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“You probably worked with a real estate agent if you purchased a home during the recent boom. Real estate lawyers are less likely to have been involved in your transactions. Many states do not require real estate lawyers to handle certain aspects of real estate sales, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from them.”

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Real Estate Attorney Los Angeles

Although lawyers charge a lot, many homebuyers get back the money they spend on them through their negotiation leverage. Despite the high costs of hiring one, many homebuyers can recover the money they spend on attorney fees.

Homebuyers need a real estate attorney to navigate short sales, complicated deals, and some tasks that may only be handled by a licensed attorney — depending on the state.

Here at Real Estate Attorney Los Angeles, we will examine what a real estate lawyer does and answer questions like when to hire a real estate lawyer and how much a real estate lawyer charges.


Who Are Real Estate Attorneys?

A real estate lawyer is the same as all lawyers they hold obtained a law degree and passed the bar exam in their state. The real estate specialist prepares and reviews real estate transaction documents and contracts about the sale or purchase of property. They can advise buyers, sellers, and lenders on all real estate transactions.

Real estate attorneys often take elective courses in real estate law and may even serve as interns in the field. Certification in real estate law is not required, but it is a good idea.

Real estate transactions often involve the involvement of several legal professionals. Here is the distinction between them:

  • When buying or selling properties, real estate attorneys represent buyers’ and sellers’ interests. Real estate attorneys are responsible for protecting their client’s interests.
  • The closing attorney only provides closing services for a real estate transaction but does not represent the buyer or seller, even if either pays. A closing attorney may also be the mortgage lawyer for the lender.


How Do Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys Help Their Clients?

A real estate attorney performs a broad range of tasks on behalf of their clients during a property transfer, some of which are the following.


A real estate lawyer for the seller:

  • Prepares or reviews real estate contracts
  • Assists the seller in negotiating contract terms
  • Assists the seller with preparing the contract for sale and giving general advice
  • Assists the seller in resolving title issues
  • Reviewing or drafting a deed
  • Dispute resolution for transactions


Real estate lawyer for the buyer:

  • Verifies the seller’s title by conducting a title search
  • Assists the buyer in preparing a purchase contract
  • Analyzes and advises the buyer on the mortgage contract
  • Deals with disputes or problems related to the deed
  • Insures title
  • Creates amendments to real estate agents’ standard contracts


Closing attorney/mortgage lawyer for the lender:

  • Provides closing services without representing the buyer or seller
  • Sets the mortgage terms and draws up the mortgage contract
  • When a buyer defaults or the lender goes into foreclosure, they represent the lender.
  • Provides closing documents for signing if serving as closing attorney, including:
  • Loans
  • An explanation of truth-in-lending
  • An Overview
  • The bill of sale
  • An application for a loan


Lenders’ lawyers might require a special license if they act as mortgage brokers or commissioned agents for banks or mortgage companies.


What Are The Most Common Reasons Clients Hire A Real Estate Attorney In Los Angeles?

To help you better understand the role of a real estate attorney, here are some times when clients may need one:


What Are The Most Common Reasons Clients Hire A Real Estate Attorney In Los Angeles?


In the process of buying a house

During a typical home purchase, lawyers act as intermediaries and negotiate between the buyer and the seller to ensure the buyer is aware of their financial obligations.


When negotiating a purchase contract

The purchase agreement is one of the most essential documents in a real estate transaction. A real estate attorney can explain the standard form or modify or add it to meet the buyer’s or seller’s needs. Here are some of the issues that real estate attorneys typically address in purchase agreements:

  • Did any additions or changes to the property follow the law?
  • Does the buyer have the right to make the changes they want to the property?
  • What are the legal consequences of withdrawing from the closing?
  • Does the buyer’s financing affect the closing?
  • Is the down payment held in escrow, and how is the escrow payment issued?


Searching for titles

Typically, a real estate attorney reviews the title’s status and gives an expert opinion on the title’s condition after a title insurance company searches the seller’s title after the purchase agreement is signed.

The real estate attorney oversees the title search, clarifies exceptions, and reviews title insurance. A real estate attorney determines whether the title is accurate and whether previous owners have had any issues. The title attorney can clarify whether restrictions, agreements, or easements affect the sale of the property and explain whether they affect it.


Closing a transaction

In addition to preparing the deed and closing papers for a property sale, a real estate attorney can also ensure the seller pays the purchase price balance and facilitate the transfer of the title to the buyer. The real estate attorney’s responsible for explaining and executing all closing documents after the parties sign them.


Real Estate Attorneys in Los Angeles: How Much Do They Charge?

It’s dependent on the type of features your lawyer (or lawyers) provides, the location of your office, and if they charge hourly or a flat fee for the amount you’ll pay. In contrast to someone who hires a lawyer only at closing, if you hire one early in the home buying or selling process, you will spend more if you hire a lawyer early.

Real estate attorneys generally charge between $150 and $350 per billable hour if you are the buyer and your lender requires an attorney to be present at closing.


Real Estate Attorneys Have Many Benefits.

