Landlord Tenant Attorney Free Consultation

Do you have a landlord/tenant dispute of some sort going on? If so, you may be looking for a landlord attorney free consultation who you can talk to about your legal need. We are a real estate law firm called Attorneys real estate group. We offer resolutions to all manner of landlord & tenant legal disputes. We do represent both sides, and if after talking to you, we feel like there is a strong case and you have legal recourse, we will certainly discuss options for moving forward & working towards solving your problem.

We can offer legal expertise in regards to landlord tenant law and other situations which would require a mediator or enforcer of the law. Whether that is to step in on the landlords behalf such as with situations where there is an unruly tenant who is breaking the law, or if that is for the tenant, who’s landlord is not adhering to california tenant law.

At our law firm, we have successfully managed many of these types of cases. In some situations, we can jump in to an existing case, in order to take over the case from another attorney. In other situations, we can come onboard jointly with your existing attorney or law firm that you are retained with.

We work with folks to help them solve their landlord tenant issues. Here is a brief list of situations that we can solve:

– Nonpayment of rent

At certain times, a tenant simply does not pay rent. Maybe they owe months of backpay, and you, as the property owner and landlord are not get your fair dues. We have successfully helped many landlords take legal action against their tenants who are simply not obeying the law in this regard. We can assist you with writing & drafting letters on your behalf that demand payment from your tenants. With the weight of a law firm behind you, this will be enough for most tenants into paying what they owe.

– Security deposits

In other instances, there are problems with the damages left behind in a room or rental property. This is a claim laid on the tenant by the landlord usually, but can also be tenants feeling unfairly treated by the landlords. In either case, we will go to bat for you if you become our client. We will look at all the relevant case details in order to formulate a plot and come out on top with our legal argument & in litigation if it ends up going that far.

– Pet deposits

Similarly, at times there are disputes in regards to pet deposits between the two parties. We can help to mediate between the two parties in order to determine a fair outcome. We will look at the details and determine if the details in the contract were evident and clear. We will also look into if these terms were fairly enforced, and everything was done above board and fairly. We’ll litigate on your behalf, if the damages are that egregious, it may come to that.

– Property damages

Other times, there is clear damage to the property that there has to be a claim made. Many times tenants think they can get away with not paying, or they may not have the money which make things tricky, but we can help. We’ve seen cases of damage to walls, water damage, electrical damages, structural damages and may other scenarios. If you’re a landlord who feels his home or property has been damaged, please reach out to us.

– Habitability Issues

For tenants, there are often times issues of a residence being habitable to live in. There are certain laws that require for a property owner to maintain a home within certain bearable standards. We will look into if there is a fair claim in regards to the place being considered habitable. There are often perceptions gaps between what the tenant considers acceptable living conditions, and what the landlord considers acceptable. This is where the disagreement arises. We will help to bridge the gap legally, and come to a conclusion that favors our client.

– Safety disclosures

We also see certain scenarios where there were not safety disclosures when there should have been. In this case, there can be serious ramifications legally for either side. For example some common ones we have seen are mold, lead based paint, breathing issues, or other structural or damages that put someone living in the unit in danger. We will deeply look into the what the causes are of the claim and help our client to come out on top. Safety is a serious issue, do not hesitate to take legal action!

– Right to repairs

When landlords are not allowed by tenants to enter their own property, when under the law, landlords have a “right to repair” that is – a right to enter the premises once a month in order to inspect it. However this does become a bit of a quagmire, because as a tenant, it can feel like your rights are being infringed upon if a landlord were to enter your home. This legal tension and the reason our clients call us is to fix this problem, determining who is right in your specific context.

– Breaking the lease

Sometimes a lease is clearly broken and an agreement is not upheld. In these cases, we will come in as your legal shepherds and on your behalf uphold what the law says. Breaking the lease can be a serious case, and an opportunity to recover income. Many times tenants will simply flout the rules and you may feel disrespected and like your property is being taken advantage of. In this case, please feel free to go ahead and reach out to schedule a free consultation.

Our landlord tenant attorneys are experts at coming to a satisfactory conclusion to your case. We don’t generally take on cases unless we think we have a very strong chance to actually win and have a positive outcome. We are a team of qualified real estate attorneys who have seen many cases. We’ve solved many real estate law problems for clients all over the state of California.