Real Estate Litigation

A real estate litigation is a dispute over real estate or an interest in real estate. An argument that arises during the acquisition of a property or a dispute over ownership rights or other property interests are examples of real estate litigation.

A property acquisition, for example, could be as simple as a disagreement over the purchase and sale agreement and what the parties agreed to and what was promised and delivered before or in connection with the sale as well as what was represented before the sale. In the context of a residential or commercial transaction, there may be disagreements about whether material defects in the property were disclosed to the buyer.


Types Of Real Estate Litigation:

Anything from a simple breach of contract between a seller and a buyer to complicated title issues can be the topic of the real estate litigation process.


Breach of a Contract

A property is purchased when a buyer makes an offer to the seller and the seller accepts it. This is a real estate contract in legal terms. An offer, acceptance and consideration are the three legal requirements for all deals. You have a legally binding contract that you can enforce once those three elements are in place. A breach of the real estate contract occurs when contracting parties fail to fulfill their obligations.


Real Estate Agent or Broker Disputes

Realtors are held to a higher standard of professionalism, and it is frequently claimed that they fall short of that, causing their clients to lose money. Breach of legal obligation claims, errors and omissions claims and undue pressure to buy are all possibilities.


Neighbor Disputes and Easements

An easement is a dispute regarding an individual’s legal right to use another person’s land. While the landowner retains ownership of the property, the easement holder is legally allowed to use it for a specific purpose. Aside from easement disputes, neighbors also have disagreements over property lines, fences and zoning.


Land and Zoning Disputes

These disputes occur when the government requires developers and homeowners to follow legal use restrictions to obtain permits or when the government seeks to enforce zoning ordinances against unlawful uses.


Title Disputes

A title defect is any potential threat to a currents owner’s right or claim to sell a property. A public-recorded issue on the property, such as judgment, lien or mortgage, gives another party claim on the property.


Real Estate Litigation Attorney Near Me

Even the most meticulously executed real estate transactions and agreements can lead to disputes. You’ll need a legal team to analyze the conflict and develop a strategy to achieve business-oriented solutions and the desired outcome if litigation arises.

Our team has extensive knowledge and has worked with clients in all areas of real estate. We work hard to achieve the best possible result for our clients by considering their goals and conducting a thorough and objective analysis of the most effective way to achieve them.


If you need legal assistance for an issue related to real estate, contact Attorneys Real Estate Group today. Please contact us online or call (800) 481-4049; we look forward to assisting you.

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