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When you die or become incapacitated, an estate planning attorney can help you plan what will happen to your estate. All but the simplest estate plans may need legal help to ensure that your wishes are properly recorded according to state and federal law.

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Best Estate Planning Lawyers – What They Do

Our Best Estate Planning Lawyers are famous for their reliable work and tell. We consider clients’ needs and all areas that could affect their wealth and families.

Our estate planning lawyers are best in assisting in preparing all types of wills, living wills, health care proxies, family protocols, whether revocable or irrevocable and corporate advice for family businesses.


What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

Our estate planning attorneys can tell on particular matters relating to business succession planning. We will notify those who should supervise your business if you become incapacitated or die, income tax issues, purchase-sale agreements, and restrictions on the transfer of company stock.

Estate planning lawyers specialize in federal and state laws about estates, trusts, and probate. They can help you develop or update your estate plan based on your wishes. Estate planning attorneys can assist you with the following documents and situations:



The last will allow you to specify what should happen to your assets after death. Among its many uses, it can choose a guardian for your children and name individuals and charities as beneficiaries.


A living will:

An advance directive stating your wishes for funeral arrangements if you become ill and cannot communicate them. States can use different names for the document.



Assets often go into living trusts, in addition to being managed by the trustee for its beneficiaries, a lengthy and costly legal process of dividing an estate’s assets after death.


Choosing beneficiaries:

You can choose beneficiaries for some accounts, like a bank or investment account. This allows the funds to pass to the beneficiaries without going through probate. Aside from naming beneficiaries for life insurance policies. It would help if you also considered who you will name as beneficiaries.


A durable financial and medical power of attorney:

Powers of attorney allow you to name someone to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf.

As part of your estate planning plan, your attorney can also guide you on specific questions. Such as creating an estate plan to cut estate taxes and utilizing trusts to care for family members. It is not the primary concern of most people to worry about estate taxes since, as of 2022.


Estate Planning Attorneys: When to Hire Them

In all but the simplest circumstances, you may want to hire estate planning lawyers to prepare or review an estate plan. If you have an estate plan from a previous era that needs updating, an attorney can help. When you need help with estate planning, you might want to hire an attorney:


Estate Planning Attorneys.


The birth of children

The birth of a child is one of the most significant life events that influence estate planning. Ask yourself how the child would be provided for in the event of either parent’s death (or both).

The vice president of Fidelity Investments’ Advanced Planning department, Sander Bluestein, says drafting a will allows a parent to name a guardian for their children in the event of their death. Nevertheless, naming a guardian is just the first step.

In addition to a guardian, a conservator may need to manage any assets the minor child may inherit, also a guardian who assumes responsibility for their care and custody. State laws determine what age a person must be at majority; generally, this is 18 or 21.

The owner gives the financial institution the correct instructions and names the beneficiaries receiving those assets. Wills should be consistent with financial institution directives if the owner also has one.

The beneficiaries of transfer on death and payable on death accounts at brokerage firms, banks, and credit unions may receive the accounts without probate, bypassing a will.

In the case of assets without a beneficiary designation. The will is the instrument that specifies who receives them and any related special instructions.

Even though a will plays a key role in estate planning, some people may need something more. They may enjoy a trust appropriate for most assets, including financial assets, retirement assets, real estate, and life insurance.

It is possible to handle these assets within the minor’s trust. A trust managed is more likely than one entrusted to someone who needs to gain the experience or knowledge to invest and protect assets properly.


Estate size and state of residence

When the first spouse passes away, their exclusion could be taken over by the surviving spouse, allowing the survivor to avoid federal estate taxes on $24.12 million.

Including provisions about what would happen during a simultaneous death in a complete estate plan is also important. In recent years, there may be either an estate or inheritance tax imposed by your state, which has exacerbated estate planning strategies.

Estate taxes are easy to surpass in states with estate taxes, saying Bleustein, once you add up the value of real estate, retirement assets, and life insurance policies.” Consider how to manage intergenerational asset transfers best. For example, trust can be used if children are not mature or old enough to handle a large inheritance.


Probate and privacy concerns

The probate process leads to many expenses, delays, and issues regarding privacy. Among the probate issues are:


Loss of privacy:

The probate court makes information available to anyone. For instance, creditors and relatives can get your probate records to challenge your will.



Even the simplest probate case without conflict can be quite costly. An estate’s value can drop up to 5% of attorney’s fees and court costs.



