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“Whenever a conflict arises with a residential or commercial construction project, the construction dispute attorneys at the attorney real estate group can represent developers, contractors, subcontractors, property owners, and others. It is common for new construction and remodeling projects to cost a significant amount of money.”

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Construction Dispute Attorney near Me

It is common for new construction and remodeling projects to cost a significant amount of money. Our goal is to help clients effectively resolve conflicts that protect their rights. We can resolve construction disputes in court and arbitration or settlement negotiations.

Providing advice and advocacy to resolve your conflicts will be one of our specialties. We are familiar with California’s construction laws and the laws governing contract disputes associated with construction agreements. Please call the Construction Dispute Attorney near me today to learn how they can assist you.


How Do Construction Disputes Transpire?

Understanding what causes construction disputes is imperative before examining how to resolve them. Construction disputes arise from disagreements between parties involved in a contract. The violation may be either a perceived or confirmed violation of the contractual obligations by either party. Construction disputes primarily stem from three factors:

  • Contract issues,
  • Behavioral issues,
  • And contractual issues.


Issues with Contracts

A typical contract specifies what obligations each party will accept and what risks each party is willing to take. Because of rigid agreements like:

  • These are unsustainable over extended periods,
  • They force the parties involved to operate under uncertain conditions.

In a contract, uncertainty results in a shift in risks and obligations between the parties. Consequently, disputes may occur when risk allocation appears to have changed.



There may be problems where the contract remains silent since it does not cover every eventuality. Parties may want to enjoy each other when such disputes arise. But they may also perceive the facts differently, making it difficult to reach amicable agreements. To avoid liability, a party may refuse to perform their contractual duties.


Project Uncertainty

Project uncertainty describes the difference between the information needed and the amount available to start a project.

People’s access to information depends on their planning, collection, and interpretation effectiveness. A high level of uncertainty limits the stakeholders’ ability to plan the details of the project. As a result, project details and specifications change, leading to disputes.


Common Construction Disputes

A construction dispute can arise for any number of reasons. However, some disputes occur particularly often when construction projects are in progress. They include conflict over the quality of construction:

It is common for conflict to arise about whether a contractor provided appropriate artistry. Even when the exact contract details precisely what the construction project will entail.

Property owners and developers may file a lawsuit against those who performed substandard work when they believe a contractor or subcontractor provided substandard work. A contractor can file a lawsuit with the help of a builder dispute lawyer if a client refuses to pay for work they believe is substandard.


Conflict over materials used.

Conflicts over construction quality are related to this source of conflict. A detailed construction contract can reduce the risk of a conflict of this type. In contrast, conflict may arise when a contractor needs to use the materials specified in the contract.


Conflict over timelines and delays in construction.

Contractors and subcontractors often take longer than expected to complete construction work. If they fail to meet agreed-upon deadlines, this can result in litigation. It is important to complete construction work efficiently and timely. Even if the contract does not specify specific deadlines.


Construction project abandonment conflict:

It is possible for a property owner to feel abandoned before a contractor has completed a project. This often leads to a property owner suing to recover funds for incomplete work and leaving them with a significant extra obligation to pay to complete the work promptly.


Conflict over nonpayment:

The property owner may also not pay the contractor or subcontractor as promised when the contractor or subcontractor completes satisfactory work with appropriate materials.

A contractor can take legal action if nonpayment occurs in these circumstances. Mechanics’ liens could also be a way for contractors to force the property owner to pay. The contractor can place a lien on the property owner’s property until the unpaid amounts appear in full.


Related to Construction Quality

Building construction that is not up to acceptable standards or poses a risk to visitors can lead to litigation and disputes. When the owner finds issues in the construction project and blames the contractor for those shortcomings, this result in a claim.

There can also be accusations of unskilled labor, lower-quality materials than agreed on and unfinished construction parts.



As a result of failing to receive the agreed-upon compensation from the owner, contractors can file legal claims for their payment, resulting in litigation. Contractors generally file mechanic liens. Which are attached to the property’s title or deed and become a public record? This means the owner can only sell the property once the lien drops.



Many factors go into determining blame when someone gets injured during construction. For example,

  • Did they put themselves in danger,
  • Or did there need to be safety protocols in place?

The owner or contractor could be at fault if they did not provide safety training or the conditions were not up to safety standards, which is a legal ground for litigation and a dispute.



A growing concern for toxic mold in buildings is an area of construction litigation that is growing. It is possible for mold spores and the mold that grows from them to be toxic to humans and animals.

The spores can enter a construction project or a finished building in several ways, including air ducts, objects, or clothing. Before beginning construction, you must have a detailed contract to avoid conflict. These are a few possible sources of conflict that could arise during construction projects.

A construction disputes attorney can also help you take appropriate action when you believe a problem has arisen.


What Causes Disputes in Construction?

In 2020, a failure to comprehend and comply with contractual obligations was the leading cause of disputes in the United States. The unprecedented effects of COVID had many construction professionals looking to the contract language for guidance. Still, it was not as clear as they had assumed and, unfortunately, did not adequately address the global pandemic’s effects.

