How Do A Durable Power Of Attorney And Living Will Help?

Durable Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal allowance to deliver to someone in terms of handling different matters. This handling of various issues is upon behalf of someone else. The person whose power of attorney is delivered is authorized to manage the financial or health-related matters. The durable power of attorney means that you provide the authority to someone else. And you are not eligible to handle your financial or health-related issues.

This authority or permission in the form of a durable power of attorney is handed over by you to someone else because of certain conditions. These conditions may include any severe short or long-term medical conditions. Also in case of an accident, durable power of attorney can be issued to someone else by you.

A durable power of attorney delivers the maximum support in terms of emergencies related to medical. In most cases, the mental disorder is among the significant reasons to issue durable power of attorney. The document in the form of durable power of attorney can eliminate all of the ambiguities, especially in managing financial matters in challenging medical situations.

Is Living Will and Durable POA Same?

Living will and a durable power of attorney will be among the most confusing documents by the people. Most people considered durable power of attorney and living Will as the same document. However, the purpose of both of the documents is entirely different as per their nature.

In terms of Legal aspects authorization by someone else, it is a legal document. This document can remain effective in case of incapability of handling matters by the real owner. It can be because of hard medical situations or accidents. Mental instability is also the cause of durable power of attorney.”

Among the significant purposes of durable power of attorney is that due to specific emergencies in life, a person cannot run the matters, durable power of attorney is issued to another person to maintain the legal issues.

Medical Power of Attorney

The medical power of attorney is a document concerning legal health issues. For example, suppose you are ill or on long-term medical leaves. Then you decide to make a durable power of attorney for Health Care. In this document, you will give the trustee’s name to handle the medical care for you. Other than that, the same person is eligible to make the medical decisions for you. It is because of ineligibility by the person who makes the durable power of attorney for healthcare.

The name of the trustee given in the document depends upon your location. It is called a Health Care agent and some other similar names. The appointed Health Care agent coordinates and collaborates with the doctor regarding your health and medical issues.

The person on the medical treatment is also entitled to make other types of healthcare directive called a living will. This living will deliver clear instructions to your health care agent in the written format. In some countries, the durable power of attorney and healthcare declaration, also called living, will be considered an equivalent document. These countries called this combined document an advanced healthcare directive.

The financial power of any lawyer is a legal document in terms of authorization of managing financial aspects. This document shifts authority to run the financial matters to someone else on your behalf.

The economic power of attorneys is complex and straightforward according to their nature. Most financial power of attorneys formulates to maintain the financial dealings within the wide range. This document is named the durable power of attorney for finances.

How authority of Durable POA is given?

The authority in this document given by the owner to the agent is as per financial requirements. The person with a durable power of attorney for finances delivered the various financial jobs on your behalf. These financial jobs can include simply managing the financial emails, depositing the cheque, or even more complex jobs. Business meeting decisions, business taxation, and investments can also be part of the agent’s job as per the document’s authority given to the agent. The agent also needs to hire professionals as per the requirement of the financial transactions.

Types of Durable Power of Attorneys

Have you decided to do estate planning of your assets? If yes, you just need to know about some types of power of attorneys. No doubt that durable power of attorney is ideal for estate planning and managing all things. Besides durable POA, there is much other power of attorneys that you can look for in estate planning. The following are some main types of power of attorneys.

1- General Power of Attorney

In general power of attorney, your agent will be an authoritative person to tackle all your situations. However, you should be careful while giving authority to your agent. Make sure that all the dealings take place under regulations of local law. It can be both durable and non-durable depending upon the situation. 

It involves business, financial, legal, and health matters. Through general POA, you give power to agents to act in affairs of your beneficiaries from which you have prohibited. For example, your loved ones can’t either change your will or get their share in case of disobeying your conditions. 

2- Financial Power of Attorney

Financial Power of attorney is a special type of durable attorney in which you subject authority to your agent only in particular matters. Mostly this type of attorney allows agents to make decisions regarding your property and money. Here are some authorities that you can grant your agent in financial POA:

  • File all your taxes
  • Collect, organize, and manage your retirement advantages. 
  • Deposit and Withdrawal money from your bank.  
  • Pay bills and other expenses for your family. 
  • Rent or sell your real estate property

However, it’s up to you which power you want to grant your agent in case of your incapacitance. Financial power of attorney can also be durable as well as non-durable depending upon your needs and preferences. 

3- Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of attorney is a special type of healthcare durable attorney. In this attorney, granting power to your agent lets him make medical decisions for you in case of an emergency. The decisions which your medical durable power of attorney lawyer can take are as follows: 

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Healthcare treatments
  • Life-end care
  • Hospital in which you can seek medication.
  • Doctors who can give you medical treatment. 

For instance, if you are very sick and unable to tell your doctor whether you need a feeding tube or not, your healthcare agent will do it for you. 

4- Springing Power of Attorney

Springing power of attorney is a traditional and effective way of executing responsibilities and power to your agent. Such an attorney is very beneficial especially if you have a business for which you have to move anywhere, your agent can take care of your local dealings in your absence. In other words, springing POA lets your agent make use of granted power only in certain conditions.  

You can only use the special power of attorney in case of your incapacitance. That’s why legal advisors rarely recommend this type of attorney because evaluating incapacitance is a time-taking and complex process. For instance, if a dementia patient can manage his affairs, an attorney cannot use its power to manage affairs. 

A durable power of attorney and living will

The difference between a durable power of attorney and a living will is that durable power deals with a person’s financial aspects. At the same time, living will concern the health issues of an individual. A durable power of attorney ensures that an individual as an agent takes care of financial matters. An agent can be from a close friend or a family member named a trustee in the document.

According to your choice, the living will be a legal document that delivers their instruction to the doctors and medical physicians by you as per the exception or rejection of health treatment. This document is because of the medical issues in which the person is unable to communicate. The living will have no authority or power after the death of the person who makes the living will.

Although the living will and durable POA need to be delivered for different purposes, the conceptual framework durable power of attorney and living will be internally the same. So it is in terms of shifting authority to another person via written document. As power of attorney is for the financial perspective and living will is for the health care perspective.

When does your agent’s authority to act for you terminate? 

The duration of your agent’s authority to act for you depends upon the type of power of attorney. If you are using a non-durable attorney, the authority of your agent will end soon. On the other hand, the durable power of attorney agent will continue to act for you until you will be able to make decisions yourself. In case of your death, your agent’s authority will immediately end in all types of POAs. It depicts that you should also make a last will to pass away your business and assets to your beneficiaries. 

Which type of Power of Attorney should you choose? 

Well, it depends upon the situation in which you are planning and on the preferences, you want to opt for. If you are interested in planning attorney power for situations like in capacitance, car accidents, and death, you should prefer a durable medical or financial POA. But if you want to hand over all your affairs to a single person, a general power of attorney is perfect for you to control your healthcare, finances, and business. Complete your documentation for managing your affairs in different conditions. A durable power of attorney in California ensures the supreme take care of your financial and healthcare affairs in your absence.

Bottom line

A durable POA works for financial transactions, aspects, and dealings in a wide range. This document authorized someone else by the owner because of the inability to manage work in an emergency. In comparison, the living will be the form that delivers clear instructions by the owner in terms of Health Care treatment to the doctor or physician as per the choice. Get the best Durable POA services today from attorneys real estate group