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If you’re buying or selling a home, going through a dispute, looking to setup a will or trust, or a myriad of other issues, you may want to think about hiring a real estate attorney in your local area. There are a few benefits to hiring a Sacramento real estate lawyer and below we will share you the main reasons you can stand to gain from hiring a real estate law firm to work with.

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#1. Save Money

It sounds counterintuitive to think you will save money in the long run. Because lawyer fees are known to be rather high. But the fees & massive amount of drain needed to do things right regarding tricky real estate issues can be substantially higher. It is a strategy to cover your bases if the worst comes to fruition and you make a legal or technical error, bleeding your bank account dry. We all know that with certain things, it is best to have a plan that covers you if you make legal mistakes. Which we all are prone to, certainly in the realm of the law.

Also, tricky situations sometimes come about regarding trusts & wills. It can be as simple as not checking the right box, not understanding how it all works, and how one law affects another. Or how a particular law affects you in a given situation. There is a reason real estate attorneys are in such high demand and can command such high fees. It’s because the problems they solve or help avoid are big problems people want to avoid.


#2. The Expertise

Regarding real estate law, you can look up your state and federal laws:

  • Read the right resources,
  • Make the right phone calls to the right people,
  • And possibly do some of it yourself,
  • Particularly with issues regarding transactions and paperwork.

However, it still needs to be a good idea, especially when it comes to an issue you very likely will never face again or very few times in your life. It makes sense to hire the right professional for the job. 

Sacramento real estate attorneys are often not bar-licensed attorneys. On top of that, many hold ancillary certifications such as:

  • Broker licenses,
  • Are certified mediators or notaries,
  • Are tied to real estate,
  • And have experience with real estate in some other fashion.

Our Sacramento real estate attorneys have seen so many unique & complex situations that run the gamut and full breadth of real estate law situations, so we know a thing or two. It is in our best interest to help you resolve your problems quickly and in a way that hopefully does not harm either party and allows the two sides to come to a decently amicable outcome.


#3. Multi-skilled

Another huge benefit that can be utilized when you hire a real estate attorney for your job is that they can help you with multiple issues. For example, let’s say you hired us to do your living trust. You can then come to us again if you are selling your home and want a skilled real estate lawyer to look over all of your important paperwork, such as deeds and all other things you’d need to have in order before selling the home.




We like to think of ourselves as a “one-stop shop” of attorneys who live, breathe and eat real estate, and we consider ourselves specialists because this is what we do. We only do real estate transactions.

Many of our clients have also gotten mortgage or refinance loans from us. For example, we’ve had some clients who need advice managing their property, and all types of situations may arise for you where you could use our skills to your benefit. Hiring a real estate lawyer to take care of all your needs can be a very smart move on your part. We don’t often steer our clients wrong and have a high success rate of achieving amicable outcomes.



Please contact us if you need Sacramento real estate attorneys in the greater Sacramento or Roseville area. We always give our potential clients a 20 to 30-minute free consultation phone call where we like to go over all your needs and concerns. If nothing comes out, you will come out wiser on the other end, and whether you remain with us or not, you will have a good feeling about which direction to take and how to sort out your problem.


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