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“HOA is made for the benefit of society and to make society follow rules and regulations. An HOA attorney from Attorneys Real Estate Group can help in fighting against any HOA lawsuits and understanding HOA laws.”


Every society needs some set of rules and regulations; without abiding by those, there can be a lot of chaos. In the same way, when you are residing in a community, there must be a lot of rules that residents must abide by. These rules though feel a lot at first, without following these there are a lot of problems that can arise. However, at the same time, you can get in conflict with those rule makers as well.

Homeowners Association can help in forming these rules to protect society from chaos and to make things run smoothly. However, you can be in problems with these rules or regulations, or a problem can arise. While HOA needs an attorney to help with the laws and regulations, homeowners also need the help of an HOA lawyer. Thus, if you have problems with Homeowner’s association, you can start a lawsuit against the association.

That is where Attorneys Real Estate Group can help by providing expert HOA lawyers for homeowners or associations. Whether it is a dispute that you have got into with the association or if the association needs help, best hoa lawyers near me can assist. Let’s understand the HOA laws and how can an HOA lawyer help.


What is Homeowner Association?

Homeowners Association is set by real estate developers initially, but it can also be made by society members. These association needs to be filed with the state if the state needs it to be legal. It needs to be filed with the public records of the state or of the country. All residents must be members of the association and abide by the laws. Thus, HOA must follow the laws set by the state as well.

Homeowner Association has tasks of maintaining the society’s peace. It has certain rules and regulations and has a board of directors that controls the association. These boards of directors are appointed by the society’s residents or township residents. Usually, either the board of directors volunteer to maintain the association or are selected by-election.

Mostly, having a homeowner association is a pleasant experience. But in some cases, it can turn sour as well. Sometimes homeowner associations discriminate against a particular resident, ban them from using certain utilities, or make some situations more serious than they are. Thus, in such situations, homeowners have the right to file a lawsuit against HOA. They can find an HOA lawyer for homeowners to proceed with the lawsuit. Moreover, HOA can take assistance from the HOA attorney as well to comprehend the situation.


Homeowner Association Laws

There are certain rules and laws that make the homeowners association run smoothly. It is a branch of property law and has to be followed by the members of the residential area or by the association itself as well. Homeowners Association can define some rules and regulations as well. Thus, every member must follow these rules. If you are in California, searching for an HOA lawyer, California can help you in finding the best fit HOA attorney for you.

In addition to having some state laws that these associations must abide by, they must follow federal laws as well. Laws like California Corporation Code assist these associations in operations and management. 

However, if a resident feels that HOA is not maintaining the society well, or if they think they must challenge some rules, they have the right to do so. Hence, the residents must be aware of their rights against the HOA and understand the rules as well. Attorneys Real Estate Group can provide you an expert HOA attorney if you are in search of an HOA lawyer for homeowners. If you get into a dispute with your HOA, you must start searching best HOA lawyers near me.


Homeowner Rights against HOA

While the formation of the Homeowners Association is to make sure that society or township runs smoothly, there are some Homeowners rights against HOA as well. These Homeowners rights against HOA ensures that no resident faces discrimination or other issues while living in the area. Thus, it is important to understand that the owner has the right of possession, and they can file charges against HOA in case of any discrimination. Some Homeowners rights against HOA are:


  1. Challenge the Rules set by HOA

A homeowners rights against HOA include challenging the rules set by HOA. If a resident feels that some rules are outdated, not fair, discriminates against someone on the basis of religion, race, or any other factor, they can challenge these rules.

However, it is important to understand the homeowner may have to take some steps for the removal of rules. For example, they must get a vote from the residents of the society against a particular rule. HOA must ensure that all rules are fair and legal as well.


  1. Accessing Financial Documents

Homeowner associations make sure that the society complies with all the rules set by the government. Thus, it also needs some fees or charges to make sure that it can operate without any hindrance. Residents or members pay this fee, so they have the right to check any legal documents or reports related to the HOA. They can ask HOA to provide them access to financial reports, contracts, membership lists, or any other related paperwork.

If the owner finds that the HOA is not maintaining the society well, or there are some issues with the financial reports, they can ask the help of an HOA lawyer for homeowners to understand their rights and obligations. Attorneys Real Estate Group ensures that you understand all the rules and follow them. If you are denied any rights as an owner, we can provide you legal assistance as well about the best possible solution. Thus, if you are searching for the best HOA lawyers near me or HOA lawyer California, you can contact us for a free consultation.


