Will And Trust Attorneys – Fees & Costs And Why You Should Pay?

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Creating a comprehensive, complete Estate Plan can give your loved ones a massive gift. In addition, writing a Will shouldn’t be deterred by the cost. We understand, though, if you are concerned with the cost of writing a Will, so we are providing you with an overview of the different methods and costs involved.

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Will And Trust Attorneys – Fees & Costs And Why You Should Pay?

Many people find it difficult to afford Estate Planning, which is why they put it off. This is a legitimate concern, and we can admit that. Hiring an Estate Planning attorney could be extremely expensive if your Estate is small or mid-sized.

But don’t let fear hold you back. It is important to plan – both for your loved ones and your legacy – because a lack of planning can be extremely costly. Here are some tips on selecting the right Estate Planning vehicle for your needs based on your current financial situation and plans. Here are we’ll discuss Will And Trust Attorneys – Fees & Costs And Why You Should Pay?:


How do wills and trusts differ? Do I need both?

Trusts and Wills differ significantly. Your current circumstances, as well as your future goals, greatly influence which is best for you.

The cost to create a Will is the lowest of all your Estate Planning vehicles. Undoubtedly, wills are easier to create and less expensive to execute than trusts. Nonetheless, they provide less protection and require probate, a time-consuming, expensive, and often stressful process.

On the other hand, a trust can have more sophisticated financial goals and be more complex. Trusts can also protect your assets to a greater extent, depending on what type you use.

In addition, all trusts save your loved ones from the probate process. It is usually more expensive to create and implement a Trust than a Will because they are more complex. Would you like to discover the difference between a will and a trust? Check out our guide to learn more!


Will and trust cost factors

Costs of Wills and Trusts can vary depending on various factors. Knowing what you should expect upfront will help you feel more comfortable. Factors such as:

State of residence: The cost of preparing an Estate Plan can vary based on local norms. It is more likely that attorney fees will be higher in areas with high living costs. For example, a California City Attorney Real Estate lawyer will charge more per hour than one in a more rural area of North Carolina.

Size of assets – The larger your assets, the larger your Estate, making it more difficult to plan your Estate effectively. The price of your Estate Plan will be higher if you have a particularly large estate, regardless of whether a Trust or a Will applies.

Hiring a lawyer: Legal fees are often the most costly part of Estate Planning. While you may feel more comfortable using an attorney, remember that there is concrete, protective Estate Plans you can create on your own today. With Attorney Real Estate Group, you can eliminate traditional Estate Planning attorneys and still get the same results. It’s also much less expensive than going through the whole thing.

How many beneficiaries you’ll have – You won’t necessarily pay more now to have more beneficiaries, but remember that your Trustee and Executor will have to handle all of them in the future. While it shouldn’t discourage you from leaving assets to your loved ones, it should be kept in mind when weighing the costs.


Making a will costs how much?

Having your Will properly done can cost from free to more than a thousand dollars. It depends on a variety of factors how much it will cost. In determining the value of an estate, two factors are most important: its size and complexity. It will also depend on how you complete your Will.

There are three main ways to create a Will:

  • DIY
  • Using an online platform
  • The traditional (most expensive) lawyer preparation


Do it Yourself Will

You can also create your own Will by yourself. This option may be a good choice if you have a small estate and few assets. While anyone can technically create their own Will, there are many drawbacks and potential caveats associated with doing so.

Using templates available online for free or for very little cost can be tempting. There is, however, the risk of drastic consequences. Estate Planning only fits some. Pre-formatted templates may only be effective if they consider your personal needs, goals, state of residence, or current circumstances.

The first risk is that you may create a document that is not legal under your state’s laws. One of the biggest disadvantages of a DIY Will is its lack of legal protection.

In addition to needing to understand state laws, your Will may become null and void if it does not comply with requirements regarding witnesses, notarization, and other small details. Now you’re right back where you started, without any Estate Planning.

How did it turn out? The lack of a legally binding Will or an estate plan template will result in your Estate going through probate and causing your grieving loved one immense stress.


Online Will Maker

You can also use Online Will Makers – but remember they are all different. Different platforms offer different prices; the biggest risk here would be using an online service with few features.

Despite our bias, here at Attorney Real Estate, we’re happy to offer all these essential aspects at an affordable price, helping you protect your legacy. As compared to other online options, our Estate Plans include:

  • Designed to meet your needs
  • Your state-specific information
  • Currently and in the future, you’re protected by the law.
  • Cost-effectively prepared by attorneys.

At Attorney Real Estate, we offer a variety of Estate Planning products at a price that is affordable to everyone. You can create your own Will through Attorney Real Estate for $159 if you’re an individual or $259 if you’re a couple.

