Top Estate Planning Lawyers Near Me


“Trust planning or Estate planning is the action of using professional lawyers or advisors who are near with your achievements, concerns, and assets to arrange your estate and set up your trust. Top Real Estate Planning Lawyers Near Me can assist a person with his Estate planning and deal with his property after his death and other personal matters.”


 An estate planning lawyer guides a person in writing instructions for the future planning of his property, healthcare, and the support and care for his loved ones.


Estate Planning Lawyers in My Area

In California, people hired a local estate planning lawyer to establish guardianship. They create draft documents like trusts, attorneys for health care, and wills by the instructions of the estate planning lawyers.

California introduced Oral wills and Holographic Wills to prepare self– proving and official wills. Therefore, getting an estate plan and a good state planning lawyer near me is significant. It is because only a good estate planning lawyer can assist you with estate planning, administration, and drafting your trusts and wills.

Taking planning attorneys near me is a significant thing to create a comprehensive strategy for managing all your assets, creating health directives and insurance, and writing instructions about passing your assets or property in the future. Individuals, couples, and families must create an estate plan for a secure future in California.


Estate planning

Estate planning is a process of maintaining and organizing a person’s assets and distribution of the assets after a person dies. It is also helpful in choosing beneficiaries and planning for the future of a person’s children. This process is done through an agreement by the will of the decedent and the state.

An estate planning lawyer must deal with your property and ensure a smooth transition of your assets. The death of someone close is life’s most painful and stressful experience. And deal with the matter of property transition in this emotional chaos is very difficult. So, an estate planning lawyer must deal with your property and ensure a smooth transition of the decedent’s assets.

Having an estate plan is unnecessary for individuals under 25. Still, individuals who are in the position of having a partner and plan to have a family must find an estate planning lawyer to make their lives manageable and valuable. Estate planning attorneys near me will help you to determine the following aspects of your estate and the decisions that you will make on your expected and unexpected death:

  • About the donation of your organs and funeral arrangements
  • Who will make your financial and legal decisions?
  • About supporting your children?
  • Who will take your assets and business?

How to create an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is created by tallying up an individual’s owned property, holdings, savings, healthcare issues, insurance, and stocks. However, disabled people must hire specific Top Real Estate Planning Lawyers to fulfill their needs.

Many people in California first create a will to begin the process of estate planning. Then they establish trust by a grantor for the assets they want to give in trust. The grantor provides and assigns guidelines, beneficiaries, and trustees for the faith. For all this process, a person needs a professional estate planning lawyer near me who first considers his interests and helps him choose good trusts and wills to create an estate plan for his future life.


Top 10 Real Estate Planning Tips

It’s a common misconception that estate planning is only for wealthy personalities. However, everyone needs to have a real estate plan to define all their plans and end-of-life wishes. Whenever you opt for a real estate plan, you prefer one with alikeness with those of top estate planning law firms. The following are the ten tips you should remember while creating an estate plan. 


1- Build Up Your Team

First, assemble your team to map a customized real estate plan. Team having a tax professional, financial advisor, and estate planning attorney will ensure the accomplishment of your wish. All you need to have is a determined goal for asset distribution among people and organizations.


2- Go For Wishes’ Documentation

After building up your team, spell out all the assets and possessions you want to distribute among your family after your death. If your documented wish is absent, your state will make decisions by legal regulations. Ensure to include healthcare power of attorney, durable financial power of attorney, living will, and testament. 


3- Mention Guardianship For Your Dependents

Never forget to name a guardian to look after your dependents. Also, get the consent of your chosen guardian about taking care of your child and managing your money till his independence. It can be tricky if you name a couple as our dependants’ co-guardian. Your attorney should consult them in case of their separation or divorce. 


4- Decide Trust Amounts

Another thing that you should think about is the money you want to put into your trust. Also, spell out the way of distribution of your trust assets. A structured trust ensures the right execution of your real estate plan. Consult your attorney for information about trust distribution. 


5- Plan State Estate Taxes

Remember to subject your due federal estate taxes in cash within the first nine months of your death. It can be problematic if your assets are not in cash. Such a situation leads to the potential selling of assets. Make sure to discuss the correctness of the tax planning strategies you want to opt for with your financial advisor. 


6- Ignore Probate Process

The probate process is a legal verification of wills via court. This process is usually time-taking, expensive, and not private. If you go for a real estate plan, you can protect your assets from undergoing a probate process. 


7- Prepare Long-Term Care Needs

If you need expensive long-term care to preserve your assets, prepare for long-term care needs. Seek help from your financial advisor to cut all the assets marked by heirs. Set optional plans with some terms and conditions regarding your health. 


