sale-purchase agreement and/or lease arrangements.

Again, such transactions could result in disputes and other issues. A business law attorney near me can help deal with such issues of property sale-purchase and tenancy laws.


Business attorney near me

Depending on your needs, you might want to hire a small business attorney near me or a business law attorney near me. But whatever your need may be, you can be confident that the professional competence of business law attorneys near me at Attorneys Real Estate Group will better serve your interest.

Each business attorney near me at Attorneys Real Estate Group has successfully helped several different businesses during his/her career. Based on this knowledge and experience, our business law attorneys can provide a comprehensive legal approach in all cases.

We believe that the best way to tackle legal technicalities surrounding any business requires presenting solutions with multiple perspectives. Perhaps this is the reason why our clients deeply trust us with all their business issues and complex legal situations.

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