In some contracts, vague language did not indicate whether contractors should also receive overtime compensation, which led to disputes. Many of these disagreements are still unresolved. Owner-directed changes and errors in contract documents tie for the second most cited cause of disputes. The number of mega-projects has increased in complexity and has involved more stakeholders. This has increased the risk of design coordination issues, errors, and omissions.

Additionally, many alternative project delivery jobs were not completed until after construction began. This way, when design changes were made to a project, it had a greater potential to impact the work already begun negatively.

This aligns with last year’s top cause of disputes: failure to understand and follow contractual obligations. Third-party or force majeure events ranked third.

As well as the exact top cause of disputes, the results from other parts of the world slightly differed in the second and third causes.


Construction dispute services

Construction disputes burden money and time. They utilize alternate dispute resolution (ADR) techniques like adjudication to resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently and focus on your core business.


Reducing risk and resolving disputes efficiently

How to resolve construction disputes? As a result of the front-end activity in the energy and resources, real estate, construction, and infrastructure sectors, Sacramento and the region have seen a steady stream of disputes regarding major projects.

We help leading construction companies, real estate developers, and project sponsors. Engineering firms manage risk and resolve disputes and disruptive challenges effectively. Whenever possible, without resorting to litigation. By helping manage risk-resolving disputes and disrupting challenges to their business and projects.


Team of experts in Sacramento

With a team of experts in Sacramento/lawyer for contractor dispute near me, we can identify issues in a potential dispute early and propose robust and innovative solutions. We also understand the highly technical construction and engineering issues often involved in these disputes. Our experienced team is famous for resolving disputes and avoiding litigation whenever possible. Through this approach, we have been successful in resolving construction and real estate disputes involving:

  • Roads,
  • Rails,
  • Stadiums,
  • Energy,
  • Mining,
  • Oil and gas,
  • Floating platforms,
  • Airports,
  • Ports,
  • Pipelines,
  • Dredging,
  • Power,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Defense,
  • Process plants,
  • Tunnels,
  • Ticketing,
  • Water,
  • Waste,
  • Commercial,
  • Industrial,
  • And residential projects.

By clearly understanding your objectives, we provide a cost-effective resolution that maximizes your rights. Following are some areas in which our firm can help you:

  • The dispute arising from construction and engineering contracts, PPP/PFI contracts, O&M agreements, offtake agreements, financing document off-take joint venture contracts
  • We handle all construction claims, such as delay/disruption claims, defects and negligence, and extensions of time.


How to Resolve a Dispute?

There is a high probability of a dispute arising during a project. Contractors tend to prioritize scope and price over dispute resolution procedures. However, one bad experience can make one take dispute resolution more seriously.


How to Resolve a Dispute?


A contractual construction dispute can be resolved in four main ways, as discussed below.



In most cases, negotiations are the first step in resolving disputes. Negotiation is the process by which the parties in a dispute attempt to reach amicable agreements before moving on to other means of resolution.

It is the easiest, least costly, and could yield the most immediate productive results. Even if it doesn’t deliver results, it at least maps out the actual points of disagreement between the parties so they understand each other.



Mediation involves a neutral third party to help resolve the dispute. One of the most effective ways to resolve a conflict before it worsens is to use mediation, although it is not legally binding.

Mediation is not a legally binding conflict resolution method. Before moving to other avenues, the parties attempt to reach a just resolution outside the courtroom.



When it comes to dispute resolution, lawyers and contractors prefer arbitration. Arbitration is a method most contractors use to resolve disputes within their contracts. The parties must choose a neutral third party to reach an amicable solution.

Arbitration differs from mediation in that the arbitrator gives the final verdict. At the same time, mediation consists of assisting the parties in settling. In some jurisdictions, arbitration decisions are legally binding, and their costs are higher.



There are two primary types of dispute resolution: litigation and arbitration. Litigation involves a trial, which is enforceable and legally binding. It is the most thorough, complex, and expensive of them both. Litigation is also prolonged, so most parties choose arbitration or mediation instead.


Preventing Disputes

Conflicts in construction are common, and it is sometimes better to prevent them than to resolve them in the first place. Following are some ways to prevent conflicts from arising in the first place.


Clear Payment Terms

Interim payments characterize the majority of construction projects. As a result of predefined payment dates and terms, fewer disputes are likely to occur.



When developers and contractors fail to communicate properly, conflicts can also arise. During the early stages of a project, developers and contractors should communicate with each other and expect everything to run smoothly. There are often miscommunications during construction, and parties should share at every stage to resolve any issues.


Keep Records

Signing a typical gentleman’s agreement is the worst mistake you can make in construction. Keep all correspondence, notices, emails, photos, and diaries in writing. If you keep a record of everything, you may save money.

Record keeping removes any doubts about what the parties agreed to. Construction is expensive, so putting everything in writing prevents you from losing money.


Follow the Contract

In most cases, the involved parties adapt a standard building contract and change transfer risks. They need to understand all the contract clauses, terms, and amendments. The changes should be negotiated and understood. Once both parties understand the contract, they should follow all its provisions uninterruptedly.


Summary of Construction Dispute Attorney Near Me 

Implementing construction contracts enables success and prevents the never-ending disputes that drown your project’s success. Success depends on how quickly you can identify and communicate problems to the appropriate parties.

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