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“Owning a property can be a source of plenty of arguments, whether it is between buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, neighbors, or even family members. In addition, many believers believe they have the right to use their property, but they choose.”

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Ownership & Property Disputes

In such a situation, they sometimes forget how their behavior affects and associates with the surrounding properties. Thus, it is only natural for such cases to lead to property disputes.

Additionally, Ownership & Property Disputes in California occur frequently because of arguments over wealth, self-indulgence, and feuds over rightful ownership, even among family members. Here are some legitimate resolutions to the most common residential property disputes. So that you don’t face power struggles and allow the law and common sense to prevail.


Some Common Property Disputes and Their Resolution

Taking residential property disputes to court often doesn’t guarantee a satisfactory resolution. Avoiding problems begins with reading everything carefully before signing the dotted line; as they say, “precaution is better than treatment.”

You can avoid most common property scams by reading the following resolutions to get a better idea of what could go wrong, and avoid most common property scams:



Imagine you finally took the leap of faith and bought your property. However, you are making your first purchase in the real estate market. You’ve chosen the best available deal even though you have a lot on your plate – moving, decorating, or renovating your new home.

According to property law, a title acts as proof of ownership. If it stays unchanged after purchase – the property still belongs to the previous owner, not the current owner. First-time buyers usually face this dispute when unfamiliar with real estate markets and rely entirely on deceitful mediators.



You can avoid title fraud by carefully checking the authenticity of the property documents to avoid title disputes that occur due to deceitful communication. One way to avoid title fraud is to stay vigilant and stay alert. You need to hire a lawyer to verify the property and change the title so no one can claim it.



Even when the pain of losing a loved one is too intense to bear, conflicts regarding inheritance and legal status will make matters even more difficult. It is common for people to transfer their possessions to their offspring by verbal will after passing on to their prime age.

However, they must know that those words could be more useful in courtrooms and legal documents.

The probate process does not necessarily have to occur when someone is dying – or is about to die. Instead, it is the legal process that allows someone to deal with the property, money, and other possessions of a deceased person. It is common between family members – siblings, in particular – and business partners.



It is easy to probate a deceased person’s estate when there is a written will, and the process begins with confirming whether the deceased person’s will was registered.

In the event of a will, it makes sense to state who manages the possessions – the executor. In cases where a will does not exist, the next of kin must seek an administrator’s role. Executors and administrators are liable for the following:

  • In the case of taxes, loans, or other debts, pay the dues.
  • Sell or rent assets to collect money.
  • Provide other beneficiaries with the assets/estate based on the law



Buying a property still entails caveat emptor, which means the buyer must ensure that the property is of good quality, suitable, and sustainable and that the seller cannot be held responsible for any damage discovered after the purchase.

A common property dispute involves the discovery of damages after a property has sold – buyers often discover damp areas, house infestations, or knotgrass after moving in.

A buyer may expect certain items (usually appliances, fixtures, or furniture) to come with the property purchase. However, after signing the deal, he finds the seller still needs to fulfill his verbal promise.



The chances of a tiff over property ownership are high, but that’s natural. Although we wish for the best, there is a high probability of a tiff. On the other hand, property damage and deceptive contracts are legal matters that we cannot resolve practically with a property dispute attorney. As for unfriendly neighbors, there’s only little you can do except bring it to the local management.



In situations where you share something with someone, for example, a fence, a wall, or maybe a piece of land or business, sometimes there is a dispute about the ownership of the resource.

The question often arises regarding property ownership, which leads to a dispute. In the case of joint or common possessions, there is a possibility of conflict regarding property ownership. It is most likely that several property ownership disputes will arise as a result of maintenance costs and questions about a partner’s share.



We can avoid property ownership disputes by understanding the type of partnership/responsibility shared with the other party. A joint partnership operates by default because if one of its partners dies or withdraws from the property – the liability/benefits are automatically transferred to the other partner.

In such cases, the will is void since the partnership is most common among married couples. A general partnership, on the other hand, is a share of the ownership equally divided between all partners and must total 100%.

Further, each partner is free to withdraw, sell/transfer their share at any time. A clear and detailed contract stating all partners’ responsibilities and benefits is essential.



Many real estate dealings can result in a dispute despite the best intentions. Renewal of rent, maintenance and repair, and rent expiration are three common joint tenancy disputes issues.

Before you sign a rental agreement, both parties need to be on the same page so that the transaction is as secure as possible. However, tenants should avoid common mistakes during rental agreements to provide greater security.



There will only be a court hearing if solid evidence or a valid tenancy contract exists. A few things can be necessary to avoid conflicts between tenants and landlords.


Rent Renewal:

If your landlord wishes to renew your rent, and you need to be better informed about the situation, navigating residential property disputes can be very challenging. In most rental agreements, there is a reasonable period before the rent amount is applied – meaning the landlord should inform the renter at least 90 days in advance.

