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“A real estate attorney may be necessary if you plan on buying or selling land. Depending on the state or locality, you may have to do so. Consider hiring a lawyer, even if it’s optional.”

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Land Lawyers

Professionals who list “real estate” as one area of expertise are real estate lawyers and land lawyers. But, each brings very different knowledge to the table. Land lawyers or attorneys offer no free service when dealing with a particular real estate matter in California. It is best to understand how the hiring process works in California and what each professional specializes in.


Selling land in California.

Keep the rules of real estate law in mind and the best tools to help you get out of a legal process well. Here, we will talk a little about the functions of real estate law attorneys. This way, you will have first-hand information that you can take into account and instruct yourself about real estate legal advice.

There is no competition between real estate attorneys and land lawyers in most states. A seller must hire an agent and a lawyer in many states. A land lawyer handles marketing, setting the price, and finding a buyer, but a real estate lawyer handles the transactional details. These states permit attorneys to draft contracts and go with their clients to the closing.

The situation is different in California. A land lawyer can handle both marketing and transactional work. The agent handles the negotiation and completes all required forms, including the timely exchange of disclosures. Thus, many Californian sellers avoid hiring an attorney when selling real estate.

However, a land lawyer can’t give legal advice as they’re not licensed or authorized to provide such advice. The seller may require an attorney’s assistance should legal problems arise. Furthermore, a landowner could engage a real estate attorney when selling their property without assistance from an agent.


Land lawyers

Many California property owners hire land lawyers to handle the sale of their properties. California requires real estate salesperson licenses and a real estate salesperson test to be passed by a person who wants to sell his California house.

A candidate must pass three college-level courses before taking the California real estate licensing test. Real Estate Principles and Practice must both appear in the courses. There are approximately a dozen approved classes from which to choose the third class. Passing the exam will allow her to apply for a license and pay the fees.

Without a license, a California attorney cannot practice as a land lawyer. Thus, all educational requirements stop to exist, but the attorney must sit for the exam and get a license.


Real estate brokers

Real estate brokers are another professional in California. There must be a broker overseeing every land lawyer. Those who wish to practice land law for themselves must get broker’s licenses. It is common for brokers to set procedural rules and provide office space, telephones, and real estate forms for their independent agents.

Anyone who wishes to be a licensed broker within California must take a second real estate test. The applicant must have a 4-year college degree and eight courses in real estate at the college level. Or two years of full-time sales experience in the last five years to be eligible for the test. California licensed lawyers are exempt from these education requirements, but they must possess two years of experience in the real estate industry.


Commissions for land lawyers and brokers

A land lawyer will charge a commission from the sale price if a property owner uses him to sell it. Taking a percentage of the sale price of another’s property is how a land lawyer makes her living. We can negotiate this percentage between the seller and the agent, as it does not appear in the law. The average commission for an agent is 5 percent. If the property is worth $1 million, that would be $50,000. A real estate agent cannot pocket the full commission amount because they need to share it with the broker and the buyer’s agent.


Duties of land lawyers in California

Many states limit the responsibilities of land lawyers. Often, they schedule open houses to show properties to potential buyers, helping sellers set a price. Usually, an attorney handles the closing paperwork for the seller in these states. But, in California, land lawyers ensure that all necessary documents are completed. And exchanged to place the property on the market and find a qualified buyer.

Disclosures are complex legal forms that include the sales contract. Generally, California real estate law requires a seller to disclose all relevant information about a property’s condition, features, defects, and pest problems. And anything else that might influence a buyer’s decision to buy or not to buy a property.

The seller can be liable for considerable damages if the forms do not contain information. This requires the use of special standard forms. The buyer’s agent uses a standard form when making an offer, so an attorney doesn’t need to review it. Thus, California residents may not need a real estate lawyer. Many California real estate sales contracts do not need an attorney.


Fiduciary relationship with the client

The highest duty anyone can owe another is the fiduciary duty a lawyer owes their client. Putting the client’s interests above her own requires the agent to act with the highest degree of loyalty and commitment.

A client’s agent must disclose all relevant facts about a conflict of interest with the client. If a land lawyer breaches the high duty of care imposed upon them. The courts in California will hold them liable to their clients. But, representation is not always conflict-free.

Land lawyers are paid based on the closing of sales. Even though the agent put a lot of effort and time into a deal, she doesn’t get paid if the transaction doesn’t close. Also, that means the agent wants to close the deal as soon as possible, which isn’t bad. There is but a risk that the agent might pressure the seller to close at a time that is not always in their best interest.


Real estate attorneys

Real estate attorneys are California bar-admitted professionals. In other words, he attended law school, passed his classes, and passed the California bar exam after college. Over time, he began working on issues related to property law.



Thus, California real estate attorneys are knowledgeable about state property law. Attorneys specialize in sales, leases, contract drafting, and negotiating deals. A property lawyer may also be able to handle adverse possession, liens, foreclosures, deeds, property taxes, estate planning, and zoning issues. Some attorneys specialize in residential property exchanges, while others specialize in commercial property exchanges.


