Does a Promissory Note need to be Notarized?

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“Does a Promissory Note need to be Notarized? A valid promissory note only requires the signatures of all participants in the contract. It does not need acknowledgment or witnessing by a notary public to be legal. Promissory notes are legally binding. They contain the conditions and terms for paying money from one party to another.”

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Does a Promissory Note need to be Notarized?

Everyone involved must sign the note. It outlines absolute conditions to pay sums of money under specific terms. To avoid future disputes about the legality of promissory notes, companies can have their promissory notes signed and verified by notary public officials. They can do this even if states don’t require it.


What is a Promissory Note?

An individual or institution can describe a promissory note as a written commitment to pay the money owed. The promissory note is also called an IOU. It’s an arrangement for loans. One could also call it an IOU or a “note. They can be legally binding. They assure that the borrower will repay the loan by a set date.

Lenders use promissory notes for student loans and mortgages. They are also used for car loans and business loans.

Additionally, “notes” finance personal loans between families and friends. This is a notoriously tricky dance. It is the primary obligation of the credit service provider to write a note of promise.

Additionally, promissory notes provide an easy method to determine the terms for repayment of the loan. Writing an official loan amount and payment schedule record can prevent lawsuits or financial controversies.


Some Facts about Promissory Notes

You’ve taken money from someone else. You agreed to repay them. You’ve taken part in making a promissory note, even if it was not written at first. It’s a contract. So, putting the promissory note in writing after it’s signed is crucial. Then, it’s legally binding and valid. Writing the promise to pay makes establishing the terms in court easier.

They must remain as they negotiated. It is unenforceable when the person who compensates does not honor promises to make payments.


Other information about promissory notes is:

  • These official documents specify the terms and conditions of financial compensation when parties reach an agreement.
  • Companies use them to purchase or boost the value of goods, capital, or credit.
  • They need everyone’s signatures, including those representing themselves or their company. The companies also commit to paying their debts if they are the compensating party.
  • If a party takes money from another person as a lender or a borrower, both parties must sign a document. They do this before the borrower gets the funds. The contract is legally in force.


What Details Must You Need To Include In A Legally Valid Promissory Note?

You can use a DIY (do-it-yourself) method of writing promissory notes for less money. And you can also find an example of a promissory note to complete online. If the amount you’re committing to lend is huge, seeking advice from an attorney could be beneficial. Using the correct legal terms can protect your assets. It’s critical when making a deal.

Providing all the required information is essential to get the most legal and legally binding promissory note. What details do you have to put in a legally binding promissory note? A promissory note needs some essential information. One can describe it as follows:

  1. Information about the Loaner (lender) and the Loanee (borrower) details
  2. The lump amount loaned and the payment plan
  3. Security agreement
  4. Additional conditions
  5. Signatures from all parties involved

It is an approach using spark notes to promissory notes. Learn more about the specifics of each step.


Loaner and Lender Information

First, the promissory note must clearly define the lender and the borrower. The parties’ full legal name and addresses are the most basic information needed. Sometimes, promissory notes contain the parties’ Social Security numbers and employers’ identification numbers.


Loan Amount and Terms

Under the pre-defined conditions, the lender grants a loan. The promissory note must state the amount of money borrowed. Also, include in the note the dates when the loan agreement was signed and when the loan will expire. The document sometimes states the specifics of the repayment time and due dates. For instance, an installment of $200 is due on the 15th day of each month until the loan is repaid in the total amount.

Lastly, about the standard terms of loans, a note should say the loan’s interest amount. Lenders charge the interest rate each month in addition to the amount due.

This is the way lenders earn profits from the loans they make. Suppose you’ve taken out a loan of $1,000 with an annual interest of 5 percent. If you pay the loan and, in the case of the principal, by making the monthly installment of $100, you’ll pay $105. The $5 additional payment covers your interest rate per month.


Security Agreement

Sometimes, a Security agreement could accompany the promissory note. In the previous article, we mentioned the discussion of secured promissory notes. A security agreement accomplishes the same purpose as secured notes. For example, you own a note for a mortgage.

Consider, for instance, an investment loan for equipment for your upcoming construction business. If you fail to make the payments, the lender may seize your equipment as per the terms of a secured agreement.


Additional Terms

A promissory note is as unique as the individual who is writing it. More terms could be added. It depends on the preferences of the borrower or lender. Late payments may incur certain charges.

A lender may specify how they want to receive payment—for instance, cash-only payments to avoid the default of checks. The bounced check may result in a notifiable charge.

Additionally, the lender could include a clause allowing the transfer of the note. This means that the lender can sell the note to a different lender. If this happens, the original lender would give up any rights to repayments due to the borrower.


Signatures of Involved Parties

Both the lending party and the borrower should sign a promissory note. To ensure that your note is legal, you must have it notarized. Although it is not required by law, notarization will make documents more formal if legal questions arise.

