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“Buying a house is one of the most exciting things a person can do in their lifetime! One of the first steps is to select a real estate agent. But what if you want to use something other than a buyer’s agent?”

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Buying a House without a Realtor

You likely need some guidance if you’ve decided that buying without an agent is right for you – and you’re reading this. The purpose of this guide (buying a house without a realtor) is to help you understand how to find a house, submit an offer, and sign the final mortgage documents without the help of a realtor.

With this article, we’ll teach you how to buying a house without a realtor help.


Are You Preparing To Buy A Home?

Buying a home involves several steps, from securing mortgage loan financing to choosing the perfect neighborhood and making your final offer. It is often complicated and time-consuming, so most buyers hire real estate agents, brokers, or Realtors.

According to National Association of Realtors research, 86% of buyers use a Realtor, agent, or broker, compared to 10% buying directly from the previous owner. As a buyer, you can negotiate directly with the seller instead of working with any of these professionals.


Exactly What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Understanding how buying a home works and what an agent usually handles will help you decide whether you should work with one.

An agent is a person who works for a client in the purchasing and selling of a home. They represent either a seller, such as a listing or seller’s agent, or a buyer, such as a buyer’s agent. Most real estate agents know how to work with either buyers or sellers, but they usually do not act for both parties in a real estate transaction.

In the course of the home-buying process, a buyer’s agent may assist with the following tasks:

  • Identify properties that fit your budget and have the features you desire in your preferred location.
  • Get you up to speed on the real estate market and what to expect.
  • Take a tour of potential homes by setting up showings.
  • Decide how much to offer.
  • Offer to purchase the property that you are interested in.
  • Make sure you hire the right professionals to perform your home inspection.
  • If there are any issues with the property’s condition, discuss them with the seller or their broker.
  • Assist with paperwork.
  • Keep you on track for your closing date and schedule your closing day accordingly.

Having an experienced real estate agent to help you solve any seller-related issues when complications arise is also helpful. A real estate agent is knowledgeable about the housing market in your community and ensures all real estate laws are adhered to. They also communicate with everyone involved, which makes things less stressful.


Buying a House without a Realtor: Some Common Reasons

Even though you can work with a realtor without one, there are some situations in which you can handle things yourself. These include:

  1. Your close friend or relative is the seller with whom you feel comfortable directly negotiating.
  2. Your skills and experience as a real estate agent, even if you don’t currently work in the field, will help you manage your home sale.
  3. Family members or friends who are real estate agents are willing to offer you advice without charge.
  1. In this case, the owner is selling the house. Sometimes, the seller wants to communicate directly with buyers to reduce the cost by not having to pay commission. It’s possible to work without an agent and ask the seller for a lower price without an agent. Sometimes, it’s risky, but it may be worth it if the property is perfect for you.
  1. Your experience with real estate transactions has given you a good understanding of the market and what to expect.


When It’s A Good Idea To Buying A House Without A Realtor?

There are five scenarios in which buying a home without an agent might be preferable, even though most people rely on a buyer’s agent to purchase their home. According to CBC in a recent article, 116 For Sale by Owner (FSBO) homes are currently listed in Ontario.


Your relationship with the seller is close.

It might be okay to hire a real estate agent if you are selling a home within your family. In that scenario, as long as you’ve reached an agreement on a price and the other essential details of the deal, you will likely complete the transaction without the seller paying thousands of dollars in commissions. You should consult a lawyer to perform a title search and ensure all paperwork is filled out, reviewed, and filed correctly, regardless of your situation.


The area is familiar to you.

It might not be worth it to engage a buyer’s agent for a house purchase within a region you are familiar with.  A real estate agent, however, can offer many more services than just “knowing the market,” such as assisting you in finding a home and negotiating with the seller’s agent.


Savings are possible

The commission the buyer’s agent pays may go to the buyer in rare cases. Someone selling a home on their own may specify in their listing that they will not negotiate fees with the buyer’s agent, for example. Instead of hiring an agent, try working directly with the seller.


You have to work alone.

Dealing with a buyer’s agent might be challenging. If you feel the agent will push you into making a deal too quickly or set you up with the wrong home, you might be more comfortable handling it yourself.

However, you must avoid overmatching the seller’s agent since they only represent the seller’s interests. It may not go well if you rely solely on the expert counsel and expertise of the other party’s lawyer to negotiate a divorce settlement.


It’s a preconstruction purchase.

