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Certificate of Formation Washington State

One of the critical steps to forming an LLC is submitting the Certificate of Form to the Washington Secretary of State. This article provides extensive guidelines on how to file a Certificate of Formation Washington state.


What Is The Certificate Of Formation?

Registration certificates are part of a legal formal document used to create an LLC, a government entity in Washington. A limited liability company is a business organization in the United States where owners are not personally accountable for the company’s liabilities or debts.

LLCs are hybrid businesses that combine the advantages of a company with the features of sole proprietorships or partnerships. Consider forming an LLC if you own a company with several assets. Every state has its laws regarding the formation of an LLC. But, submitting the Certificate of Form is essential to establishing the LLC within Washington.


Washington Certificate of Formation

What is a certificate of formation in Washington state? If you decide to form a Washington LLC, you file the Certificate of Forming to the Secretary of State. The filing legalizes your limited liability business.

The limited liability company is a hybrid organization that blends a company’s characteristics with the features of a sole proprietorship or partnership. If you own a company with several assets, consider forming an LLC. However, submitting the Certificate of Formation is essential to creating an LLC in Washington State. The Washington Certificate of Formation is an easy form to fill out. However, it is required to provide specific information regarding your business and its owners. This guide will take you through the various articles on the Certificate of Formation.


Name of LLC

It is essential to register your name, Washington LLC. First, perform a WA company name search to verify the availability. If another business already has the name you want, the authorities will likely reject your application.

Make sure you correctly write your LLC name. If you incorrectly spell your name on this form, we will process it with the spelling error, and you’ll need to submit a new form to correct the mistake.


Principal Place of Business

It is also the address for your street as well as the postal address of your Washington LLC. The central location of your business is where your company’s headquarters are. It’s also where your company keeps its records and financial documents.

Put our business address on this page if you employ us as a Washington Registered Agent. By doing this, you keep your address off the public record.


Effective Date of Formation

You can choose the official date of your formation (the legal date of the company’s formation). Two options are available: the filing date or a specific date up to 90 days from your filing date.



Tenure is the term used to describe the duration of your company. There are two options. You can opt for a perpetual existence, meaning that your LLC will remain in existence until you or the State dissolves it, or you can specify an exact date for its termination (either an amount in years or even a specific date).


LLC is Managed By

Members or an administrator can manage a Washington LLC. Small LLC members usually make most management decisions and are involved in everyday business decision-making. However, they may prefer to delegate daily supervision of business operations to a manager or management company. You can choose either.


Washington Registered Agent

You must name a Washington-designated agent. You must list the name, as well as the physical and mailing address of the registered agent. Registered agents must have an address in Washington State.

Registered agents must sign their permission to represent your business. When you employ us, we’ll grant you our approval and the legal name you can list on the form.



Executors are the people who create and submit the Certificate of Form. We will be the executor if you contact us to create the Washington LLC.


What Are The Factors That Make The Washington Certificate Of Formation Legally Valid?

As society moves away from office work, more documents are being processed online. The Washington State Certificate of Formation template is not an exception. Preparing it using electronic tools differs from attempting this in the real world.

An electronically signed document can be legally binding if you meet specific requirements. They are essential regarding the terms and signatures associated with their use. Simply typing in your initials or full name does not ensure that the company requesting the sample or judge accepts it as a valid signature. You require a reliable solution such as sign now to provide a signing party with a digital certificate.


Certificate of Formation Facts

It is vital to realize it is a fact that the Certificate of Formation and all of the information contained in it will be an official record. Many business owners would like to be happier about this fact. If you’re concerned about the security of your personal information, you might consider our Private Washington LLC Package.

We have a unique privacy plan to protect your personal information and keep your name private. If you are filing the Certificate of Formation, include a filing fee of $180. You’re sending the forms by mail, including a fee of $50 for expediting, and label the box with Expedite.

If you don’t expedite paper forms, they may take up to two months to finish. However, the government processes online applications automatically and completes them within two to five days.


How can we file a Certificate of Formation Washington?

How to form an LLC in Washington state? Entrepreneurs must file the Washington LLC Certificate of Formation to create an LLC with limited liability in Washington legally. This document ensures legal compliance and gives entrepreneurs the confidence to start their ventures. Learn the key steps and necessary details for a smooth LLC operation.


How we can file a Certificate of Formation Washington?


Provide the Unified Business Identifier.

If your company has completed documents with a different Washington State agency, it might have already been assigned a United Business Identifier (UBI). This is the case; add that to your application. If not, the Washington UBI will be issued to you when you file the Certificate of Form.


Input the official name of your LLC.

Before deciding on the LLC’s name, know Washington State laws about business names. Washington has a variety of rules for the naming of an LLC. Your name must be distinct from all other company names registered by Washington’s Secretary of State.

