How Long Does a Title Search Take

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“Are you planning to buy a house? If you’re working on the clock, you’ll want to know the length each step will take. How long does a title search take? This is a crucial step that could be the difference between a good or bad deal, so it’s essential to research before time.”

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How Long Does a Title Search Take

There is a common thread that is common to all real estate transactions. We recommend ensuring that the property you’re looking at has an unambiguous title. While this may be as simple as it may seem, many people overlook it. Remember that issues in the property title cause most issues encountered during real property transactions. The process of buying a home seriously is crucial.

For buyers who are first-time buyers or even returning buyers or repeat buyers, buying a home can be a confusing one. Many steps can confuse everything from submitting an offer to closing the deal. Don’t worry! We’re here to help ensure that you are aware of the details of How long does a title search take. In this post, we’ll go into the subject of title searches.


What Is A Title For A Home Search?

A title search for property is a procedure where an attorney or title firm or attorney reviews public records to ensure there aren’t any claims, liens, or problems with a property that could result in a different individual or company claiming to be a stakeholder in the property.

You need title insurance for every real estate deal, and title searches must be conducted. This is also true for homes bought with credit since mortgage lenders require a title check to ensure they have funds for a loan.

A title search will only reveal claims that are recorded. However, it is not a guarantee. A separate judgment search could aid in bringing unrecorded claims up to date.


Why Do You Need a Title Search

How long does title work take? The property title search is required to prove to any potential buyer that the real property has an undisputed title. If this search results positively, the buying process will be completed efficiently.

If the results show title problems, you must find ways to fix them, or the contract could be terminated.

Whatever the outcome, the results of this process will direct you to the best next steps, whether walking away or seeking assurance for the property’s title.


How Do Title Searches Protect Homebuyers?

Title searches help homebuyers protect themselves by assisting them in avoiding problems with ownership after purchasing an investment property.

Imagine, for instance, you purchase a house from a person A. You purchase the property, move in, and settle into your new residence. In a couple of months, person B tells you that they own 50% of the house and that Person A did not have the legal right to sell the home to you.

In this situation, Person B could take legal action, a lengthy and costly procedure that could result in losing your home. You might also lose money, have problems with the loan provider, and be responsible for the lien.

A title search can ensure that the home you buy is free of any issues with the title that could arise shortly.


What Happens If Issues Arise In Your Title Searches?

A title search could reveal one or more issues in the title. Here are a few frequent issues with titles, as well as the appropriate methods to fix these issues:

The issue could be present when an unsigned deed is in the chain.


Legally incorrect or incomplete description of the deed

The errors mentioned above are frequent, and based upon the type of inaccurate details, it is usually necessary to correct the deed by the same party to correct the mistake. According to Stitgen, an affidavit from a scrivener who wrote the document could help. But only if the minor mistake doesn’t change the legal description.


Potentially missing interests

If the title chain contains the transfer through an estate, it is essential to ensure that any inheritors have made a proper decision to release their interest in the land.


Deeds of security that have been open

The title search could reveal the existence of an unreleased security document of the owner who is currently or previously not released. If there is a problem, we must investigate thoroughly to check if it was opened by mistake.

If so, it was; you’ll have to get an agreement from the holder of the security document,” Stitgen adds.



A lien is a legally binding right to an asset often used to secure a debt obligation. A title search can often find possible liens on the property, for instance, a mechanic’s lien for home improvement. We must study more to determine if the lien is expired or valid. It might not be for someone in the title chain or need payment.

You must pay any unpaid property or “ad valorem” to transfer the title based on the house’s assessed value. The owner must repurchase the lien document when it is transferred.

According to Hollander, buyers usually have three options if they find a problem with the purchase contract.

  1. Request the seller to address the issue before closing.
  2. Request that the seller compensate buyers for the cost to resolve the issue.
  3. You can walk away from the deal and receive a deposit reimbursement.


Timeframe for Title Search/How long do title searches take?

When is a title search done when buying a house? The typical search time for a title spans between 10 to 14 days. Certain exceptions extend this time in case of problems found in the title. How long does title search take? You can usually expect a delay in buying at least two weeks unless the issue is grave. A variety of factors influence the precise timeframe.


Timeframe for Title Search


Experts in the field conduct the search using precise procedures to provide an instant solution. Title search experts must conduct thorough inspections and searches without knowing precisely what they will find.


Factors that impact the length of time a title search can take

How long does it take a lawyer to do a title search? Title searches could take several weeks. The difficulty of finding the property and the size of the property will affect the time frame.