The majority of states do not require you to have legal counsel at closing or during the title transfer process, but many experts advise you to think carefully about it. When you are selling or purchasing a home in unusual circumstances, such as a short sale, a lawyer will almost certainly be necessary.

Unless a real estate agent is an attorney, they cannot provide legal advice or services. You can decide whether employing a real estate lawyer is worth the upfront expense. In addition to providing guidance and advice, hiring an attorney also serves as insurance against making a significant financial mistake.


Why You Need An Attorney For Real Estate?

The last thing anyone wants is to lose their money or their security. Why risk one of the most important investments of your life? Having an attorney represent you when buying a home is more than just reading the fine print.

They serve as a support system, a shield, and a resource to ensure you sleep peacefully at night. Your lawyer works for you.


A clear understanding

All of the documents need understanding by someone. A lawyer will ensure high transparency and comfort for you at the beginning of your real estate transaction by reviewing all contracts and agreements and helping with negotiations.

You can rely on your lawyer to clarify vague language and ensure your requirements are adequately communicated, represented, and documented whenever you don’t understand a term or part of the process.


Reduced costs

When you consider the financial impact of getting things wrong in the future, it is no big deal to hire a real estate lawyer upfront. A real estate lawyer will safeguard you and your investment by reviewing the legal documentation, handling negotiations, and asking questions you might not have thought of.

You can save a great deal of money and gain valuable knowledge by hiring a real estate attorney when dealing with the most significant investment of your life.


Experiential learning

The attorney you choose has been through this process more times than you will ever experience in a lifetime, even if it’s not your first real estate purchase. Working in the industry daily gives them an in-depth understanding of local and state laws and institutional knowledge.

It is essential to have legal backing to reduce any risk that may delay the process of your purchase of real estate, particularly in the case of particular real estate circumstances (for instance, new construction, Zoning disputes, or historical areas).


The closing

Although only some states require a real estate attorney to attend the closing, all buyers can enjoy legal assistance. In addition to the mortgage, title insurance, deed, and final inspection, the closing process involves several moving parts.

A lawyer can significantly ease your mind if they review, adjust, and prepare all closing documents and ensure they protect you and your assets.



During real estate buying, an attorney represents your interests, negotiates, and works for you. As well as acting as a support, your lawyer can protect you from problems and issues you cannot see or predict and act as a safeguard to keep you out of the complications of real estate transactions.

If you take the following steps toward owning a property with legal counsel, you can rest assured that your family and investments will be safe.


Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Real Estate Attorney?

Buying a home is the best financial investment that comes with inherent risk. While you save money by not hiring an attorney, you might incur costs later.

The risk of not hiring an attorney is having their contracts revised in their best interest, having errors in their mortgage loan documents, or having title or survey issues not covered by title insurance. During one of these cases, Whitman recalls a couple trying to purchase their first home, which had a historic house without a bathroom.

A first-time buyer in another scenario did not receive all of the condominium documents required by state law from the seller.

He then observed that the condominium association had an underfunding problem and that condominium fees would have to be increased significantly soon. With this information, the buyer could negotiate a reduction in the purchase price.


Faqs about Real Estate Attorneys


Is it necessary to hire a real estate lawyer?

The details of your transaction and your state’s laws determine whether you need a real estate attorney. You may decide you do not need an attorney for a simple home sale or purchase, but a lawyer can guide you and protect you if something goes wrong, the transaction is complex, or issues arise.


For a closing, how much does it cost to hire an attorney?

Typically, real estate attorneys charge $150 to $350 per hour, although some charge flat fees instead. If you must use an attorney to supervise your closing, the buyer will be charged for this.


Do real estate attorneys cost less than realtors?

The state you live in determines whether or not a real estate attorney can serve as a real estate salesperson without a license. Since you won’t have to pay the agent’s commission out of the sales proceeds, a real estate attorney may be more affordable for the seller than a Realtor or real estate agent.

In the event your home sells for less than what a real estate agent could have gotten, you may end up losing money unless your attorney has experience with marketing and selling homes.


Do real estate attorneys have the ability to draft real estate contracts?

You can seek the advice of a real-estate lawyer to create a real estate contract. However, if it’s a typical transaction, you might be able to use the standard contract of your agent.


What Is The Best Way To Find A Real Estate Attorney Los Angeles?

The best method to locate an estate lawyer is to ask for a recommendation from someone you know or consult your agent who handles real estate for suggestions.

Consider the following questions carefully when screening real estate lawyer candidates:

  • Can you identify a specific real estate deal you have heard of?
  • This year what number of actual property deals did you sign?
  • Does your bar association have a section for real estate?
  • Are you a representative of any insurance title firms?
  • Do you have the permission of numerous banks that are well-known to approve closing loans?
  • What’s the price when you charge hourly or flat rates?
  • What are the costs for a cash-only transaction versus financing a transaction?
  • Do you have weekend availability (generally when a buyer is in the market for houses)?


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney near you, your real estate agent may know of one that clients have used and liked. If you need to search for an attorney near you, you can go to your state bar association’s website. Your state’s website can be found in the American Bar Association’s directory.

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