Partition By Sale Attorney Near Me – How It Works?

Most of the time, there is more than one property owner these types of arguments usually consider challenging to resolve by discussion between the parties. To provide solutions to this kind of conflict, the state of Carolina serves general statutes.

According to laws, a co-owner of a real estate may petition the court in California to divide the property physically or by sale as an alternative. Physical partition is more common when there is a clear division of the property into multiple owners without damaging any parties. A partition by sale attorney near me is usually needed when division by division is unavailable because of substantial property injury. Before the court makes the rule of partition in a property by sale, the statutes authorize settling accounts between two parties.

Therefore, it is essential to have a partition sale attorney who knows partition laws if you and other owners of the same property face challenging issues related to real estate. These types of situations damage the reputation of owners and may lead to severe conflict. Here you need an experienced partition sale attorney to help you in guiding the process and negotiations.

At an attorney real estate firm, lawyers have been involved in similar partition actions for an extended period and know all strategies to solve clients’ issues effectively. Our roots spread all over California, and we are actively willing to help you in the best way in concern of your sale partition disputes.

How partition by sale attorney help?


Regarding a property, if you face a dispute that you own with some other individual, a partition by sale attorney can help you determine the best course of action to solve the issue.

Our partition sale lawyers will fix problems at attorney real estate firms and resolve complex disputes in clients’ best interest.

What does partition by sale mean?


Specifically, the term partition refers to the parting and division of something. But partition by sale is the selling of a part of property instead of dividing it.


It is also understood that a partition by sale is an action that divides the real estate or property equally and fairly between different owners using a sale. This type of situation prevails when one real estate owner wants to sell a property while others don’t. Or it also happened when there is a disagreement in co-owners about how much one has to pay the other to own the whole property.


It happens in some ideal situations that both parties get benefits by using the solution through mediation. But in most cases, an agreement is not possible, and the partition by sale is the only option left for the party who wants to get their property parted from the others.

How partition by sale attorney works?


We can understand the concept of partition by sale with an example. Let’s suppose a man dies and leave his property to a son and daughter. The son desires to sell the property while the daughter remains against his decision. The son asks the daughter to buy the other part of the property and give the amount to her brother. But, the daughter does not have enough money to give to his brother as the cost of his part in the property. Here both reached a disagreement, and the son files a petition to force the sale of property that they both owned as a legacy of their father.


If the court orders in favour of the son and decides to sell the property, the cost of the property is assessed by 3-5 commissioners appointed by the court for the case. These commissioners get their payment from property owners to get the sale of property preceded. The appointment of a trustee is another option that the court may avail to handle the sale of the house.


Both the commissioners and trustees determine the way of sale. Sale by appointing a commissioner is typically conducted through judicial actions. At the same time, the partition sale via trustee is handled in open markets. Open market sales tend to result in more significant proceeds than judicial auctions. Both types of sales also include the additional expenses in it.

Try an agreement before resorting to partition by sale.


The partition by sale demands incurring costs from multiple owners of a single property. It also creates a dispute that can remain long-lasting and ends in losing a close relationship mostly. It should only be done if the agreement option is impossible and there is no chance of resolution via discussion. But if you are reached at the stage when you cannot admit the demands of other owners and the other one is not listening up to yours, you have the right to submit a petition for partition by sale in court.


Mediation in such cases remains the most cost-efficient process than starting partition by sale. In some cases, the mediators can find a solution in which there is no need for both parties’ sales and interests. But, still, if co-owners of a property agree to sell the property, it can be sold in any open market via commissioner or trustee.


Legal actions are usually strict, and if you hope to preserve your relationship with the other party in the future, you should go through the mediation process.


But whatever you decide for your property, whether it is a mediation process or legal partition by sale, our attorney real estate lawyers are always at your side to assist you in every legal manner.

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We are a proud group of lawyers that have helped many clients in matters of property partition. We have offered our mediation and representation services in property-related disputes all over California, United States. We can serve you as a mediator to do specific negotiations with your co-owner that all the parties related to the property will get good options regarding their interests.


If they do not want negotiation, our partition by sale lawyers will evaluate your case and counsel you on the best way to proceed with your property. Whenever you get involved in disputes related to the property, you are welcome at the attorney real estate group.