To determine whether the name of your business is unique and readily available, use the Washington Department of Revenue’s SOS online Corporations Registration Data Search.


Input a name reservation in the form.

Once you have decided on a name, you might have to complete the Washington Name Reservation form. This form will help you secure the name you want to use while you work on other documents. To reserve the name for your LLC, complete the name reservation form. Then, send it along with the filing fee to the Washington Office of the Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Division at 801 Capital Way South, Olympia, WA 98501-126.

If you have reserved your name, enter your reservation code on the Certificate of Formation.


Select the company’s duration.

In the next step, you must decide how long you want your business to be around. You may specify the number of years or an exact date at which the LLC will end or declare that the LLC is perpetual.

If you state that the period is permanent and the LLC remains in existence until it dissolves voluntarily or legally. The government can dissolve an LLC if it doesn’t meet state requirements, like filing reports.


Choose the date of your effective

When filling out the forms, choose the date you expect the LLC’s Certificate of Form to be valid in Washington. If you choose “date of filling,” your LLC’s effective date is when the state’s SOS office completes the paperwork. However, it should be at most 90 days after filing your paperwork.


Requires All LLCS To Designate An Agent Registered.

It is also required to complete and complete the Registration of Registered Agent form. Before filling out the application, it is essential to determine whether you want to go with a registered commercial agent or a registered agent who is noncommercial.

Registered agents for commercial and noncommercial share the same duties and must comply with the exact requirements set by law. They must, for instance, possess a physical address within the state. But, they differ in this regard:

  • Registered agents can receive legal documents and notices on behalf of the LLC. They are individuals or businesses signed up with Washington SOS. These documents can include service of process and demands. Commercial registered agents typically have a physical address across multiple states and cooperate with various businesses.
  • Noncommercial Registered Agents are companies or persons who have agreed to be notified of legal notices like demands, notices, and documents like service of process. It is usually an individual or small business that provides services in one or a handful of states.

Before you file the designation of registered agent form, consider who you would like to be the registered agent. Some companies choose an LLC member as an official registered agent. We can help find an adequately licensed agent suitable for the business.


Contact information, and then indicate

In addition, you’ll require a physically located address for your principal business location. This is not an address that is a PO Box. The person filing the Certificate of Formation must be able to sign and date the document to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complies with the state’s laws.

To legally register and establish a new entity, like a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must file the Certificate of Form with the Washington Secretary of State.

The document typically includes the company’s name, business purpose, registered agent, stock structure, and purpose. Creating a Certificate of Form is essential to establish a company legally and gain recognition from Washington.




What is an LLC Certificate of Washington Formation?

The LLC formation wa state of Incorporation, a legally binding document that creates a limited liability corporation in Washington State.


How long will processing an LLC Certificate of Formation in Washington take?

It usually takes between 1 and 2 business days to process an LLC Certificate of Formation in Washington if filed online; however, it can take longer if you file offline.


What is the cost of filing an LLC Certificate of Formation in Washington?

The fee for filing the LLC Certificate of Formation in Washington is $200.


Do I require an attorney to file an LLC Certificate of Incorporation in Washington?

An attorney must not create the LLC Certificate of Formation in Washington. However, legal advice from an attorney is recommended.


What would happen if I wanted to change my name for the LLC after establishing it in Washington?

You can alter the names of the LLC once it’s established by filing a Certificate of Correction or Amendment in Washington by filing an amendment certificate as well as a Certificate of Amendment.


Is it possible to form an LLC outside of Washington as a non-US citizen?

People from other countries can form an LLC in Washington if they register and meet the legal requirements.


Do I require an office in person to start an LLC in Washington?

There’s no need for an office space in Washington to create an LLC.


How long will the Washington LLC last?

A Washington LLC can last indefinitely for as long as it complies with the state’s requirements, like paying annual fees and submitting annual reports.


Do you need a registered agent to start an LLC in Washington?

Yes, you must be a registered agent located in Washington State. Washington State LLC certificate of formation
will sign the necessary paperwork for formation.


Can I become an individual registered agent within Washington for my LLC?

Yes, you can be the authorized agent for your LLC in Washington. But, you need to have a physical location in Washington State.


Can I make a reservation for the Washington LLC name?

You can reserve a Washington LLC name by applying to reserve through the State.


Are there several LLCs in Washington that have a common name?

Two LLCs can’t have identical names in Washington.


Bottom Line

Beginning a business can be an exciting and challenging time full of meaningful choices and tasks to complete. To establish your business as an LLC, you must follow specific rules to create an effective LLC. An LLC is an excellent choice for your business because it offers many advantages.

Forming a Certificate is only one step to forming an LLC in Washington. This step alone requires a lot of critical decisions regarding your company. Attorney Real Estate Group is here to help you get your business started on the right track by offering you reliable legal advice to ensure your company is in good shape for success.

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