Probate without a contest may take up to a year on average. With proper planning, delays, and costs can be avoided, as well as privacy loss.


Preparation for becoming incapacitated

Many believe estate planning only applies when you die but is also essential when you become incapacitated. When you can’t manage your financial affairs, you can appoint someone to handle them with a financial power of attorney.

As soon as you sign this, it will take effect, or it will take effect upon you becoming incapacitated. Please ask about the rules or limitations for your financial services provider to accept springing powers of attorney.

HIPAA authorization allows you to give someone power of attorney over your healthcare decisions. Both need to be “durable,” which means they will remain in effect while you are incapacitated.

If the first individual you name cannot serve, you may wish to name another. Consider contacting an attorney if you don’t have these documents currently. If you already have these documents, ensure you are comfortable with the named individual(s) and consult your attorney to ensure that they accurately reflect your wishes and are current.


Philanthropic goals

An estate plan can incorporate philanthropic goals into an estate plan if the owner of a large estate wishes to leave a gift to charity. Leaving your non-Roth IRA assets to charity and assets passing through your will to individuals may be more beneficial from a tax perspective.

Rather than designating a specific percentage of retirement plan assets to your favorite charity, Bleustein suggests you name a nonprofit trust as the primary or contingent beneficiary.

A charitable lead trust would be an option if you wanted to create an income stream for a charity throughout your lifetime. The remaining balance of the CLT would go to the grantor’s beneficiaries after termination if it were properly set up.

Ideally, a charitable remainder trust will provide beneficiaries with an income stream. In contrast, the grantor is alive, while the rest goes to the grantor’s favorite charity. Among the many benefits of either option—CLT or CRT—is:

  • Taxing appreciated assets at a lower or zero rate
  • Giving to charity and claiming a tax deduction
  • Tax reduction on estates
  • Donating to a charity of your choice
  • Beneficiaries you designate

It is possible to sort through the options with the help of a tax professional or attorney.


Business succession

Have you considered protecting your business best after you die if you own one? Limited liability companies or limited family partnerships will make it easier for family members to transfer the business’s assets if you plan to keep them in the family.

Your estate planning lawyers can guide you to the right option.


Life stage

You can engage in estate planning at various points in your life; there is no ideal age to do so. New parents will want to plan for their child’s welfare. To ensure your existing estate plan still meets your current needs and expect any future needs as your children grow and your financial life becomes more complex, your assets and needs grow and change.


Special circumstances

Families with children with special needs and blended families are two of the most common situations that may affect estate planning decisions. Estate planning can be more challenging in blended families.

Biological children can receive a different inheritance from stepchildren, or parents may wish to protect their biological family inheritance if their spouse remarries. We can prepare a solid estate plan for these scenarios and others. Consult your attorney to learn more.

Disability trusts exist specifically to benefit disabled beneficiaries, structured so that the beneficiary may continue to qualify for public help, including Social Security Disability Insurance, despite their disability. You can establish a trust that meets your needs with the help of an attorney again.


Without an estate plan, what happens when you die?

A probate law in your state will determine how assets are distributed if there is no estate plan. It is not uncommon for clients to tell me their parents or grandparents told them they wanted certain things, but if it doesn’t appear in a valid will or trust, it doesn’t matter. I need to find out how often clients tell me that.

Additionally, the court will control minor children’s inheritances until they reach the age of 18. When they will receive a lump sum outright, which they are unlikely to handle effectively. If you do not have an estate plan, check out the California Probate Code to determine how it will affect your family.

To prepare an estate plan, you avoid court interferences and express your last wishes. These name individuals get along with your family to manage your assets and protect them from high costs, taxes, and even their irresponsibility or naivety, one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. You and your family will be more at ease if you do this.

We have the skills and experience to draft accurate and thorough estate planning documents. Consult us today to protect your family, your legacy, and yourself.



If you need advice about estate planning, you can find one online and ask friends, family members, or other professionals for recommendations. Look for the Best Estate Planning Lawyers specializing in the state’s estate planning laws since they vary from state to state.

Some states offer extra certifications, such as accreditation, chartered trust, estate planning, or certified trust and financial advisor, which can help you identify experienced estate planners.

You can determine how much an estate plan costs by looking at what you need, where you live, and who you hire. Some attorneys can charge a project fee for basic estate planning documents, while others may charge by the hour. You can contact several attorneys to find out about pricing and inclusions.

It would help to remember that your estate plan may need to update. So be sure to hire an estate planning lawyers with whom you feel comfortable working.

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