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“Our best attorneys for real estate near me in California are experts in all matters related to real estate laws. If you have any trouble or anticipate any legal constraint in your real estate transactions, our real estate attorneys can surely help. From the very beginning till the last moment of closing a real estate deal, attorneys for real estate at Attorneys Real Estate Group can help you navigate through each step.”


Our best attorneys for real estate near me in California are experts in all matters related to real estate laws.


For many people around the globe, America is a land of dreams. Anyone who dares to beat the odds will surely reap huge dividends here. One such American dream is related to homeownership. As far as one can remember, homeownership has always been regarded as a major element of the American dream.

Therefore, when anyone is about to own a home in America, that person isn’t just making a huge life-changing financial transaction but also achieving the dream of his life. If you tend to be one such fortunate person, we hope that you avoid any mistakes that could turn your lifetime dream into a nightmare.

And to make sure that nothing bad happens in your case requires taking a simple and easy step. Always consult expert attorneys for real estate near me to protect your best interest during any real estate transaction.


What are attorneys for real estate?

Attorneys for real estate are lawyers that specialize in laws and legal procedures related to real estate. Because these individuals hold legal licenses to practice and advise on matters related to real estate property laws, attorneys for real estate can be of great value during any real estate transaction.


Is it necessary to hire a real estate lawyer or attorneys for real estate?

This is perhaps the first and the most asked question when it comes to dealing with real estate matters. Most people feel that having a real estate agent is enough to deal with the complexities encountered during a real estate transaction. However, this is not correct and may not also be helpful in each case of real estate.

But to answer the question of whether it is necessary to hire an expert real estate attorney or not, the first thing to consider is your state’s real estate law.

Some states require having attorneys for real estate at the closing of a real estate property transaction while others do not. But even if your state’s real estate law is silent about hiring a real estate attorney, we highly recommend having one.

This is because, in most real estate transactions, it is not uncommon for legal technicalities and complex situations to arise. Dealing with these alone or relying on the experience of your real estate agent or even the attorney hired by any other party to the real estate transaction, puts your best interest on the verge of being compromised.

Therefore, seeking expert advice always on matters as significant as a real estate transaction is the right way to go.


Which states require having attorneys for real estate?

Nearly half of the states in America, as per their real estate laws, make it obligatory for real estate attorneys to be present at the closure of a real estate transaction.

The states which require having the assistance of attorneys for real estate when buying a home are –

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia


Situations where you should most definitely use the help of attorneys for real estate

Even if your state does not specifically require you to hire a real estate lawyer, there are a few instances when you should certainly hire one. Examples of such instances are –

  • When you intend to buy a real estate property by way of third-party financing such as a bank or any other lending organisation
  • The real estate property that you are interested in buying is situated in another state.
  • There are tenants present in the real estate property that you are about to buy, and you need help in evicting them.
  • The real estate property has some structural damage.
  • The real estate property forms part of or is included in some other person’s estate.
  • There is a likelihood of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires to occur on the land surrounding the real estate property.

In each of the above situations, hiring a real estate attorney should be your utmost priority. This is because, in all these situations above, you should always start with evaluating and understanding the legal repercussions that may affect your interest.

Then once you have obtained a legal advice and feel confident about it, you can either pursue the next steps of buying the real estate property or abandon the whole thing.



Attorneys for real estate ensures that some professional is responsibly keeping an oversight on all your real estate affairs.


Some other situations where you should consider hiring real estate lawyers

One great reason to retain a real estate attorney during any real estate property proceedings is that real estate laws tend to vary from state to state and by case to case. In addition to this, real estate laws can also vary within a certain state as well.

For example, in the State of California alone, differences in real estate laws exist in different counties.

Nonetheless and apart from the above, the scope of real estate laws is also not just limited to a few things only. This simply means that their impact can be huge irrespective of whether you are an investor, tenant, renter, or first-time property buyer.

Therefore, having attorneys for real estate by your side ensures that someone is responsibly keeping an oversight on all your real estate affairs.


Other real estate situations that require help from real estate lawyers

Some examples of other instances where you might, at the very least, consider hiring an attorney for real estate include –

  • When you plan to build or construct a piece of real estate property.
  • Your reason to buy real estate is for business purposes.
  • Any property that you either intend to buy or sell is commercial and currently under a tenancy agreement.
  • You have doubts or ambiguities as to certain clauses, terms, sections, or the entire contract or agreement and require the necessary understanding.
  • Any development project that you are currently undergoing is subject to raising any issue related to title, land, or the environment.
  • You want a professionally competent person who is well versed in legal matters to represent you. This can help a lot in negotiating your terms more compellingly.
  • Your real estate transaction is undergoing foreclosure proceedings and you need legal help for this purpose.
  • The property that you intend to buy or are buying has issues with its physical health and condition. For example, it contains lead paint and any toxicity or is in some sort of a hazardous area.
  • You need help understanding chances of any probable liabilities, their impact and its extent on your interest, which may result from engaging in a real estate transaction.
  • You happen to be from another state or country and aren’t aware of the local real estate laws, regulations, procedures, and practices.
  • The property that you are interested in or intend to buy is not free from liens or is mortgaged.


At what stage of a real estate transaction should you hire a real estate attorney?

When, why, and at what stage of a real estate transaction should you necessarily hire or consider hiring a real estate agent varies in each case.

In states where real estate laws specifically require arranging for a real estate attorney near me, lawyers are present mostly during the closing stage of a real estate transaction.

But when your state’s real estate laws do not oblige you to hire attorneys for real estate near me, it is upon your judgment or choice on when and for what specific purpose should you hire a real estate lawyer.

