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“A lender’s request to obtain a mortgage for your home will send you to the closing attorney’s office. It is advisable to seek a lawyer to keep you updated and help you deal with the many legal questions. Many people believe that the name of a lawyer is associated with images of divorce, criminal charges, or even death within the family. Most people aren’t considering hiring an attorney for closing when trying to purchase their dream homes. “

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Closing Attorneys Near Me

Closing attorneys near me represent whom, and what exactly is that lawyer’s job? Read on to find out!


Closing attorneys

Although there are various kinds of closing lawyers, we’re referring to real estate lawyers who can be a representative for either buyers or owners at the time of closing to make the process as easy as possible. Without a closing attorney, the closing would not be the person to protect the interest of any party apart from them.

Sometimes, the closing lawyer serves as an in-house adviser to a title company or title underwriter, advising agents for escrow. A lawyer in this position can also provide advice to realtor customers. If you’re purchasing or selling property and are getting ready to conclude the transaction, the phrases “closing attorney” and “real estate attorney” are synonymous.


How Do Closing Attorneys Work?

A closing lawyer can represent both the buyer and seller at closing, working to make the transaction as straightforward as possible for them. In reality, neither party could represent its interests without a closing attorney.

Closing attorneys sometimes serve as internal advisors for title agencies or underwriters, guiding escrow agents. A lawyer in that position may also tell realtors’ clients occasionally. In the case of an estate deal, it is possible to interchange two terms “closing attorney” and “real estate lawyer.


Do Closing Attorneys represent anyone?

Buyers and sellers can hire closing attorneys to work in their best interests during a real estate transaction. But, closing attorneys may act as dual agents and legal experts to ensure both parties receive a fair and honest deal.

Also, a closing lawyer can represent the mortgage lender’s interests if we get the property with a mortgage loan. Closing attorneys serve only to ease an otherwise tedious and daunting process, not to represent the buyer or seller.


How does the Closing Attorney get chosen?

Closing attorneys vary based on where the transaction is taking place. If it doesn’t conflict with federal law, the process of finding this representation must follow state law.

The buyer of a real estate property in California chooses the closing attorney if they are buying or selling property. Meanwhile, the seller can negotiate closing costs, especially with the buyer. The seller decides who will act as the closing attorney in Pinellas County, Florida. The parties will make a decision. Because the seller and buyer will enjoy this attorney’s services, choosing one best suited to both parties is in their best interest.


The role of a closing attorney

When it comes to real estate closings, the closing attorney handles five primary tasks:


·        Title Examination

A clear title to the property is essential to the buyer and the lender. It may be challenging to complete a sale without a clear title. A real estate closing attorney near me checks a property’s title as soon as the sale contract or a request from a lender is received.

The title examination aims to test the title to the real estate for the buyer and the lender. A purchaser must determine whether the title is marketable and clear or if the property has restricted use, easements, or encroachments.

To transfer good title to the property, the closing attorney will identify any existing mortgages against it that must be satisfied. Whenever liens, judgments, and mortgages exist on the property, the lender must know them to secure a 1st lien position.

During the title examination, the lender’s underwriters can voice concerns about the title.


·        Title insurance

It safeguards the buyer and the lender if the title issue arises shortly. Closing attorneys prepare an opinion on titles to present to title companies for issuance of a title binder. This is the first step toward obtaining title insurance.

A real estate buyer can buy title insurance in a real estate closing if they do not need financing through a bank or mortgage broker. Most lenders must-have title insurance when refinancing real estate. The purchaser should consider title insurance to safeguard against claims against the subject property for buy and any rights or liens against it.

A lender’s policy is needed to ensure that its first lien position is secured and protects that position by standing behind it. It may also be helpful if the lender intends to sell the note to another company to service, a company that did not have a hand in closing on the loan and does not wish to serve it.


·        Coordinator

Each party in closing talks to the closing attorney. The closing attorney will also speak with lenders, buyers and sellers, brokers, surveyors, and merchants. And parties that hold judgments attached to the property.

The seller’s mortgage holder (payoff request), the buyer’s prospective home insurance company, the county tax department, neighboring property owners, home inspectors, contractors, homeowner associations, and the seller’s attorney may all be involved.

Closing lawyers must keep all issues that must be addressed for a transaction to close. But they must also coordinate with many parties to close on time. Communication and coordination happen throughout the entire process. Still, when the closing attorney prepares the settlement statement for closing and needs to account for many parties on closing dates and dollar amounts.


·        Review of documents

The closing attorney reviews the documents related to the loan and real estate closing on the closing day. During the closing process, the closing attorney explains documents such as a deed, notes, deeds of trust, settlement statements, disbursements, loan documentation, and loan agreements.


·        Record and disburse

Closing and disbursement of all funds are the responsibility of the closing attorney. After reviewing and executing the necessary documents for the closing, the closing attorney records the deed or deed of trust in the local registry one last time.

The closing attorney gives the title company a final opinion and pays its premium. The closing attorney will pay any other fees and amounts related to the transaction. Including broker fees, county taxes due and payable, mortgage loan payoff funds, pest inspection fees, homeowner association dues, home inspector fees, bank or mortgage broker fees, proceeds from the sale, and attorney fees.