Protect Your Real Estate Assets

It is common for people to employ California real estate lawyers when the need to fix a breach in their contract is discovered. Many people do not realize the dangers in their contracts which eventually come back to bring them down. To avoid potentially fatal pitfalls it’s not a bad idea to speak with an attorney who can safeguard what could be your most important asset. Purchase agreements can be faulty if they have faulty titles, liens, unreported information, contingencies, or unresolved disputes.

The Real estate attorneys of our Law Firm can help find any flaws in the contract to avoid the possibility of future losses for the seller and buyer. They also can advise homeowners in distress about the best course to pursue and along with their in-house affiliated brokerage, they can help buyers and sellers of real estate transactions.


Fiduciary duty owed by attorneys.

As with land lawyers, a fiduciary duty is owed to attorneys by their clients. Thus, a lawyer must always act in their client’s best interest, disclosing any conflicts of interest.

Real estate lawyers are obligated to benefit their clients through their actions. As a lawyer, she must tell the client in the client’s interests and defend the client’s interests with skill and energy. Whenever a lawyer finds a conflict of interest, this conflict must be disclosed immediately and steps taken to resolve it. Even if it contradicts her interests.


Real estate attorneys not mandated in California

California is not a state that requires attorneys to participate in closings to the requirements of some states. Sellers may consult an attorney specializing in real estate for various situations where this could be advantageous. Property owners can sell their homes instead of using lawyers for land in these instances. Legal issues may accompany the sale of real estate. The dual agency might require the use of a real estate lawyer.


Owner selling his property

To avoid paying an agent’s commission, owners usually decide to market their properties. Because of this, he cannot hold open houses to attract offers or weigh the offers that come in without the help of an experienced real estate agent. No help is available to the property owner in valuing and finding a buyer for his property.

Real estate transactions are complex and need extensive paperwork. A real property sale must follow all state laws mandated by the California Department of Real Estate. A seller in this situation might consider hiring a California real estate attorney. A knowledgeable individual should prepare and review documents related to the sale of real estate. Such as purchase agreements, title insurance, financing, and transfer documents. A real estate attorney with experience can assist you in this process. The same lawyer can manage any disagreements regarding the transaction.


Legal issues during a real estate sale

Hiring an attorney during a real estate sales contract is another situation in which it pays to consult with one. Most land lawyers can’t give legal advice since they aren’t attorneys. This would constitute practicing law without a license, which would be illegal for the agent. The sale of a property may not raise any legal issues in some cases. A seller may need the assistance of an attorney if they arise. Hiring an attorney for a complex real estate deal is more important.

Real estate sales can raise many legal questions. Recently, California passed legislation limiting evictions for tenants. Knowing how the law applies if a tenant occupies the premises for sale is important. A realtor can’t give an opinion on this. A footpath that crosses the neighboring property may invade the seller’s property. Does that constitute an easement? Also, to tax consequences, determining what type of deed to use is also a legal concern. Real estate attorneys are important to hire if a party to a real estate contract has legal questions. The situation is particularly challenging when there is a dual-agency relationship.


Land lawyer dual agency

In California, an agent can represent the seller and the buyer even though he has a fiduciary duty to his client. Dual agency refers to this type of relationship. Agents enjoy not splitting commissions with buyers’ agents because of this. In this case, the seller must ensure that the dual agent acts in her best interest.

Upon receiving many offers on a property, a seller’s agent assesses them and recommends which one to accept. The seller’s agent may find it harder to be neutral if that agent represents one or more potential buyers. A land law group can help prevent problems in these circumstances. It will be possible for the attorney to offer impartial advice since they are paid by the hour, not by commission.


Cost of the real estate attorney

Land attorneys near me may be helpful for anyone selling property in California. Advice and explanations from an attorney can reassure a seller and help prevent problems in the future. But, hiring a real estate lawyer has some downsides. Cost is the most important factor. A California personal injury attorney may charge a percentage of damages awarded to the client, while transactional attorneys usually charge by the hour. An hourly rate of $1,000 or more is not uncommon. Also, a seller needs to find out what charges are associated with associates, paralegals, and other miscellaneous costs.

Real estate attorneys may not have the same knowledge about a particular neighborhood’s housing market as homeowners with no land attorney. The knowledgeable agent will be able to determine a reasonable asking price for the seller based on local pricing and demand. Property litigation attorney Lakewood with connections to good inspectors, loan brokers, and other professionals can hurry the acquisition process.


Attorney Real Estate Group- A hub of the best real estate lawyers

As a leading real estate law firm, Attorney Real Estate Group has years of experience handling difficult foreclosures and the resulting implications of real estate acquisitions and other land acquisitions. Let us assist you in identifying the most cost-effective solutions throughout all phases of the litigation process.

As California-based Land lawyers. We have considerable experience helping businesses get and sell commercial assets. Whether you are buying or selling a house for the first time or have dealt with real estate, we can help you in many ways.

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