The following are the benefits:

  • Wills and Testaments
  • Authorization under HIPAA
  • Wills
  • Attorney-in-fact
  • Attorney Real Estate can help you create your trust. The fee is $599 for individuals and $699 for couples.

You will receive the following:

  • Trust that it is revocable.
  • Inventories
  • Will overflow
  • Authorization under HIPAA
  • Wills
  • Attorney-in-fact


With a Lawyer

When a person has a large or complicated estate, they often think they need to hire a lawyer to be fully protected. Going this route is unnecessary, and you will incur more expenses.


With a Lawyer


The cost of Estate Planning by a lawyer usually depends on either an hourly rate or a flat rate. Both options will be higher than using Attorney Real Estate. Remember that just because you use a lawyer doesn’t mean your estate plan will be ironclad.

If you want a basic Will, you can expect to pay between $200 and $600. Sometimes, you may need more than just a Will if you have significant assets or a complicated estate.

If you feel uncomfortable preparing your Estate Plan, you might have one more option. It might be more comfortable to have an attorney review or consult on your DIY or online-prepared Will if you need more confidence.

If an attorney near you provides these services, you could save money while ensuring that your Will is comprehensive and complete. Attorney Real Estate offers attorney support, and estate planning attorneys draft all forms if you choose that option.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of making your Will, you shouldn’t be worried about how much it costs to write one. Investing in this important part of your future should not be deterred by the cost alone. You can also offer peace of mind to your loved ones when you prepare now, not only for your future but theirs.


Do wills or trusts cost anything to contest?

You must assess your circumstances to decide whether contesting a will or trust is worthwhile. Despite the potential for substantially increasing your inheritance from a decedent’s Estate or trust, the emotional cost may not be worth it. Historically, will and trust contests have caused rifts among relatives.

A contest’s prize money is also an important factor to consider. A contest worth $10,000 is not worth it if the legal fees exceed the stakes. A few hundred thousand dollars is at least necessary in our experience.

An Attorney in Real Estate can help you analyze the costs and benefits of bringing a contest based on the facts of your case to determine if it is financially sound for you to do so.

We will address who pays for contesting a will or trust in a later section, but you should be aware that an estate or trust may pay the attorney’s fees and costs directly. One caveat, however.

In the case of a small estate or trust, a contest could likely drain its resources – so if you win, you may lose a substantial share of your inheritance. A Real estate attorney can advise you on proceeding if this concerns you.


What are the charges for contesting a will or trust?

We can provide you with an estimate of the cost of contesting your Will or trust after reviewing the details of your case during your initial free consultation. Some law firms need an upfront payment (a retainer) and charge an hourly rate, requiring monthly payments.

Another option is a contingency fee, which gives the law firm a percentage of your inheritance when it wins. Few firms will take on a no-win, no-fee case unless they believe the case has strong merits and the potential for a large recovery outweighs the risk of losing.

In will and trust disputes, no-win, no-fee agreements can be beneficial since there is no money upfront; however, they are generally not the right choice for clients who might own sizable shares of the trust or Estate since contingency fees can range anywhere from 30% to 50%.

Paying hourly rather than a contingency fee is almost always more financially advantageous if the client can afford it.


Estimate cost of the contest a will or trust?

Do wills and trusts cost a lot to contest? A contestant should ask this question if they are interested in bringing a case. Depending on the size, nature, and if the disputed Will needs to go before a judge, Will and trust contests can vary in cost. The budget for contesting a will or trust can take time to estimate.

The cost of contests can range from tens to hundreds of thousands, depending on the budget. High-value cases can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when they are complex and substantial.

Clients should remember that will and trust contests can be very expensive if the matter eventually has to go to court. Long-lasting litigation costs more – and litigation can last for years.

To devise the most cost-effective solution to your trust or estate matter, speak with a will-contest lawyer willing to work with you.


How to set up your trust & Will?

There is an alternative to the DIY Estate Planning model other than using a costly attorney, even though it may be risky. You can easily create a trust or will that you can rely on by utilizing the services offered by Attorney Real Estate.

Creating an all-inclusive Estate Plan will ensure your wishes come true and your family is protected. Attorney Real Estate Group has simplified estate planning. By simplifying the process, we’ve eliminated the stress of it being outrageously expensive.

Creating an Estate Plan should be accessible and affordable to everyone, making it as easy and affordable as possible. Consider our affordable Estate Planning options today – you won’t be disappointed.

To have peace of mind, prepare your Will while you’re mentally capable. Are you looking for an Attorney in Real Estate to help you preserve your legacy? Make a Will today!

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