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Eviction is the process of evicting tenants from the property with or without the court’s order. An Eviction Attorney from Attorneys Real Estate Group can guide you about the process and legal aspects involved.

In case you are a landlord, you must have thought renting your property is a form of investment. But with renting a property, there are certain rules and laws involved. While there is a good chance that as an owner you must be aware of the rules and rights of an owner or a tenant, professional help is sometimes necessary. Thus, in such situations, as an owner, you must look for an eviction attorney near me. At Attorneys Real Estate Group, we offer expert assistance to both tenants and owners in case of any situation.

Moreover, you can not only get the advantage as an owner but as a tenant as well. Thus, while property owners can benefit from consulting a lawyer, tenants must also be aware of their rights. Hence, it is good to have some information in your hand to be aware of your duties. Let’s understand what eviction is, and how can Attorneys Real Estate Group help you in finding a landlord eviction attorney.

When Eviction Happens and What it is?

Eviction is a term that refers to evicting tenants from the property, be it at the request of the landlord or on court’s order. This process of eviction needs a specific reason or justification. In short, you cannot remove a tenant suddenly without a particular justification or reason. Moreover, eviction can also take place in a commercial building. Also, even after having a reason to justify the removal of tenants, you must be aware of the process of eviction. Here are some common reasons why you can remove a tenant:

  • In case the tenant is not paying rent for more than an already specified time.
  • Any damage to your property can cause an eviction notice. 
  • In case of any breach of the terms decided before renting the property.

For further assistance, you can search eviction attorney Sacramento. It is important to get proper guidance from an experienced attorney. So, you must make sure that you are consulting a skilled landlord eviction attorney, like lawyers from Attorneys Real Estate Group. Either you are searching for eviction lawyers for landlords, or a tenant eviction attorney near me, we can help.

Eviction Law

Different states of the country have different rules of eviction. If we are talking about California particularly, the law requires both landlords and tenants to follow a legal procedure. It is important to search for an eviction attorney near me or a tenant eviction attorney near me to understand the procedure. Moreover, to save yourself from potential financial loss by contacting eviction lawyers for landlords.

You must understand that as a tenant, they can hire an eviction attorney as well and defend themselves in court. Thus, searching tenant eviction attorney near me is essential to understand the process. Especially, California law provides relief to tenants and tries to safeguard their rights if landlords do not follow proper legal procedure or try to evict a tenant without proper legal notice.

For example, if you proceed as a landlord to the lawsuit without following the procedure of eviction, the tenant can say that you are unaware of their rights or can not maintain a rental unit. Thus, if you try to file a lawsuit without serving a notice, you can be face charges of discrimination against tenants. Commonly used legal notices in case of a problem are:

Long Due Unpaid Rent

If a tenant is residing in your property, they must pay rent at the time they both mutually decide. However, in some cases, tenants fail to pay the rent. If it happens for a long time, or if the landowner decides that they must get rent on time, they can serve them a notice. In these usually 3-day notice, owners specify that the rent must be given within three days otherwise tenants should leave the property.

In such situations, a landowner can file an eviction lawsuit with the help of a landlord eviction attorney. There are some exceptions in eviction and rules that must be understood before filing a lawsuit. Thus, a skilled professional will not only comprehend the situation but will provide the best possible solution as well. Hence, contact Attorneys Real Estate Group to learn the procedure of eviction from an expert attorney.

Damage to Property

If a tenant causes some serious damage to your property, you are liable to file an eviction lawsuit. But before that, you must serve them a 3-day notice to cure the property damage. If the tenant fails to do so, you can proceed with the eviction lawsuit. 

Termination Notice

In some situations, reasons are so severe that you want the tenants to leave the property. You do not want to give them a chance to remedy the situation or simply, the situation cannot be remedied. In such cases, you can give them the notice to leave the property within three days.

However, it is important to understand that such notice can backfire as well. Hence, if you do not have a legal justification to file such a lawsuit, you must refrain from filing an eviction lawsuit. In such cases, you can wait for the tenant’s agreement to end. It can be either month to month agreement, or you must give them a month’s notice. In another situation, it can be a specified time tenure and you must wait for that agreement to end.