If you have collateral to secure, make sure to notarize the document. Also, those who lend large amounts of money should have their promissory note notarized. We will discuss the notarization process in more depth in the following article.


How to Prepare for a Notarization?

To ensure an easy and quick notarization, arriving at your appointment with your documents is best. Despite the various laws that govern notarizations throughout the United States. There are some standard best methods for any preparation before notarization. Here is a list of what you should bring to your appointment with a notary.


How to Prepare for a Notarization?


The Document

You might think, “duh,” but you will be amazed at how many people forget to bring the form they need notarized. To speed up the process, ensure you fill in all necessary details before your appointment—for instance, personal information like your contact details and address.

But beware of the temptation to sign the document! While it’s not mandatory worldwide, it’s ideal to sign your document in the presence of an official notary. This is the case for all required signatures and initials on the document. Many documents have multiple sections to sign. It shows that the signer reads each one.


Proper Photo Identification

As mentioned previously, the foundation of a legitimate notarization is a clear recognition of the signer(s). The most important elements of a valid photo, i.e., are:

  • An accurate, current photo
  • The authority issuing the passport
  • A brief physical description (hair color, eye color, height, etc.)
  • Your signature

The two most widely accepted identifications are a valid driver’s license or passport. U.S. Military, i.e., green card, passport, or other state-issued identification, is also acceptable. However, notaries in any country can’t use Social Security cards, birth certificates, and credit cards.


All the Signers

Most of the time, documents requiring notarization require multiple people’s signatures. If that’s not feasible and the signers reside in different cities, don’t worry. Having the document notarized more than once is possible. In reality, multiple notaries could verify the document at any time.

But, you must keep the document the same during this procedure. You need to obtain a new notarization when you change an existing document. Remember, most notaries charge an amount for each signature. So, you can imagine how this can add up quickly.


Notary Payment

A notary offers services at a cost. Prices vary according to various variables. But, most states limit the amount that a notary can legally charge. California is an example. California has a maximum allowable notary fee of $10 for each signature.

If you find a notary near you, call to ask about their cost. This way, going to your appointment will be okay with you. When you find a notary…


How do you create a Promissory Note?

Making promissory notes can be fairly simple. Both the borrowers and lenders should agree on the terms of the loan. This includes the loan amount, the repayment schedule, the loan’s interest rate (if any), and other related fees.

The note must contain this info. It must also have the other agreed terms. It must also include two signatures from both sides to bind it legally.

When you finish the note, please place it in a safe spot. Give copies to all parties. This will make sure that both parties have the loan’s current terms. They can refer to it in a dispute.

Also, check your local or state laws for any document requirements.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Promissory Note?



The Flexibility is one of the main benefits of a promissory note, regardless of whether you’re the borrower or who supplies the money. You can choose when to make payments. And you can do so in installments, at a later date, or upon demand. You can select using promissory notes.

For example, you can make interest-only payments. You can do this using balloons or a payment due at the end. They can fully amortize the loan and pay monthly or equal semi-annual or quarterly installments. This flexibility lets you pick the best loan terms to fit your business’s requirements.



The Convertible promissory notes can lure prospective investors if your business is an LLC, a corporation, an LLC, or any other distinct legal entity. The business might interest investors. They’d believe you have enough cash flow to cover the loan amount plus interest.

They may need convincing to purchase the company’s stock or to understand how to evaluate it. Investors can convert a convertible promissory note preferred stock or a stake in your company at a later time or if a specific occasion occurs.


Short and frequently unsecured:

Contrary to conventional loans, which are several hundred pages, promissory notes typically are only a few pages in length. This means that the legal costs for a promissory note are generally lower.

They are lower than the costs for a standard loan agreement. Getting a promissory note notarized or recorded is not required to make it valid. In the end, using the promissory note to get an unsecured loan to secure banks or other loans using your assets is possible.


Disadvantages of a Promissory Note


Short-term service:

The company intends for the product to provide temporary services. It is not suitable for use as an option to raise capital for major projects.


Negative impact on new loan borrowers:

For those new to borrowing, it’s an unwise credit tool. The note’s short and simple language can hide provisions that could be more favorable. Ultimately, the borrower may have to pay a lot for the obligations.


Bottom Line

Does a Promissory Note need to be notarized? A promissory note notarized shows it is authentic. If the promissory note has yet to be notarized, you are more assured that the note is genuine. Learn how to notarize electronic signatures.

Notarization is when a notary public confirms that signers of an official document, like a loan agreement, are who they say they are. The public notary also adds the “stamp of approval” to the document. Does a notarized document expire? Your notarization certificate for promissory notes or any other document will not expire. This is if the year printed on the notary’s seal remains valid.

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