  1. Suing HOA 

A resident can sue HOA in case they feel that HOA took a bad decision. They can also sue the HOA for any wrongful decisions, actions, or impact. Thus, if HOA took a bad decision exceeding their limits that is unfair to the society or homeowner, a homeowner can sue them. However, taking help from an HOA attorney or HOA lawyer for homeowners is important to understand if you should proceed with suing the HOA. 


  1. Owners Must Not Be Denied of Their Legal Rights

Homeowners have some legal rights that they can not be denied in any situation. These rights include the right of possession of the property, legally controlling their property as they please, and the right to sell the property. Also, they must understand that they must clear any debt or notify the next owner of the debt before selling the property. In short, as long as the owner complies with the laws, they can use their property in any way they want to. Thus, they have the right to ban or limit someone from entering their home or enjoy their ownership.


  1. Questionable Fines or Fees

HOA can send notice to homeowners over a violation and can impose a fine on them. In such situations, if the resident has committed a violation, they must pay the fine. The laws of most states allow HOA to fine homeowners in case of any misconduct. However, if, as a resident, you feel that the fees are outrageous or unjustifiable, you can proceed with legal or formal action.

For instance, if you feel that you have not committed any misconduct, you can talk with the HOA or take legal action. Also, if you have violated a small rule but you are fined a huge amount, you can take legal action as well. Or else, if you feel that the monthly or annual assessment is not justified, or if there is a sudden increase, you can question that as well. 

  1. The Right to Complain

A homeowner has the right to complain and voice their opinions. No one can restrict them from filing a complaint or voicing their opinions in board meetings. If you are denied this right, you can talk to board members or ask an HOA attorney for help. HOA lawyer California can help you in finding the best possible solution to the problem; they can also act as a mediator between you and HOA.


  1. Discriminate Against You 

Homeowner associations cannot discriminate against you in any way. They cannot differentiate against you and prevent you from buying the house, selling the house, or deny them any legal requests. Thus, on the basis of religion, morals, race, status, or any disability, HOA cannot deny them any rights or fine them. Fair Housing Act prevents the HOA from discriminating against any member, and the member can take legal action if HOA does something unfair. 


How can an HOA lawyer help homeowner? 

Hiring an HOA attorney can help you in a number of things including bringing the lawsuit. For example, if you feel that there is any problem, your first step must be talking to the HOA.


HOA lawyer

If talking to the HOA does not work, you can try to gather other members. If nothing works or if you feel that there is a need for the lawsuit or legal help, you can hire an HOA lawyer California. The HOA attorney can be helpful in:


  1. If Homeowner Is Deprived of Utilities

If HOA bans Homeowners from using facilities like parking spaces, parks, or other community areas, you can hire an HOA attorney. Homeowners have some basic rights and the Homeowners association can not ban them from using these facilities.

  1.  If HOA Sues You

If HOA sues you unnecessarily over anything, you have the right to fight back. Thus, an HOA attorney can help you with fighting the lawsuit or gathering evidence. It is important to take the necessary steps to win the lawsuit. Hence, you must hire an expert attorney in Homeowners association law to defend you in court. At Attorneys Real Estate Group, we ensure that you get all the help you need. Moreover, we try our best to find the best possible solution even if it means talking to the board members.

  1. If HOA Is Not Fulfilling Their Duties

If HOA does not fulfill its responsibilities, you can ask for help from an HOA attorney. Also, if HOA collects unnecessary debts, or if the fees are outrageous, you can sue them or ask to review the fees. In all these situations, an HOA lawyer for homeowners can guide them about the process more.


Attorneys Real Estate Group – How can we help?

If you need any legal assistance regarding the homeowner association and Homeowners Rights Against HOA, Attorneys Real Estate Group can help. We have HOA lawyers with extensive knowledge of property law. Thus, you must proceed with the lawsuit only with the help of an HOA attorney only. They have the skills to defend you in court or help you in with the legal process against HOA. 

Attorneys Real Estate group has expert lawyers to help you with the HOA laws. We offer amazing services and free consultation from our expert HOA lawyers. Thus, contact our law firm on our website or call us on 916-671-3138.