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“Upon turning 18, a child can make more critical decisions about their life. Adults can decide to marry, raise a family, and buy a home once they’re considered adults. Those with developmental disabilities, however, may be unable to make these important decisions.”

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Conservatorship in California

The illness, injury, or disability they suffered later in life may prevent them from making certain decisions.

A Conservatorship in California is a legal system limiting or controlling someone’s ability to make confident choices. A probate court may appoint a conservator to manage those decisions for an individual who cannot do so for themselves.


About Conservatorships

Generally, conservatorships are forms of legal guardianship over adults. Under them, you, the conservator, have legal authority to oversee certain aspects of the conservatee’s life.

A full conservatorship, where you have essentially the same rights and responsibilities as a parent over your child, can range from a limited conservatorship, addressing only specific matters such as health or finances.

It is important to note that conservatorships are not guardianships. In some jurisdictions, conservatorships are called “adult guardianships” when they apply to minors.

In a Conservatorship in California, the conservatee’s needs are prioritized over the conservator’s interests. Typically, a conservatorship is appointed based on what the decision maker believes is the best way to protect and keep the conservatee safe and healthy after consulting doctors and social workers.


Conservators Are Responsible For What?

You are a conservator, meaning you are legally obligated to make decisions in the conservatee’s best interests to the best of your knowledge, belief, and ability. As a fiduciary, you must make decisions in your best interest as far as you know, believe, and can. In case relatives or other interested parties believe you did not act in the conservatee’s best interests, they may be able to sue you personally.

It involves paying bills, filing taxes, and managing investments for the conservatee, among other duties, in the case of a financial conservatorship. If necessary, you must purchase daily necessities for them and ensure they have the money to pay for them.

It means ensuring that the conservator receives all necessary health care and has a safe living environment in the case of a physical conservatorship.

Above all else, the conservator of the estate must not use the conservatee’s resources for their gain. For example, if a conservator places their conservatee in a living facility, the conservator may not move into their home. A financial conservator cannot use the conservatee’s money for their benefit.


The conservator is accountable to the court.

The conservator is accountable to the court that appointed them to ensure this. The details vary, but they must maintain complete records of all decisions they make on behalf of their conservatee. And they must provide this information to the court regularly. This means keeping records of receipts and other financial transactions and describing each transaction for a financial conservator.

The state may require a doctor’s recommendation before a conservator makes health-related decisions. Physical conservators are responsible for keeping all health records and medical recommendations that support their decisions.

If the conservator wishes to sell land, securities, or other significant property, it may be necessary to obtain court approval. For example, some states need the court’s approval. The conservator may need a court order before committing the conservatee to an assisted living or long-term care facility.


A Conservator’s Rights

It’s wise to get a court order whenever possible before making significant decisions, even if you are not required to. As long as you provide the court with all the information you have, it will strengthen the legitimacy of your decisions.

The conservators can earn money for their work. Even family members or friends can receive payment for managing the conservator’s affairs. Conservators typically charge between $40 and $100 per hour for their work, depending on the circumstances. You must submit your hours to the court to receive compensation. You must document what you did during those hours and how many hours you spent.

Because conservatorships typically come from the conservatee’s finances. Many individuals appointed with conservatorships over friends and loved ones refuse to accept payments. They don’t want to take from someone who has already been through a lot.


The Workings of a Conservatorship

How does conservatorship work? As the name implies, a conservatorship is the process by which a court appoints a conservator to manage a person’s finances. Whether they are incapacitated or incompetent, a minor, or an elderly individual who has limited abilities.

A conservatorship differs from a guardianship, but one individual can serve both roles. Individuals with limited capacity are usually assigned guardianship to oversee their physical and medical care.

Generally, a conservatee has little to no decision-making power under a general conservatorship. Except for what the court orders the conservator to oversee, the conservatories can maintain a majority of control over their financial and personal affairs under a limited conservatorship.

There can be differences in terminology when it comes to conservatorships. Some jurisdictions and states refer to conservatorships as guardianships, and some conservators are also called trustees. Both roles in California are known as conservatorships.


Various Types of Conservatorships

What is a conservatorship in California? In the case of a financial conservatorship, the conservator can manage the conservatee’s assets. Conservatorships can serve a wide range of purposes.


Various Types of Conservatorships


The following is a list of the different types of conservatorships:


Styles of conservatorships



The conservator is responsible for supervising the conservatee’s finances. The conservatee still has full physical autonomy. However, the conservator must sign off on any financial transactions or investments.



An individual living in a conservatorship can decide the conservatoratee’s health and life. Including where and how the conservatoratee receives medical care.



There is full authority over the conservatee’s finances, physical autonomy, health, and all other significant decisions. Courts rarely grant physical conservatorships without financial authority. So, these are more commonly granted than physical conservatorships.



Some aspects of the conservatee’s life are under the conservator’s authority. In the case of mentally disabled adults, this occurs so their guardians may continue caring for them. At the same time, it enables them to have the most autonomy possible. It is possible to customize the conservatorship to meet the conservatee’s needs.


Duration of conservatorships



This conservatorship lasts no more than 90 days and addresses an immediate and specific need. Generally, this happens when an individual becomes suddenly incapacitated. The jurisdiction will limit the authority of a conservatorship to short-term conservatorships. If it allows conservatorships without a formal hearing.



