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“Investing in or co-owning a property is often done with people you trust. It is possible to have good intentions at the start of co-owning a house, whether you or become a part of it. However, disputes can arise when you own a property with several owners.”

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Partition Lawsuit Attorney Near Me

There are many situations where one of the owners wants to sell the house while the other wants to keep it. A dispute may arise about shares, titles, or distributions in some cases when the situation is much more complex.

It may have been possible to establish a relationship between the two owners, but that relationship no longer exists. Thus, they wish to dissolve their property ownership and take their rightful shares. One may need to file a partition lawsuit to force the sale of the house or resolve the issue of the division of the property. Here, we will discuss the Partition Lawsuit Attorney Near Me. Let’s start!


About Partition Action

What is a partition lawsuit? The partition action is the remedy for business litigation and partnership disputes when one party wants to sell their ownership interests in a property or a business. It is possible to partition an estate if the parties own the property. Inheritances can be complex because many individuals are interested in the estates.

This procedure makes it easier for each party to receive its fair share of interest. Consequently, a partition is a request made to the court for help deciding how to divide the jointly-owned property.

Knowing what to do before and during the case is essential if facing a partition action in California or anywhere else. Best practices are crucial to achieving a positive outcome for your partition action.


The Partition Action: What Does It Produce?

For their client’s benefit, a lawyer ensures the best possible service to the client during the partition in the courtroom. Therefore, hiring a great lawyer to protect the client’s legal rights is essential. They bring all proof and evidence supporting the owner under the law. Furthermore, they assist with the sale of the property by the law.

Partition is the court case regarding selling the property on legal grounds. The property can be residential or commercial, or it can be a home. The property has two or more owners, as per the law.

Accordingly, the division of the property among the partners is one of the most complex procedures. In addition to that, the partners must have a clear understanding of their property ownership rights. You can get a partition lawyer to assist you with all the steps necessary to file a partition action. They will know your rights under the law and can help you accordingly.

If you need a partition lawyer, it is important to retain one. You need to hire a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your state so that you can understand the laws more thoroughly.


The Process of Seeking Partition

Generally, co-owners of a property can file a complaint against the county where the property lies to seek partition. In the complaint, all parties with ownership interests (i.e., all co-owners) should appear as defendants.

In addition to describing the property to divide, the complaint should identify all interested parties, including tenants, lien-holders, and local tax agencies. For the court to partition a property, it must be reasonably divided (for instance, a single residential home cannot split equally, so a forced sale and division of the proceeds may be appropriate).

A specific remedy to the complaint is dividing the land among owners, taking the property off sale, and then distributing the profits.

The court can appoint an impartial commissioner (typically a real estate appraiser or similar expert) either at the request of the parties or on its own volition to determine whether the property can be divided relatively if the division would harm or prejudice any property rights, or what steps are necessary to divide it.

The parties may also hire a surveyor as part of the property divide. In ideal circumstances, the court could divide the property fairly among the co-owners as a matter of application, according to each co-owner’s ownership interest.


Different Types of Partitioning

Depending on the type of property, the number of owners, or the interests of the parties. The court can pursue various types of partition action. Below is a list of some partition actions that a court may file:


Allotment Based

A few states allow this type of partitioning where the title passes to one individual, and the rest must buy it from that individual. A court may award the title to one of the siblings if they are all the rightful owners of a house, but only one has lived there. The court requires the tenant to pay other people’s shares to obtain the full right to own the property.


Partition in Kind

An actual partition is also known as a partition in kind. The court divided the property into equitable shares and distributed them to the owners during this partition. Therefore, owners gain the title of their property according to their interest in it when the area or plot is large enough. A quiet title action requires reassessing taxes and defining titles according to new orders after partition.


Sale Based

As a common occurrence, the court orders that the property seller and the proceeds go among the owners. Partition by the sale can happen when there needs to be more land for partition by allotment, or one party does not get along with the others.

A court may ask to sell the house privately or at an auction. This is a preferable partitioning method because it is easier to divide the money than the land.


What is The Best Time to File a Partition Lawsuit?

Partition lawsuits may be necessary to force a house sale in the following situations:


Proprietary inheritance

People typically divide their ancestors’ property so they can leave it to other family members in the event of their death. This is usually the case with the property written by their ancestors. A Dispute Attorney, a real estate group, is hired to resolve these issues since it is a business property or a home.



Mutual ownership is also a source of dispute—CO ownership varies amongst the partners according to the ratio of their investments. Attorney Real Estate Group’s attorneys handle minor and significant distribution requirements.

Property division can only take place by agreement between all the partners. According to the law, partition attorneys fulfill their roles within a similar spectrum.


Property of the community

Marriage involves becoming a partner in a property or real estate. When couples divorce, they need a partition attorney. This person settles the community property case by settling the distribution case.


A Partition Suit’s Meaning

It is possible to win a partition suit in multiple ways, so you must decide what your goal is to achieve to “win.” You may have inherited a house you would like to stay in the family, but you don’t want to live in.

If this is the case, your partition suit may aim to reach a deal with the other co-owners so that the property will be rented rather than sold. You can win a partition suit in one of the following ways:


It is a fair price for the stock you are selling.

A co-owner of your property might be willing to buy out your share if you wish to terminate your interest in it. You have yet to come up with an acceptable price. A fair and equitable buyout agreement would ensure you win.


Market-priced property.

The assurance that the property will sell on the open market for fair market value rather than less would be a win for you when the co-owner cannot buy you out.


We are renting the property after getting a co-owner to vacate.