We should calculate rent renewals on residential properties in compliance with the state’s rental policies as determined by the tenant. The tenant should negotiate any decrease in renewal amount within the rental contract’s timeframe if it occurs.


Maintenance and Repair:

A common dispute in a rental property is the assignment of responsibilities. The landlord typically covers maintenance and repairs, but both parties must agree. However, tenants are responsible for minor repairs, while landlords are responsible for structural maintenance.


Rent Expiration:

Most tenants must mention the return upon eviction before depositing the security amount. If the rental agreement expires, it is the landlord’s responsibility to clarify how we will restore the damages, but tenants should confirm this with the rental contract in advance.

For the eviction or end to go smoothly, compassion should be provided for fair wear and tear and reinstatement obligations. A tenant may file a lawsuit against the landlord if the landlord fails to pay the deposit in full.


Why Choose Our Property Ownership Solicitors?

If you’re experiencing a dispute with someone close to you, we believe in making your life easier. To minimize further conflict, we go the extra mile in dealing with disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can concentrate on your future.


Why Choose Our Property Ownership Solicitors?


We aim to protect your rights and assess the information you provide to reach a clear conclusion when you instruct us. For you to feel comfortable, we ensure that you understand exactly what’s happening at each stage of the process.

We believe in speaking in plain English. To ensure that you can continue your daily life as soon as possible, we aim to resolve disputes efficiently and stress-free.


How Are Property Ownership Disputes Resolved?

How to settle a property dispute? To assist you in deciding how to proceed, our team of property dispute solicitors will provide you with the necessary legal information about joint property ownership disputes. This is a much less painful process in the long run, so we strive to resolve conflict through negotiation, mediation, and collaborative practices.

It is best to resolve disputes outside of court. Even so, you can count on our experienced solicitors to passionately represent you if your case ultimately goes to court.


We Will Guide You If You Need Mediation To Help You Decide.

We will guide you through court proceedings if you need mediation to help you make a decision. It is first necessary to apply under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 for the court to make an informed decision based on the owners’ interests, whether any children exist, and the parties’ intentions at the time the property was purchased.

Cohabiting couples face different situations. You can obtain tailored legal advice and information from our property dispute solicitors based on your circumstances.


How Much Of The Sale Proceeds Will I Receive If We Sell The Property?

Our property disputes team will ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome no matter what happens. We can also make this decision in court. No matter how much a person has spent on the mortgage or repairs over the years, the proceeds will generally go equally if the property was purchased in joint names.

Our specialist solicitors will be able to explain in detail to you how you can disprove shared ownership if necessary. A written agreement makes both parties clear where they stand from the beginning. There will be fewer future disputes when the agreement is in writing.


What Happens When A Co-Owner Dies?

Having to deal with legal technicalities during this time can feel overwhelming. That’s where we can help. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience dealing with cases of this nature.

First, we need to gather some information; for instance, whether the deceased’s share passes over automatically to their surviving partner, whether the deceased was married (and therefore joint tenants), and whether the will dictates how to deal with a co-owner.

As we go through the process, our property ownership dispute solicitors will ensure that we have the right information and that you understand.

Ownership disputes over the title of real property tips:


1.     Get a title report or a litigation guarantee.

The litigation guarantee is an insurance policy that protects the litigant against others claiming they own the property. The title company will tell you who they believe is the legal owner.


2.     Look for supporting documents.

Support your ownership claim with emails, notes, texts, and other written communications.


3.     Remember evidence code 662.

There is a legal presumption (rebuttable by clear and convincing evidence) of lawyers for property disputes that beneficial and record titles are the same.


4.     Get a lawyer with experience in this law area.

Now is the time to hire someone with experience in this law area rather than hiring a generalist.


5.     Focus on Math.

When it comes to a property’s purchase, expenses, and maintenance, who pays what tells a fascinating story?


What Is The Court’s Approach To Property Disputes?

What court handles property disputes? There are several steps involved in going to court. The first step is a pre-trial, in which you prepare documents and submit a claim form. During the trial, your property dispute attorneys will have the opportunity to state your case, as will the other party.

Your litigator can call witnesses and present evidence to support your assertions, and your litigator will argue on your behalf during the trial. If you wish to have the judgment enforced to your satisfaction, you should seek further legal advice from a property dispute lawyer before enforcing the decision.


Bottom Line

What type of lawyer do I need for property disputes? An attorney for property disputes can provide legal advice to help you decide in determining whether you have a legal basis for your dispute. The property dispute attorneys are able to represent individuals and corporate clients and offer a bespoke service based on your specific needs. The property dispute attorney you choose can also guide you through the legal process to ensure you know the financial consequences of the dispute.

What kind of lawyer handles property disputes? Several of our attorneys have litigated ownership disputes over the years, and we have a proven track record for winning ownership disputes. Contact us today to find out if you qualify for a free consultation. We will examine your claim in greater detail and work with you to find a solution.

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