To learn further about the legal procedure, you can contact Attorneys Real estate group for a free consultation. With our expert eviction lawyers for landlords, you can get proper legal guidance about the eviction process, or if you should actually proceed with the lawsuit or not.

Eviction Process

The eviction process is not as easy as serving them a notice period and hoping that they will leave the property. In most situations, even after winning the case, tenants can refuse to leave the property. Hence, you must get legal help for eviction, or else you will face some serious consequences. It is also important to know that tenants have some rights or defenses as well. Thus, they can actually accuse you in course of wrongfully evicting them. But some general steps you must follow are:

You Cannot Do Few Things as A Landlord

You must understand that though you have some upper hand as an owner, you can not do few things out of the legal process. If you fail to comply with the laws, tenants can file a lawsuit against you. Thus, few things that you must have in mind before filing an eviction lawsuit are:

  • You have a serious reason to file the lawsuit, and you are not doing it out of some personal grudges.
  • There should be no discrimination against the tenants on the basis of their ethnicity, race, or any other factor.
  • A notice must be sent many days before filing the lawsuit.
  • You are giving them a specified time after sending them the notice.
  • Landowners cannot deprive them of utility services.
  • As a tenant must comply with the lease agreement, you must do the same as well. You are fulfilling their rights as a landowner.
  • You cannot just ask occupants to leave the property or lock them out.

Thus, if you are sure that the reason for asking the renters to leave is justifiable, you must proceed to the next step.

Giving a Legal Written Notice

Termination of tenancy notice must be sent to the renters. The notice period depends on the tenant’s duration of residence, type of agreement, and a number of other factors. The termination notice may or may not be with a cause. If it is without a cause, then landlords can not ask renters to leave before completion of duration and giving them a specific time. If it is with a cause, you must give them at least 3-day notice to remedy the situation, be it unpaid rent or serious damage. 

Eviction Lawsuit

No, since you have already given them a specific notice period, and you have already asked them to leave the property after a specific time, you can file the lawsuit. Chances are that renters may have already left the property after a mutual discussion. If renters have not left the property yet, you can file the lawsuit.

At this step, it is vital to search for a tenant eviction attorney near me. You must get help from a professional for a number of reasons. These reasons may be:

  • If you are evicting someone for the first time, you must not be aware of a lot of legal terms and laws. Thus, in such situations, eviction lawyers for landlords can help even before initiating the lawsuit.
  • The tenant can file for defense as well. Thus, to make sure you have proper reasons available, you must hire an eviction lawyer.
  • You are not aware of the legal terms and procedures of eviction. Hence, only a professional can help in drafting the documents for the lawsuit.

Court Hearings

If you manage to bring the eviction lawsuit to court, you must be available for all court hearings. Otherwise, it can have serious legal consequences on your behalf. It is important to be present and fight the case with all the legal evidence available to support it. Thus, contact the Attorney Real Estate Group now as we can help in drafting all the necessary documents and evidence that the court needs. If you win the case, the court orders the renters to vacate the property. 

How Can a Landlord Eviction Attorney Help?

You can proceed with the lawsuit on your own, but not having professional help can cause some serious issues later. Thus, it is best to hire a landlord eviction attorney for a number of reasons, including:

  • A landlord eviction attorney can help you in drafting the initial notice. Thus, they can help you in identifying the type of problem, and what notice should be sent.
  • An eviction lawyer can offer other solutions instead of asking your renters to leave. They can help you in remedying the solution in a better way through notice.
  • They can talk to the renters and make them understand the laws on your behalf. Thus, in that case, you can avoid the lawsuit, yet renters will either leave the property or cure the problem.

Attorneys Real Estate Group Offers Expert Assistance

If you are someone who needs legal assistance regarding any real estate matter, you can contact Attorneys Real Estate Group. We have expert lawyers who try their best to offer you the most practical and implementable solution. We make sure that our clients understand the real estate laws. Also, our clients are well aware of the reasons we take certain steps, or why are they required.

Whether you want the renters to leave the property, or find the solution, it is vital to have some expert help in the process. Thus, before proceeding with the eviction lawsuit, contact Attorneys Real Estate Group. You can get a free consultation from our skilled eviction lawyers. Thus, contact us on our website Attorneysre.com or call us on 916-671-3138.