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“A breach of contract attorney is a lawyer specializing in handling contract disputes. They are responsible for protecting their client’s interests during contract disputes. These lawyers resolve disputes by negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Breach-of-contract lawyers can also represent individuals and companies.”

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Breach Of Contract Attorney

They can deal with conflicts relating to any type of contract, such as real estate contracts, employment agreements, construction contracts, etc.

A breach of contract occurs when one party does not fulfill their obligations under the contract. It can be challenging to determine if a contract breach has occurred, and assessing whether the agreement was legally binding is essential.

A breach of contract attorney can also help determine whether or not a contract has been signed and if any defenses are available to the breach of contract. They can help identify any damages that have been caused.


The breach of contract

A breach of contract happens when a company or individual fails to follow through on their promises within a legally binding contract. This usually happens when someone fails to fulfill their contractual duties. Businesses, landlords, or companies purchasing services usually need contracts. Courtroom enforcement is one consideration when a breach occurs. If any clauses are too vague or broad, a breach of contract lawyer San Diego can help amend them.


Intellectual property breach-of-contract attorney

You can see that the specifics of a contract breach case can lead to complex litigation. Business is rife with breach of contract real estate, and their variety can be overwhelming. It is best to hire an intellectual property breach-of-contract attorney with significant experience in business law. This is well-versed in the nuances of contract law and its application across different industries. 

Sometimes, the damages caused by a contract breach are greater than those that a long-running legal battle could cause. Our attorneys can help you determine if your dispute can quickly be resolved by letter, arbitration, or mediation. We can protect your interests if litigation is necessary.

Also, we provide various trademark services, including protection, enforcement, and dispute resolution. We keep up with the latest technological and business trends, combining them with our legal knowledge to provide our clients with unparalleled service.


Forms of breach of contract


Payment or delivery delays

Failure to deliver goods and services and failure to pay on time is among the ways people and businesses violate contracts. Financial hardship can result from even a brief delay in fulfilling the agreement. Paying someone or a business late can result in cash flow problems and debt accumulation. A contract lawyer can help you hold the other party accountable for these delays.


Failure to perform

Many parties pay upfront for a service and have yet to receive it. A service provider may start a project but never finish it. You may have needed to pay someone else to complete the work. Financial costs are associated with the breach. Let us help you recoup those expenses today.


Delivered products need to match the description.

Receiving a shipment of products that don’t match the order is a nightmare for businesses. You are entitled to a breach of contract lawsuit if you receive the wrong products and cannot be substituted.


Interference with a contract

There can be no intentional interference with an existing contract where one or more parties suffer financial loss. You can seek damages in Sacramento if you prove that someone interfered with your contract with another party without justification and caused you economic harm.


Violation of a non-compete agreement

Are your customers or clients being poached by a former employee or colleague? A Sacramento court will uphold an employment contract’s most reasonable non-compete agreements. The non-compete agreement must meet different guidelines depending on the state. These contracts protect them from certain types of professions, including healthcare.


Violation of a non-disclosure agreement

The confidentiality of intellectual property, trade secrets, and other confidential information is protected by non-disclosure agreements. We could assist you if your previous employee divulged confidential and important information to the public or a competitor. It is Sacramento’s law to enforce non-disclosure agreements. This is not without limitations, however. It is unlawful under Sacramento law to enter non-disclosure agreements if sexual misconduct occurs. In Sacramento, employers cannot need an NDA as part of any settlement agreement for sexual harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.


Failure to uphold oil & gas contracts

Mineral, oil, and gas rights are valuable in Sacramento. We can help you if another party violated your lease or sales agreement or has yet to pay your royalties. At Attorney Real Estate Law, we handle these disputes regularly and are authorities in this field. A team at our firm specializes in analyzing these agreements, determining each party’s rights and responsibilities, and identifying contract breaches.


The breach between two individuals

Whenever a contract breaches between two individuals, litigation may follow. People who suffer from breaches may purchase services from professionals and need legal remedies. The legal remedy is necessary and important because such services were not performed. It may be necessary for the courts to impose monetary awards or to determine that the defending party must perform any specific services agreed to by the parties. Other clauses may mandate extra monetary awards if the breach causes problems for the plaintiff.


The employment breach

The normal consequences of a breach of a contract at a company are exposing trade secrets, sharing confidential information, or selling business details to a third party. Working against the company or stealing clients can also violate a non-compete agreement. Employees who work for a competing agency or a company in the same industry violate the terms of their employment contracts that prohibit them from doing so for a certain period after leaving the company.


The breach between two companies

Because of the type of breach, severe economic damages can result when a company breaches a contract with another business. Usually, these contracts involve joint venture business relationships or client-client relationships. Businesses may sell or trade products with each other. A contract specifies how this transaction will be carried out. If a company breaches the documentation’s clauses, this usually translates into the termination of the transactions or some issue with trading or selling. Often, these violations are extremely costly.


