If you’re looking to hire a real estate attorney you may be wondering, what exactly can they do for me? In this article we will break down the main ways that a real estate attorney may save you a ton of headaches, just doing the job right the first time around!


#1. Prepare All Legal Docs

A real estate attorney is legally authorized to prepare all the types of documents you need to get your business started & formed correctly. And they will ensure everything is set up correctly in the eyes of the law.

We can help you to also maximize the amount you will save or the amount you may be entitled to, as we know all the loopholes. We can also help to give you extra peace of mind when you are handling such critical issues as buying or selling a home.


#2. Contract Issues With Purchase

Sometimes with as large of a purchase as a home, there are certain contractual issues that come up regularly and can easily be avoided by having a highly trained real estate lawyer who handles these transactions regularly.

Having a real estate attorney on your side during a time like this can help you hedge your bets in the event that out-of-the-ordinary circumstances pop up or if tricky issues are already part of the process, a lawyer can help things work out in your favor.


#3. State Or Lender Requirements

With different purchases come different requirements that different states or lenders may have that come along with the sale of the home or property. We can fill this role for you and help to make a real estate agent’s place during these transactions.

Often times we can even help you save money in this role, as we often can charge a lot less than a real estate agent. We can put together legal documents that real estate agents are not permitted to in that particular state.