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Partition Lawsuit is filed to resolve the joint ownership of the house or land. A partition lawyer helps in ending the dispute and bringing the best partition solution in the room. 

In many cases, people invest or co-own the property with only people they trust. Whether you willingly co-own a house or unwillingly become a part of such ownership, you may have good things in mind at the start. Yet, when you co-own a property with multiple owners, there is a chance of disputes.

These situations may be as simple as one of the owners wants to keep the house while the other wants to sell the house. In some other cases, the situation can be far more complex than that, and there might be a dispute regarding shares, title, or type of distribution. Or else, both owners may have owned the property due to their relationship, which does not exist anymore. Hence, they want to dissolve the ownership and walk away with their rightful shares in the property. Whatever the issues are regarding the division of the property, it may call for a partition lawsuit to force sale of house or to simply resolve the issue. 

What Is A Partition Lawsuit

A partition lawsuit is one of the legal rights to divide a real estate among the co-owners equally and balanced whenever there is a disagreement between these co-owners in terms of selling the estate; a partition action can help to divide the property into joint owners properly.

The division is the standard meaning of Partition. In other words, one partner wants to sell the property, but the other partner does not want to sell the property. At the same time, the partner who wants to sell the property has the right to sell the property portion. According to the law, the other partner cannot stop the partner who wants to sell the property.

These complex situations may arise due to inheritance, during divorce proceedings, or in some other situations too. Partition lawsuits may be a result of former business partners as well. Hence, one of the owners may visit the court for a partition lawsuit to force sale of house and walk away with the money. The partition lawsuit cost may depend on your state and the complexity of your case.

The result of the proceedings of the partition lawsuit may be in favor of the one who was willing to sell the house. Later, the court may ask to divide the money equally. Or else, if the land has enough area, the court may decide to divide the property and give the right to their rightful owners. In situations when a person files a partition lawsuit to force sale of house, the court may proceed with the sale if there is only one home or it is marketable land. 

What Happens During Partition Action?

During Partition in the court, the lawyer delivers the best service to win the case for their client. They bring all proof and evidence to support the owner under the law. Hence, the purpose of hiring a great lawyer is to secure the legal rights of the client. They also help with the sale of the property as per the law states.

As per the standard definition of Partition, it is the case on legal grounds in the court regarding the property sale. The property can be residential or commercial. It can be a home or another residential or commercial unit.

According to the law, the property is under the condition of more than one owner. The division of the property among the partner is considered the most complex procedure as per the law. Apart from that, there must be a complete understanding in terms of property ownership by the partners. A partition lawyer can guide you in all the required processes of filing a partition action. They are well aware of your rights under the law and can guide you accordingly.

Partition lawyer file case in the court regarding the matter. It is important to take the help of a partition lawyer to avoid any issues. The partition lawyer must have a license to practice in your state to make you understand the laws of your state better. 

How is Partition Done?

It is necessary on legal grounds to consider the reasons in terms of the sale of the property. The property can be a sale for profit motive or personal motive. In both of the cases, partnerships mutually agree with each other. Other than that partner should fully understand the purpose of the partitioning of property as per the law.

The Partition of property is done by using the following mentioned terms

  • The mutual agreement of the partners regarding the property division can secure the Partition of the property if more than two partners agree that not to sell the property when the property cannot divide among the partners.
  • There should be a minimum chance to divide the property if the couple divorce each other, then the property distributes between the couple. There is no possible option other than this reason.
  • Single ownership is another case where there is no possible chance to divide the property. Because of the single ownership of the property, there is no partner in terms of ownership. The person who is not sharing the property with anyone else is not required to divide the property.

You have to take the help of a partition lawyer regardless of the partition lawsuit cost, as you may suffer financially if you fail to win the case. In most cases, the losing amount of money is greater than the one-time partition lawsuit cost. 

Types of Partition Action

There are multiple types of Partition that a court may proceed with depending upon the case. It may differ as per the type of the property, the number of people who are owners, or people claiming an interest in the property. Thus, some types of partition action are:

Allotment Based

Only a few of the states allow this rare type of partitioning in which the court awards the title to only one person and asks them to buy the rest of the people. For instance, in a situation where all siblings are the rightful owner of the house, but only one has spent their living as a resident there, the court may award them the title. The court asks the tenant to pay the share of the other people to buy the full right to the property. 

Partition in Kind

Partition in kind is also referred to as actual partition. In this type of partition, the court divides the property into equitable shares and awards them to the owners. Hence, in case of a large area or enough size of the plot, the owners gain the title as per their interest in the property. Later, quiet title action must follow the partition to reassess the taxes and define the title as per the new orders. 

Sale Based

It is a common situation in which the court orders to sell the property, and the gained amount is divided between the owners. This Partition by the sale can occur in cases where one of the parties does not get along with others, or there is not enough land to go for partition by allotment. The court may ask to sell the house privately or at a public auction. It is a preferable form of partitioning as dividing the money is easier than dividing the land. 

When to file a Partition Lawsuit

Some common situations in which there might be a need for partition lawsuit to force sale of a house are:

Inherited property

In most cases, the property written by the people from their ancestors needs property division. The family members can leave these properties in case of death for other family members. It may be business property or home. So to settle these issues, the people are hiring the dispute Attorney real estate group as a legal expert to resolve the matter.


The mutual ownership of property also becomes a cause of dispute—the CO ownership of property divide among the partners as per their investment ratio. Attorney real estate group delivers the minor and significant requirements in terms of distribution. The distribution of property is only possible by the agreement of all the partners on property division. Partition attorneys perform the role within the same spectrum according to the law.

Community property

The married couples both become the partner of a property or real estate. In case of divorce between married couples, there is a need for a partition attorney. To settle the distribution case in terms of community property, the client hires the partition attorney. 

How Can a Partition Lawyer Help?

A partition lawyer is essential in the current time to resolve real estate matters. If you avoid the partition lawsuit cost now, you may lose the case or the title of the property. Hence, it is important to take guidance from an expert partition lawyer. Some of the situations in which they may help are:

Filing a Partition Lawsuit

The basic and foremost step of proceeding with a partition lawsuit is to file one in court. A partition lawyer can be helpful during this process. They will make you aware of the type of dispute, the possible solution, the necessary steps, and other similar aspects. They will ensure that you file the partition lawsuit with legal paperwork and the court accepts you as an owner.


Another important aspect of filing a partition lawsuit is the paperwork. You must proceed with all proofs, necessary paperwork, and complete documents. A partition lawyer is aware of all the requirements of your state and makes sure that you complete the paperwork before proceeding with the lawsuit. 


Not all cases require a partition lawsuit; you may want some other solutions as well. For example, if you want to save partition lawsuit costs and the dispute is between family members, you can hire a partition lawyer. Hence, consulting a partition lawyer can be helpful in this regard. They can act as a mediator between you and the other party.  

What Does It Cost To Hire A Partition Attorney?

The most asked question that is asked in the state of California is the cost of partition attorney. The average price of hiring a partition attorney would be $4000 to $12000. But the price may vary due to unusual issues of efforts by the partition lawyer. It could be increased if any party in the case delays the proceedings. Real estate attorney groups can win any complex partition action and produce a better result at highly reasonable rates.

Most of the time, one member as an owner of the property is in no rush to end the case. Our experienced attorneys can cooperate with opponents and make them understand their benefits in sale of the real estate. 

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Partition Lawsuit Attorney Near Me

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