6% of buyers in 2020 worked with a builder or builder’s agent to buy a home. A National Association of Realtors survey found that buyers frequently bought newly built homes directly from the builder.


The Reasons Homebuyers Shouldn’t Go Without a Realtor

There are four reasons why buying a home on your own is the best idea if you’re prepared to handle the demands of a real estate buyer’s agent.


The Reasons Homebuyers Shouldn’t Go Without a Realtor


Home-buying is Time-Consuming

Finding a home today is easy enough online without the assistance of an agent, but an agent will swiftly find homes that pop up during the day and help you determine which ones you should visit.

Regardless of your location, it can seem like another full-time job if you’re in a hot market and must act within days, if not hours. In addition to organizing all home visits, negotiating prices, and completing every paperwork requirement, it can appear like a lot of work.


Listings are limited to you.

MLSs provide a comprehensive list of all homes available in an area, and agents have access to many tools when searching for homes. Although most of those homes can be found online through Zillow, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, there are still “off-market” listings that can only be viewed by real estate agents.


Market Understanding May Be Difficult

When searching for a home, your knowledge can prove invaluable in a town where you grew up or have lived for many years. If you start looking for homes in communities and neighborhoods, you need to learn more; local real estate agents may have even more expertise than you do.

A real estate agent is often well-positioned to help you determine if a home or neighborhood will match your needs, from school districts to nearby amenities.


It may be confusing to buy a home.

In the process of buying a home, buyers and sellers must follow state and local regulations. Buyers must ensure they don’t miss anything that could cost them much money.

For example, a purchase agreement should include precise contingencies that explain your right to withdraw if a home inspection reveals certain problems and your right to move back the closing date if you are having trouble selling your current home.


The Basic Steps to Buying a House without a Realtor

Follow these steps if you’re confident you won’t need a buyer’s agent:


Find out if you are eligible for a loan.

For the seller to know you’re serious, you must lock down your finances. Preapproval is more formal than prequalification, but it’s the most tangible assurance a lender can provide.


Consult a real estate lawyer.

A real estate purchase can be overwhelming if you have little experience purchasing real estate, including offer letters, title records, bills of sale, and disclosure statements. From the offer and purchase contract to the closing documents, a real estate attorney can help you avoid making the wrong decisions.


Research is essential.

Whether buying from a family member or building a new home, you should review similar homes in the neighborhood to ensure you get a good deal. You might want to focus on only “for sale by owner” homes to reach a wider market.


Offer a price.

If you have yet to learn how real estate agents usually put together offer letters and purchase contracts in your state and region, a lawyer must review them before they’re finalized. Because the seller won’t need to pay commissions to a buyer’s agent, you can get a discounted price if the seller works with an agent.


Negotiate and inspect.

After the home inspection, you must negotiate with the seller once you have a deal on the purchase price. Once you have the deal on the purchase price, you will need to arrange a home inspection and take note of the home’s imperfections.


Complete the purchase.

In some states, a lawyer must be present at closing, but it would still be a good idea, even if the law doesn’t require it. The lawyer can review each document on closing day to ensure you understand what you are signing.


Pros of Buying a House without a Realtor

  • You’ll save money. The seller pays the buyer’s real estate agent, typically around 3% of the listing price. However, when there is no buyer’s agent, the seller may be tempted to reduce the price.
  • You’ll be able to control every aspect of the home-buying process. You might need more attention from your real estate agent. Asking the seller directly for answers and negotiating saves you an important step in the process.
  • Your armchair knowledge of real estate will grow. A home purchase without the help of a real estate agent is a daunting task. There are plenty of internet-based resources to aid you during the process. Once you close on the home, you’ll have a clear image of how to do it without a real estate agent.


The Cons of Buying a House without a Real Estate Agent

  • There’s a steep learning curve. You will only spend as much time researching independently if you have an agent to help you. Real estate agents have a lot of experience that helps you through the process.
  • Negotiating will be more difficult. Consider carefully what you are willing to offer and where you can negotiate to reduce your price. You might save less than you thought if this is a weak spot.
  • There may be some inventory you need to catch up on. MLS access allows real estate agents to keep track of available homes. If you do not have this, you must use third-party listings and schedule open houses in your own time.


Bottom Line

In some situations, buying a home without a buyer’s agent is preferable. But these are unusual situations that won’t apply to most would-be homebuyers. Most people will benefit from the advice of an expert when making a big purchase such as this.

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