How long does title work take on a house? Other factors that affect the timeline of title searches are:

  • Age of house. Older houses may have more complicated title histories and property documents that are harder to locate. This could mean that the title search is more extended.
  • We need to inspect the amount of documents. The more documents a title company needs to look up and review, the longer the research will take.
  • Suppose the property is clean or has a wrong title. If the home has an unclean title, that is, there aren’t any liens attached to the property, then there’s nothing to resolve. If the title isn’t clean, the title searcher needs to determine who is the rightful owner of the property, which can take some time.
  • The kind of home. Different kinds of homes need different kinds of title searches. A house in an urban area with clear property lines could be more straightforward to manage than an expansive plot in rural areas where property lines are less evident, and easements or other claims may be more challenging.

If you evaluate this policy against a similar insurance policy, obtaining the title policy could require a lot more time.


What Is A Property Title Search, And What Is The Rights Bundle?

The title search for property is a detailed study of the property’s financial history. To conduct an investigation of the title to your property, take a thorough look at the property’s various items, such as:

  • Any mortgage or liens that the property owner currently holds against themselves. For buyers, this is an essential aspect of the process.
  • A deed history of the house will ensure a clear property ownership transfer from one person to the next.
  • The local issues are a hindrance when selling.
  • Other documents such as titles, permits, or any other paperwork may assist in determining the financial record for the home.

The bundle of rights can be vital as it gives real estate owners a description of their legal rights to use their property. The bundle of rights contains various ownership rights that are specific to the property:


Right of Control

As a homeowner, you can decide what happens to your house, including keeping pets or making money from it. You can confirm this through an online title search in the USA.


Right of taking Possession

When a person purchases a home, the property is legally theirs, and they have a right to hold it. Before taking possession, the owner must fulfill conditions like paying taxes and insuring the property. Again, you could verify this by examining the title on the property.


Right of Exclusion

Homeowners have the right to prohibit others from entering their property or their property. The right to exclude has many exceptions, including police officers with warrants.


Gain insight through the title search.

The homeowner can transfer ownership of the property to someone else whenever they want. This could be through an offer or gift or even in a will. You can gain insight through the title search.


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the Title of a Property.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions concerning title search results.


What is a title for a home?

The title of a property refers to the word used by property owners to define ownership rights for the owners. If you’re considering buying a house, ensuring a seller is entitled to the title is essential. This proves that there aren’t any other liens or claims on the property and that the seller has the legal right to offer you their house. This is where a title search is essential.


Are title searches quicker for new homes?

A newly constructed house generally has a shorter paper trace, so the title search needs to scrutinize smaller documents. An older property may contain more records that could extend the time needed for a title check.


Do you have the ability to do an image search by yourself?

There’s no reason to stop you from conducting the title search yourself. However, due to the difficulty of searching and the possibility of penalties for not finding the most crucial information, it’s generally recommended to work with an expert. If you’re thinking of taking out a mortgage or loan, your lender might need to hire an attorney to perform a.


Does a property title have to be similar to the deed?

Although the words “title” and “deed” are often used interchangeably, there is a small but significant distinction in the terms. The word “deed” refers to a legal document proving ownership; title is the abstract notion of ownership. It is possible to ask someone to show you the property deed. However, you must refrain from demanding them to show the title.


Why are title searches necessary?

Conducting an initial title search before a home auction is essential. Even if a property’s current owner isn’t engaging in dishonesty, there could be some baggage they do not know about or even dating back to the previous owners. A title search will protect buyers from buying an unintentional home that could result in hundreds of thousands in legal fees.


What is different between a title and a title?

Titles and deeds connect two distinct concepts. A property title is what you call the rights you have over your home. The deed confirms that you own the title to the home.


Which is your title’s contingency? And do you need to waive it?

Before proceeding with your purchase, you must meet a contingency requirement. If the condition isn’t fulfilled, you may return and recover any money earned from the initial amount that you paid.

A title contingency requires that a property have a clear title before proceeding to purchase. Due to the potential dangers of purchasing a home that doesn’t have a clear title, it’s not expected to absolve any title-related contingency.


Bottom Line

What happens after title search? Imagine a home title search as a background check of a candidate. The search will reveal any claims or problems recorded before the ownership of the property. It will also ensure no claims, liens, or problems in the property. This could prevent someone else from saying they have a stake in the property.

It’s also an excellent idea to purchase title insurance before purchasing your house. Title insurance protects against any issues that could arise related to the title. A home purchase is a thrilling experience, and you’ll likely desire to move into your new residence as quickly as possible. But searching for a title is something other than something you’ll want to speed through. It could take anywhere from a few days to weeks, but it will ensure you’re safe and in good condition for years.

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