This means hiring a real estate attorney for –

  • initiating the process only such as drafting of the necessary documents and sending important notices,
  • adding more complex terms and conditions in the real estate contracts and agreements. This helps protect your interest better since you aren’t relying on readily available real estate contract templates with usual terms,
  • to review certain matters and paperwork such as brokerage contract with your real estate agent,
  • for assistance in matters that arise after the purchase contract has been drawn, or
  • from the very beginning of the real estate transaction till the deal is finally closed.


Types of legal contracts and paperwork for which you might hire a real estate lawyer near me

If you are hiring a real estate attorney to prepare important real estate paperwork, here is what you should know. The following is a list of documents that you might be interested in getting prepared from a real estate attorney –

  • Purchase agreement and contract of sale
  • Lease agreements
  • Notices of eviction (Such as when the property being transacted is occupied by tenants)
  • Title documents
  • Contracts and agreements of mortgage
  • Documents for transfer of title and deed

In some cases, your real estate agent, other parties to the real estate transaction, or even the lender may already provide you with any of the above-mentioned documents. In such a situation, it is still a wise decision to seek professional help from a real estate attorney. This way you can get these documents reviewed carefully and eliminate any negatively impacting terms before signing anything.


Understanding the general scope and nature of legal services offered by attorneys for real estate

The following list contains general items that reflect the scope and nature of legal services offered by real estate attorneys.

  • Conducting reviews and exercising due diligence.
  • Providing counseling in general litigation.
  • Foreclosure proceedings.
  • Closing a real estate transaction.
  • Providing help in property developmental and construction projects.
  • Conducting title and lien searches.
  • Assistance during negotiations.
  • Title and deed transfers.
  • Resolving zoning issues.
  • Representation and coordination on behalf of the seller or the buyer with the lender, property surveyors and inspectors, title search agents, and any other related party to the real estate transaction.



Hiring a real estate attorney can turn out to be an excellent investment.


Reasons for hiring attorneys for real estate

Besides the main objective of requiring legal professional counseling during a real estate transaction, there are other reasons also. Because of these additional factors, hiring a real estate attorney can turn out to be an excellent investment. These three reasons are –


1. Attorneys for real estate provide exclusive representation

When you hire a real estate attorney on your own, it means that you now have an exclusive representation. This will make you feel comfortable and confident while going through various stages of a real estate transaction. Remember that the real estate attorney that you appoint will always have your best interest in mind.

However, this isn’t the case when you are relying on the advice of a lawyer that isn’t exclusively hired by you.

For example, in states which require presence of real estate lawyers at closing, attorneys are generally representing the buyer’s lender. Thus, relying on the advice of such a lawyer may come with some hidden cost. This means that such advice is prone to accompanying risks that may compromise your interest.

Similarly, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should not even consider asking, let alone acting upon the advice of the other party to the real estate transaction. Again, this is because an opposite side’s attorney is likely to advise you for making a wrong decision. In such a situation, he may try to obtain an unfair advantage over you while exposing you to any risks. For example, he may try to benefit his client due to your vulnerability, thus helping him gain his client’s confidence.

Remember that any loss derived from acting upon the advice of an unassociated person including a lawyer is your own mistake.


2. Cost vs benefit of hiring attorneys for real estate

Having a comparison between the benefit that you obtain versus your lawyer’s fee also helps a lot. No matter how much your real estate lawyer charges you and how often is not actually important. What matters most is that a real estate lawyer’s remuneration will normally be less than the benefit they provide.


3. Peace of mind when you hire attorneys for real estate

Having doubts or being uncertain about the possible outcome of your decisions during a real estate transaction will take away your peace of mind. Such deprivation can further affect your decision-making skills and eventually may not end in the manner that you intended it to be.

Contrary to this, when you hire a real estate attorney, you can be confident and feel assured that someone is putting in their effort, time, experience, knowledge, and skills to help safeguard your best interest under all circumstances.


How to hire the best attorneys for real estate near me?

When selecting the best attorneys for real estate near me, always consider the following four factors –

  1. Your comfort level with the attorney. Do you feel okay and confident enough to share all the necessary details with your attorney?
  2. Real estate attorney’s fees and your budget. How much and how often will your attorney charge you for his legal services? And does it suit your budget as well?
  3. Credibility and experience of the real estate attorney. How long has this real estate lawyer been practicing real estate law? And how much his clients value and benefit from the services he provide?
  4. Location of the attorneys for real estate. Is the lawyer close enough and easily accessible or does it require a considerable amount of time to reach him?


How much do experienced attorneys for real estate near me in California usually cost?

Ascertaining the exact or even a near-estimated amount in this case isn’t easy at all. This is because the fees charged by attorneys for real estate depends highly on the nature of each case. Such as the amount of paperwork required, number of representations required on client’s behalf, and experience of the lawyer itself.

However, we can still guide you on the different fee-charging patterns of real estate attorneys. This will help you to figure out your budget as well as find the most suitable real estate lawyer within your range.

Some real estate lawyers that you come across might ask for fixed hourly rates. While others might want you to pay a fixed upfront or advance fee depending on your case.


Best attorneys for real estate in California near me

If you are seeking expert advice related to your real estate affairs, Attorneys Real Estate Group can help you. Just like you, our team of professionally competent and well-experienced attorneys for real estate in California have assisted numerous other clients.

No matter what your real estate issue might be, we feel confident to offer solutions from various perspectives. Based on our experience, our attorneys for real estate can help evaluate diverse options in each case.

With this approach, we can then suggest the best option that helps in overcoming your worries regarding your property. This ensures that your best interests remain well-protected throughout, and no unforeseen event happens that could impair them.

Simply, give us a call at 916-702-8443 or visit our website at Attorneysre.comYou can also get free legal consultation by filling in the form at this link. One of our attorneys for real estate will get back to you as quickly as possible and will be glad to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you soon.