The attorney also disburses the buy price and mortgage payoff monies.


·        Post-Closing

A lawyer processes the loan funding after the closing and performs a title rundown to ensure no changes in the title, followed by recording the deed, mortgage, and other recordable documents. Furthermore, the mortgage closing attorney near me will ensure that all liens and mortgages paid off will be discharged. It takes several weeks for the title insurance policy to be issued after the closing has taken place.


What Is a Payoff Request?

A guardian mortgage payoff request refers to asking the lender to send a document that outlines the amount to be paid off the balance of your mortgage. The statement contains the principal compensation remaining, any accrued interest up to a particular date, and possibly other charges, such as late fees or penalties for prepayment. 

The demand for a payoff is usually requested by those who wish to pay off the loan completely. Regardless of whether they are refinancing their property, selling it, or repaying an existing loan. The payoff document outlines the exact amount needed to cover your mortgage obligation fully.

To guardian a mortgage payoff request, borrowers typically must contact their customer service department or mortgage servicing department and provide details like the number of their loan account as well as personal information to verify and any other specific requirements regarding the payoff statement.


Why Should I Hire a Closing Attorney?

A real estate agent is crucial to the preparation of buy contracts. However, attorneys must draft and review all terms and documents associated with the buy contract.



The need for it arises particularly in less conventional scenarios where more complex contracts are needed, such as the following:

  • Investing in real estate in a different city, state, or country;
  • An issue with a property you are buying or selling;
  • Divorce settlements include selling property;
  • Solving a mortgaged property due to severe financial difficulties;
  • Estate sales are special sales that include real estate.


A Closing Attorney Costs How Much?

Closing attorneys have many advantages, but their fees must be considered beforehand. Here is a general estimate of an average closing attorney’s fees to help you prepare for the cost of hiring an attorney.


What is the most lucrative type of lawyer?

Making a fortune is one of the main reasons young people decide to be lawyers. Lawyers can earn a lot of money. Does this statement make sense? The average closing lawyer in the US charges between $150 and $350 an hour. An attorney’s fee will usually vary based on their experience.

A contract’s complexity and other factors will determine the fee; an attorney can charge anywhere from $500 to $2000 if they charge fixed rates. It is also possible that the fee will depend on the price of the sold property.



It is also helpful to hire a closing attorney to represent you so that you don’t have to worry about both time and hassle. An attorney who also represents you has the following advantages:


·        Advice and guidance on legal and professional matters

Buying and selling can benefit from the expertise and experience of a closing attorney since they know the closing process well.

Furthermore, a closing lawyer can assist you in obtaining financing, providing you with access to additional resources, evaluating your documents, offering you helpful advice based on your best interest, and keeping you updated throughout the process, in addition to spotting any potential legal problems and helping to avoid unexpected complications.


·        Maintaining accurate documentation

Hiring a closing attorney can help ensure that the contracts meet the requirements in light of the substantial paperwork associated with selling and buying property.


·        An experienced negotiator can help you negotiate a reasonable price.

You should also expect your attorney to ensure you get a good deal and negotiate the sale or purchase process on your behalf.

Closing lawyers ensure that titles are correct, negotiate critical content points (including small print that disagrees with your expectations), and devise a solution that works for all parties.


An Attorney Serving As Your Represented Has Some Disadvantages

Hiring a closing attorney in most cases may be a good idea. If you do not need an attorney for closing, there are some situations in which you may not want to hire one.


·        Spending money on a waste

Real estate closing attorneys near me are rarely necessary for most real estate closings, as they are day-to-day affairs. If your budget is tight, the real estate agent and Title Company might be enough to handle a straightforward transaction.


·        It could turn out to be an arena for battle.

Your closing attorney can nitpick every small item in the contract, slowing down the transaction and driving up the cost if you pay per hour for your closing attorney service.


Choose Closing attorneys near me who is reliable for closings.

Most real estate closing attorneys near me are handled by either one or more sides using overnight mail with ACH or wire payments. Closing attorneys typically reside in or near the county where the property lies.

The seller can close the sale without returning to the area if they have already moved away. Mail closings require the closing attorney to coordinate overnighting the paperwork and arranging alternate payment methods, adding minor additional steps (and extra costs).

According to the overview above, attorneys are crucial in closing a real estate transaction. Choosing a closing attorney can be incredibly challenging, so be sure to find one who maintains order, is attentive to details, and understands the importance of your transaction.

If you need an attorney to close a real estate transaction, contact Attorney Real Estate.

Attorney Real Estate is a real estate closing law firm in California with extensive experience. Whether you’re purchasing, selling, or refinancing, we can help.


Bottom line

Many people might avoid hiring a closing attorney because of the cost, but the benefits often outweigh them, making it a sensible choice. The closing attorneys near me can handle many things, such as drafting or reviewing your contract, ensuring the paperwork is in order, and negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf.

As you go through the closing process, your closing attorney is your advocate and guardian of your interests. So, you should find out for a legal advice closing attorneys near me.

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