8- Never Forget Income in Respect of a Decedent (IRD)

People often think that state tax is the only one to be aware of. However, another tax is for people who inherit some assets or cash. Such tax is called IRD (Income in Respect of a Descendent), which your beneficiaries will have to pay if there is no tax on your income. For instance, IRD implements sales commissions, saving bond income, and retirement account payouts. 


9- Up-to-Date Your Beneficiaries About Your Decision

Another noteworthy fact you should look for is the money in your account with the name of one beneficiary. Such money will go to only that beneficiary, irrespective of your estate plan. Such cash can be in the form of an insurance policy, IRA, transfer-on-death, and payable-on-death accounts. Advise your beneficiary about your desires for asset distribution without any conflict. 


10- Designate Digital Fiduciary

Many people forget to designate a person for digital treasure. Almost everyone has important documents and photos in digital storage. That’s why there is a need to mention the one who can get access to all your social media accounts and digital storage. Remember to spell out your attorney to remove your online presence from social media after death. 


What Estate Planning Attorneys Near Me Do?

An experienced or professional estate planning attorney helps a person fulfill his legal process to create an estate plan. Some legal taxes and questions are required to create an estate plan for that purpose. A person needs an estate planning lawyer who guides and assists him in fulfilling the procedure.


Estate Planning Attorneys


Moreover, the right estate planning lawyer also guides you in creating a will and trust for your assets. Getting experienced estate planning attorneys near me is crucial and the right thing to do. Because to deal with tax implications and draft trusts and documents, a person needs someone’s consultancy. And for that purpose, a lawyer who can explain and understand all your options is indispensable.

First, your attorney ensures the process of drafting your wills and trust, including creating an estate plan. He offers to manage your estate administration which deals with the maintenance and distribution of your property after death. And this can be done by an experienced lawyer who guides you by providing suitable options to create and maintain your wills, trusts, and assets.


What Estate Planning Attorneys Near Me Do?

Death is inevitable, so one must hire an estate planning lawyer who deals with all your property matters after death. A person needs the right estate planning attorney. For this purpose, a person needs to understand all the specific tasks of an estate planning lawyer.

And while choosing a suitable attorney, a person must ask about the attorney’s field of specialization in estate planning. Moreover, the person should observe whether the attorney was asking the right questions because an estate planner should understand his client to give suitable options for creating draft documents for trust and will. One more practical method to find the right estate planning lawyer is obtaining referrals.


Estate Planning Attorney Certifications You Should Look In Your Attorney Lawyer

Though there is no need for individual certifications for practicing, estate planning attorneys still need to attain some credentials. Such credentials will increase the value of an attorney’s services. For instance, you can still get these credentials if you are not a professional lawyer. Doing so can boost your value, just like top estate planning attorneys. It depicts that you should look for an attorney with high credentials. 

Here are some estate planning attorney certifications you should look for:


Accredited Estate Planner (AEP)

Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) is a special award for CPAs, financial advisors, charters, and licensed attorneys. After having a great five years of experience in estate planning, the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils awarded a person with an AEP credential. However, completing a minimum of 30 hours of education per 2 years is also mandatory. Moreover, two graduate-level courses from the American College of Financial Services are essential to staying in estate planning. 


Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA)

An institute of Certified Bankers, in collaboration with The American Bankers Association, grants an award of CTFA to dedicated individuals. Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) is for those with a minimum of 3 years of experience managing wealth. Furthermore, an attorney must have a completion certificate of one wealth management training, an ethics statement, and a recommendation letter. Make sure to complete 45 hours of education per 3 years to sustain this credential.


Chartered Trust And Estate Planner (CTEP)

To seek designation of CTEP by the American Academy of Financial Management, you need a degree in accounting, finance, taxation, or law. Besides this, you only need to have a completion certification of a training program and five courses. Continuation of education is also necessary to achieve the credential of Chartered Trust and Estate Planner. 


Bottom Line

A planning lawyer near me is most crucial in a person’s life. Also, a person needs the right lawyer who understands his concerns, goals, and interests and gives him suitable options to secure his future and support or take care of his children after his death. An estate plan is a process implemented by various tools like wills and trusts to optimize the use of a person’s belongings and a smooth transition of these assets and belongings to his loved ones upon his death.

There are also many more concerns in estate planning, including property maintenance, stock, health issues, insurance, etc. Moreover, taking care of all these matters in one’s life is significant. So having a real estate planning lawyer near me is essential to take care of all these concerns in your life and after your death.