Everyone is hurting financially at the moment due to the COVID-19 crisis. That goes for anyone who has lost their job, had their hours cut, is currently sick or taking care of someone who is sick.

This includes landlords and tenants alike. Tenants in California have been extended protections under the recent actions taken by Governor Gavin Newsom to implement a temporary ban on evictions and California court leadership’s call to halt eviction proceedings.

Some landlords are also struggling due to the financial hardship of delayed rent payments. Because of this, landlords are asking the state for assistance to deal with the lost income they have been impacted by. The California Rental Housing Association has contacted Gov. Newsom to urge him to extend three months of financial assistance to renters.

There are various types of landlords, and some of them have been impacted by COVID-19 financially more than others. For the property owners who only own a single apartment complex, and may even be retired, losing rental income could mean a complete shut off of their sole revenue source.

This is why the California Rental Housing Association is calling for state and federal assistance specifically for renters.

Though they may be hurting financially, many landlords still want to be supportive of their tenants during these trying times. Here are a few tips on how landlords can do that:

  • Research what your insurance may help cover. Additionally, do a little research on behalf of your tenants to help guide them on how they can get assistance. Sharing your research may help build goodwill.
  • Be open to speaking to tenants about their troubles. Ask them how things are going. Share your story as well.
  • Research what other landlords are doing, whether it be writing letters or holding video calls with tenants and just talking through things.
  • Check in on them to see if they are able to get the necessary things they need delivered. Possibly offer to pick some items up for them if they need help.

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