It is a conservatorship that lasts for a limited period or under limited conditions. For example, the court may grant temporary conservatorship if a person becomes unconscious or enters a medical coma.



Individuals wishing to have this Conservatorship in California rescinded must present their case to a court and receive a court order to succeed. If the circumstance changes, the conservatorship will automatically end upon the individual’s death.


Conservatorship: How to Apply

Legal guardianship occurs when a person can no longer make decisions for themselves. It is almost always a judgment based on mental incapacity, not physical incapacity. There are several types of mental incapacity, with some of the most common being:


Coma or total incapacity:

There is a physical disability that prevents the individual from responding, making a decision, or communicating a decision to others.


Illness (Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.):

Even though individuals can communicate intent, they are considered mentally incapacitated.


Permanent or genetic disability:

It is impossible for the individual to ever reach legal maturity or independence because of a permanent mental disability.

Conservatorship in California depends primarily on whether the individual understands and knows what they have done. Here are some examples:

  • Has the individual been able to provide for their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and sanitation?
  • Does the individual pose a danger to themself?


A legal proceeding

Regardless of where you live, granting a conservatorship is a legal proceeding. While details will vary by jurisdiction, a court officer or appointee must grant a conservatorship. In most cases, probate or family courts will handle this matter, with hearings typically held by judges or magistrates.

The only time that a conservatorship can take effect is when there are difficult circumstances and short-term orders. An estate plan could even include it.


Jurisdiction requires medical paperwork.

Almost every jurisdiction requires medical paperwork before granting a conservatorship. Nevertheless, in all circumstances, the potential conservatories must have a chance to present their case for why a conservatorship should not pass to the decision maker.

As a result, if an individual disagrees with the outcome of a conservatorship, they can challenge it in court. The court may not do so without granting the individual the right to speak because conservatorships involve stripping certain aspects of freedom from a free adult.


Compared to Power of Attorney, How Does a Conservatorship Work?

A power of attorney (POA) accomplishes many of the same functions as a conservatorship. The scope of POA can be as narrow or as broad as you desire. POAs give someone the authority to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. Power of attorney, however, is exercised at the individual’s discretion, as opposed to conservatorships. Thus, whoever has power of attorney may grant and revoke it at any time.

When an individual plans for their incapacitation, they often exercise this option. Suppose the individual is of sound mind when this occurs. In that case, this will supersede any conservatorship. If they draft a POA empowering someone else to make financial, healthcare, or other decisions on their behalf.


Is Conservatorship The Only Option?

Planning legally can avoid conservatorships in certain situations. Protecting a minor’s financial affairs until they turn 18 includes:


Joint tenancy:

Once the minor reaches the age of majority, they can access their property. Ownership automatically passes to the minor if the co-owner dies or loses possession. Minors can access funds in a joint bank account under the supervision of an adult.


Power of attorney:

It allows someone to make financial and healthcare decisions on a person’s behalf.


Special needs trust:

Creating a special needs trust and appointing a trustee to oversee it. A person who has a physical or mental disability can access public disability benefits that need a minimum income.4


What Is The Process Of Becoming A Conservator?

The first option for conservators is an immediate family member, for example:

  • A spouse,
  • Partner,
  • Parent,
  • The adult children of the person.

The court will look for other friends or relatives if none of these people can serve. As a last resort, the court will select an attorney with special training who has worked with similar situations before.

A conservator’s job involves a lot of responsibility and can take time. You must ensure the lifelong welfare of another person, and you must give regular reports to the court about them.

Your appointment as conservator will last until:

  • The court determines the adult does not need a conservator. (The protected individual can petition the court to do so.)
  • There is a death of the protected individual.
  • There is a death or resignation of the conservator.
  • In this case, the court decides that removing the conservator is in the protected individual’s best interest.


Conservatorship Pros and Cons


Conservatorship Advantages

However, Conservatorship in California offers the conservatee more protection than other management methods despite its higher cost and time commitment. In addition to filing an inventory that lists all the conservatee’s assets. The conservator must also file accountings documenting all transactions involving the conservatee’s assets.

An individual’s best interests are the only concern of a conservator when a family cannot agree on what to do. Conservatorship in California proceeding provides an alternative method of assisting an incapacitated individual. Who may be reluctant to accept it because it provides a structured way to assist them?


Conservatorship Disadvantages

Conservatorship hearing details become public records, which anyone can access. Individuals may find this loss of privacy challenging and lose independence and power to make their own decisions. Getting a temporary conservatorship can be very costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome.

However, establishing a permanent conservatorship can take up to six months. Although obtaining an emergency temporary conservatorship is possible, the process can take up to six months.


Bottom Line

Conservatorship in California can ensure that matters proceed correctly if a loved one can no longer make sound financial or healthcare decisions. Discussing that option with the potential conservatee before a conservatorship is necessary is a good idea. The state and city laws determine the composition of a conservatorship. Therefore, you must consult an attorney. A conservatorship attorney California specializing in this field can help you decide what’s best for your situation.

Our Law firm’s office has assisted numerous residents with various conservatorship-related issues. We can assist if you require help with the duties of a conservator or ask the court to appoint a conservatorship. Our conservatorship California attorney aims to provide outstanding customer service for the conservatorship process California. We are attentive to the requirements of our clients, and we strive to keep in touch with them throughout the process. Contact our law firm now to set up your first consultation about conservatorship California.

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