The action and the remedy

Victims of contract breaches have various options for pursuing legal action. Enacting these usually requires the services of a lawyer. The legal professional must explain how the breach resulted in damage to defend the contract. If the defending party does not wish to take the case to court, the matter proceeds through the courts or settlement negotiation. A plaintiff who suffers a breach of contract can receive the remedy they desire if they provide strong evidence and a stronger contract. It may be necessary to continue to provide services as part of some remedies.

The other party must compensate the other party for economic losses. Usually, the lawyer begins by writing to the violator. A legal professional may communicate with the victim and determine what the victim needs. It depends on the severity or type of the breach and whether the contract stipulates what is necessary. If a lawyer has to face a judge for breach of contract, they will defend the breach in the courtroom. If the lawyer is successful, the client will receive the remedy they seek for the specific breach of contract.


Choosing the right lawyer

Potential clients must select a lawyer based on their specific needs and case. The education and licensing requirements for attorneys are strict. But what works for one client or case may not work for another.


Choosing the Right Lawyer.


People can narrow their options by considering their qualifications, experience, compatibility, and other characteristics.



Potential clients should first research the qualifications of the breach of contract lawyer they are considering, including the attorneys’ areas of focus, the courts in which they practice, their professional affiliations, and most importantly, their litigation experience. Disputes over contracts often extend beyond contract law. An experienced real estate lawyer may prove helpful to a landlord in dispute with a tenant. The homeowner may want an intellectual property breach-of-contract lawyer specializing in construction defect litigation and contracts.



When choosing a breach of contract attorney, clients may find it helpful to examine the experience of their options who have handled similar cases. When negotiations fall apart, and no resolution is likely out of court, lawyers who primarily deal with drafting and reviewing contracts but have little or no experience in litigation are not the best choice for the clients. A Breach of Contract Attorney willing to take a case to trial, if necessary, is necessary when facing potential litigation.



Legal representatives and clients must be compatible to handle and resolve their cases effectively. Some personality types complement each other, while others act like oil and water. To learn how their top choices will mesh and work together, potential clients may find meeting or speaking with them useful. Most law firms will offer free consultations to determine compatibility and assess cases.


Can we sue for breach of contract?

A breach of contract may cause one or both parties to want the contract enforced. They may seek financial compensation for any financial damages caused. The most common way to resolve a contract dispute is to file a lawsuit if informal attempts fail. The parties may be able to resolve their dispute in small claims court if the amount at issue is between $3,000 and $7,500.

Regarding contract disputes, people and businesses have more options than just court proceedings and formal lawsuits. In the event of a contract dispute, the parties may agree to have a mediator review the dispute or may agree to have it resolved by binding arbitration. As alternatives to business litigation, these out-of-court methods are alternatives to alternative dispute resolution.


Remedies for a breach of contract

It is legal for someone or a business to suffer a remedy (or relief) when another party breaches a contract.

  • The damage,
  • Specified Performances
  • Restitution and cancellation


Generally, paying damages is the best way to rectify a contract breach. Damages can take many forms, including:

  • A compensatory damages award seeks to compensate the non-breaching party for the harm they would have suffered had the breach not occurred.
  • A punitive damages payment is beyond what would fully compensate the non-breaching party for the breach. Businesses rarely award punitive damages to wrongful parties for particularly wrongful acts.
  • Nominal damage occurs when there has been a breach, but no actual financial loss has been established to the non-breaching party.
  • Typically, liquidated damages are damages defined in the contract itself and are due upon breach of the contract. Liquidated damage should be a reasonable estimate of the actual loss that may occur due to the breach.

Specific performance

More than damages may be needed as a legal remedy of a Breach of Contract attorney so the non-breaching party can seek specific performance instead of damages. A specific performance is the performance of a contract’s duties by the breaching party as ordered by a court. The non-breaching party may have a right to specific performance if damages are insufficient to compensate them for their loss.

Cancellation and restitution

A party in breach may sue for restitution if its actions have benefited the party in breach. The non-breaching party may decide to sue for restitution. A “restitution” remedy puts the non-breaching party in the position it was in before the breach. In contrast, a “cancellation remedy” voids the contract and releases all parties of their obligations.


How much time is required to file a breach of contract case?

Statutes of limitations apply to lawsuits for breach of contract in each state. A lawsuit in Sacramento may be generally filed four years after the breach occurred. In Sacramento, written contracts last six years, and oral agreements last four years. Talk to a Breach of Contract Attorney about when the time limit for filing a lawsuit begins.


Common Defenses to Breach of Contract Claims

You might get a response from a person or business when you file a breach of contract action against them. Prepare yourself. There are several common defenses:

  • It is unenforceable and void.
  • Contracts are voidable, and the party wishes to stop them.
  • Due to the Statute of Fraud, the contract is not valid.
  • At the time, the party was either too old or mentally ill to agree.
  • There was no significance to the breach.
  • In certain circumstances, fulfilling the agreement was impossible or impractical.


Disputes over breach of the contract need legal help.

There is a lot at stake if your company has filed a lawsuit for breach of contract or you believe another party has breached its contractual duties. A Breach Of Contract Attorney near you can help you determine how to proceed with a business dispute before deciding. If you file a real estate breach of contract suit, your business lawyer can advise you on its pros and cons and other options.

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