Suppose you want merely to generate revenue from the property. To win, you need to reach a deal where the current co-owner and property resident move out so that you can rent it out.


Reimbursement for your investment.

If you’ve devoted all your financial resources to paying taxes, mortgages, repairs, etc., on a property you’ve jointly inherited, winning will at least partly involve that money returning.


They are buying out the other co-owners proportionately.

The property subject to the partition suit is your heirs’ property. It holds sentimental value to you, so you don’t want to sell it. Under the 2022 reforms to partition law, you would have the right to purchase your partitioning co-owners for the actual value of their shares, so winning for you would involve being able to purchase them out for their actual value.


You are giving the property an undivided interest.

For you, winning would be the judge ordering a partition by kind, which you could maintain, sell, or rent out to have an undivided interest in the property.


Partition Lawyers: How Can They Help Us?

Can I file a partition lawsuit without a lawyer? The current state of real estate requires the services of a partition lawyer. For this reason, it is crucial to seek the advice of a partition lawyer. You may lose the case or the title of your property if you avoid the partition lawsuit cost now. In some situations, they may be helpful, such as:


Partition Lawyers: How Can They Help Us?


Suing for partition

Typically, a partition lawsuit begins with filing one in court. A partition lawyer can be helpful during this process. In addition to educating you about the type of dispute, the possible solution, and the steps involved, they will also ensure that you file your partition lawsuit with legal documents and that you qualify as an owner by the court.


Detailed documentation

When filing a partition lawsuit, you must also consider the paperwork. A partition lawyer will ensure you complete all the necessary paperwork, proofs, and documents before proceeding with the lawsuit. A partition lawyer will know all your state’s requirements and ensure you complete the paperwork.


Assisting in negotiations

Often, you do not need a partition lawsuit, and you might also want other solutions. Hence, it can be helpful to consult a partition lawyer to save on the cost of a partition lawsuit and the dispute between family members. In this regard, partition lawyers near me can mediate between you and the other party.


The Best Tips for Winning a Partition Case

How to win a partition action? Whatever your opinion is about the need for a partition suit, it’s wise to follow these tips when inheriting property shared by multiple families.


Communicate your goals.

Ensure your co-owners and real estate partition attorney know precisely what you want to do with the property.


Keep thorough records.

When you hope to receive reimbursement for the property (e.g., bills for repairs and taxes), you must keep a record of all the relevant documents. It is essential to have documentation demonstrating the family heritage of the property, the family from whom you received the property, and your relationship with the heirs if you attempt to defend a partition suit against them.


Engage in negotiations.

To have a voice in what happens with the property, you should attend any meetings or discussions between co-owners. Take careful notes.


Make sure your attorney is qualified.

If it becomes necessary to bring a partition suit, a will and trust attorney can help you manage the process. Also, they can assist with protecting and enforcing your ownership rights of real property.


What Is the Cost of Hiring a Partition Lawyer?

How much does a partition action cost? The most commonly asked question in California is the cost of a real estate attorney near me. Generally speaking, a partition lawyer costs $4000 to $12000. It is important to note that this price is subject to change based on the circumstances of the lawyer’s efforts. If any party delays the proceedings, the cost could increase.

Real estate attorney groups can win complex partition actions at highly reasonable rates and produce better results. An experienced partition action attorney near me can communicate with opponents and convince them of the benefits of selling their property. In most cases, the member who owns the property has no urgency to end the case.


Partitioning FAQs


What other forms of relief can a court grant in partition proceedings?

The court can order the physical division of property if it can do so. However, it’s not common because most real estate houses the house or building which cannot be shared among several owners.

A vacant, unimproved lot is usually the only real property that works for this solution. It is still possible to sell the property, and the proceeds divide between the owners even in this situation.


Suppose one property owner lives there while the others do not reside there.

Regardless of whether a person lives at the property or not, the legal ownership of the property governs. The person still in possession has no right to prevent the sale.


How can a court grant relief in a partition case?

Several types of relief are available, including an order to sell and divide the proceeds. A real estate sale would result in proceeds divided proportion to each party’s ownership rights; for example, if each party owns half of a property, the proceeds would equal 50/50.


When is it necessary to take a partition action?

There is often only one owner of a property, who then passes away. By their will or by operation of law, the deceased’s property is then transferred to multiple owners (perhaps their adult children) whose goals and aspirations for it may differ.

Partition action often occurs when the parties cannot agree on using a property. Other situations may involve a married couple buying and owning property jointly. A divorce may result in a partition action if the couple cannot agree on using the property after their separation.


Should a court-ordered sale be the only option to resolve a partition situation?

Despite bringing a lawsuit, the parties can still agree to sell the property without court involvement and divide the proceeds fairly through their attorneys. A binding settlement agreement is necessary for such a resolution to take place.

Co-owners can resolve their conflict by paying each other to buy out their share of the property as another option. A real estate partition lawyer should prepare a new deed to reflect the new ownership in such situations.


Attorneys near me

They are responsible for guiding you through the different aspects of a partition lawsuit with the assistance of experienced partition lawyers at Attorneys Real Estate Group.

Moreover, the lawyer tries to mediate between you and the other party to end the dispute without further conflicts. Hence, they ensure you get the best partition solution that fits your situation. For a free consultation, contact us now through our website.

You can end any relevant real estate dispute if you use our help to file your partition lawsuit. With the help of our expert lawyers, we provide you with assistance. Our law firm will use the laws stipulated in your state to provide the best solution for you.

Our firm is responsible for assisting you in filing a partition action in California and hiring a partition attorney near me to protect your rights and ensure you realize those rights. Therefore, you can consult with an experienced partition lawyer.

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