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DRE complaints are complaints against realtors due to legal issues or violations of the code of ethics. A DRE attorney can assist you in filing the complaint against realtor agents. 

One of the most important financial choices that you will ever make is trusting a realtor agent to purchase or sell a home. The person you are choosing for selling your home or buying a new house must be trustworthy, competent, and good at what they do. Otherwise, there is a chance of facing problems in the future. However, the California Department of Real Estate deals with all the complaints regarding realtors or brokers. 

The California Department of Real Estate has helpful hints for owners, borrowers, and loan givers on its website, as well as an online booklet called Finding the Right Real Estate Agent. Market guides on ownership and valuable knowledge on mortgage loan programs are also available.

What Are DRE Complaints?

The California DRE is responsible for investigating any real estate complaints filed against realtors. If they find any realtor ethics violations, a realtor not following standards, or doing fraud, they will proceed with the complaint. You may take the help of a DRE attorney at this stage for court hearings. Next, if you win the case, those realtor ethics violations or other real estate complaints may result in the suspension of the realtor’s license. Hence, if you find a realtor committing any realtor ethics violations, you must learn how to file a complaint against a real estate agent. 

Things to Consider Before filing Real estate Complaints

Before you search how to file a complaint against a realtor in California, there are certain things you must consider. Especially if you are filing for a realtor ethics violation, you must know that:

  • Licensed Realtors have to comply with the realtor ethics code. Hence, only they can commit realtor ethics violations.
  • The person you are dealing with is licensed to practice, is a realtor, and can practice in your state.
  • You are filing real estate complaints with the help of a professional DRE attorney to deal with any legal issues.

Thus, if you are sure that the person you are filing real estate complaints against is a realtor, you can proceed with searching how to file a complaint against a realtor in California. Now, you must be thinking, what if the person is unlicensed? In that case, you must immediately report to the authorities. They will likely take action against any unlicensed person performing real estate activities. 

Dre Attorney – Can You Directly Sue Realtors?

While it may be possible according to your state laws, it is not a wise decision to make. You must take the help of a DRE attorney before initiating any lawsuit. Otherwise, the result may be the opposite of what you were expecting. Thus, you may suffer from financial loss, loss of time, and energy. A DRE attorney guides you about all the possible steps. If possible, they may suggest a solution that does not involve a lawsuit. Hence, a DRE attorney, with their expert knowledge, will suggest whatever solutions suit you best. 

How To File a Complaint Against a Realtor in California?

After going through a fraudulent activity conducted by a realtor agent, you may think about how to file a complaint against a real estate agent? And what happens next? Well, it is a good idea to take the help of a DRE attorney at this stage. Not only will they guide you about all the steps involved, but they also will help you in navigating through the process of real estate complaints.

  • Still, if you want a brief guide about how to file a complaint against a realtor in California regarding ethics violation, here are few things to make your process easy and legally acceptable:
  • If you are filing a complaint about a realtor ethics violation, your complaint must cite at least one violation that is conducted.
  • Your complaint must have a detailed description of the circumstances that led you to file the complaint.
  • In case of a realtor ethics violation, you must file a complaint with your local board responsible for regulating realtors or real estate agencies.
  • Most importantly, take the help of a DRE attorney to make the process of filing a complaint smooth or easy.

What Happens After Filing a Real Estate Complaint?

Your complaint will be assessed by the DRE board. This step is to ensure that the filed complaint is legitimate, violates the cited code, goes against the law, and is against a licensed realtor. Thus, if you have taken the help of a DRE attorney, you will most likely pass through this step easily.

Still, if they dismiss the complaint, you have the right to appeal. It is important to be aware of the fact that even if the committee forwards your complaint about further process, it does not mean that the decision is in your favor. In fact, it simply means that your complaint will go through the process of hearing to decide if the violation occurred or not.

Before going to the hearings, you must prepare for it. For example, you must gather all the proofs that suggest that there has been a violation by the realtor. Also, you must gather all the other documents to support your real estate complaints. During the hearing, you must speak facts only and try to be as concise as possible. Thus, after the hearing, you will receive the decision. It may or may not be in your favor, but in any case, you must stay respectful towards the panel members. 

Complaints About Real Estate Agents and Firms

For more information on filing a lawsuit against a real estate agent, call or go to the DRE’s website. The California DRE also manages a fund to help victims of fraud by a realtor. For more details, go to the website of the California DRE Customer Recovery Account.

If you find a real estate agent involved in dubious activities, you must contact your local authorities. They must not be involved in any illegal activities, including but not limited to fraud, robbery, or dishonesty. You can file an online complaint by contacting the realtor’s office as well. 

DRE Attorney Near Me

Taking help from a DRE attorney can be essential in some situations. They ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself and will not land yourself in hot waters. Attorneys Real Estate Group has expert attorneys available to help you with real estate complaints. Our DRE attorneys conduct a thorough analysis of your problem and suggest you the best possible solution. 

Hence, if you want a skilled DRE attorney to help you, contact us on our Attorneysre.com. You will also get a chance for a free talk with our expert DRE attorneys. For further inquiries or complaints, contact us on 916-671-3138.