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“Real Estate Contracts in Texas are documents that help make the buying and selling property in Texas well-organized and clear. Most of these transactions are built on discussions, and the Texas purchase contract is an excellent opportunity to start discussions and reach a consensus.”

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Real Estate Contracts in Texas

It determines the buyer’s expectations and the amount they’re willing to pay. They sign the agreement and then send the document to the vendor, which they can either agree to and sign or, more likely, specify their requirements and offer a counteroffer. Noting all the demands simplifies the process and prevents conflict.


What is a Texas Real Estate Contract?

The Texas real estate agreement is also called a residential purchase and sale agreement. Both parties agree to this contract to allow for an estate sale. It is legally binding. It is usual for sellers and buyers to engage representatives from real estate and realtors to aid with the sale. However, you can also conclude the sale on your own.

Buyers sign the contract when they present the seller with an acceptable written offer. Should the seller agree to the deal, both parties will discuss the terms of the real estate contract that determine the terms of the sale. When both parties sign the agreement, it is legally binding as long as it follows the law of contract and real estate.


Texas Real Estate Contracts: The Basics

We answer a few of the most frequently asked concerns about Texas real property contracts for investors in this.


Effective date vs. receipted date

The date of effect for an agreement is when the parties have agreed to and signed it. Each party must also sign any amendments to the initial offer. Everyone signs and initials determine the date of effect, not the offer being made.

The day of receipt is when the title company receives its earnest cash and contract.

The timelines in the contract are usually related to the effective date, not the receipt date. In the average Texas real estate agreement (established through the Texas Real Estate Commission), the option period begins on the effective date, not the date of receipt.


Calculating deadlines

Deadlines in the TREC’s Texas property contract are based on days rather than business days. However, they are actual dates. A five-day option period commences on the effective date and expires on the close day five days following it.

Deciding quickly and committing to closing before the deadline is best to ensure a successful purchase. It’s not recommended to request additional time to exercise the option in the event of something specific you intend to resolve using the additional time.


Special provisions language for investors

Many investors have a specific clause within their Texas real estate agreements that reveals their status as an investor and the intention to make money on the sale. This can help prevent the sellers who have been remorseful from returning to you. However, the basic rules are in the following manner:

The seller knows that the buyer is an investor in real estate, purchasing the property to earn a profit through rental or resale. Buyers could or may only undertake improvements after offering the house for rent or sale. The seller recognizes that the Buyer has purchased the property at a price less than the current market value.

Including this information in a typical Texas property contract may sound odd. Still, if you’re dealing with a highly motivated seller who has adequately prepared, they will already be aware of these details and will be more than happy to take the time to sign. Remember that certainty and time are usually more significant than the amount for motivated sellers.


The Buyer’s Finance Contingency Addendum

You could apply a 3rd-party financial supplement to provide an additional “out” when you get an investment property under contract. A financing condition states that if you cannot obtain financing on the terms mentioned, you’re not obliged to purchase the property.

Knowing that a determined seller could decline an offer with a supplement from a third financing addendum to get credit approval is crucial because it’s less dependable than a cash deal.


The termination of the contract

How long is the option period in Texas? You own a contract home, but during the option period, you’ve decided it’s not a suitable investment for your goals. You’ve tried negotiating with the seller to negotiate an improved price, but they’re unwilling to accept it. You must tell them when the buyer cancels the contract and returns the earnest money before the option period ends.

The buyer’s cancellation in contract forms is relatively straightforward. If you’re terminating your contract within the option period, you’ll include the seller’s name and the property’s address and check #1, which refers to your right to end the contract within the period of the option. Send the form to the title firm. The title company might require an additional release of earnest money, which they will provide.

In Texas, buyers can cancel the Texas real estate contract without any reason during the option period. If the seller believes in you, they’ll usually agree to a reduction in the cost of the contract, primarily when you can provide specific reasons to justify the lower price (like the need for major repairs).

If you end this contract, the seller may contact you later to negotiate a new price.


When does the option period start in Texas?

The real property option period starts the day after the contract date. It lasts for a set number of days, usually 5 to 10. The effective date is when the final person signs the contract and hands it to another party. 

When does option period start in Texas? The period of option is when the buyer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at any time by paying a fee, commonly called” the “option fee. The seller pays the fee in cash. It is typically non-refundable. However, if they proceed, the buyer could credit it to the purchase price at closing.



Texas real estate contracts can accommodate amendments. A majority of what is possible to do through an amendment could be a signed modification to the contract in its original form. However, an amendment may aid in keeping things in order and easily read. You can use the amendment to notify of changes to your contract during the option period or request an extension.

The standard amendment for the Texas real estate agreement is a simple form. TREC agreement is a straightforward form to modify the following clauses:

  • The price of sales and financing terms
  • The seller will complete the repairs.
  • Closing date
  • Concession of seller to buyer’s costs ($)
  • The seller, buyer or both must pay for the repairs the lender requires.
  • Additional option period and an extended option cost
  • Terminating the option earlier (usually it is a result of the change in contract)
  • Date for a financing contingency
  • Other

Once everyone involved has approved them, make sure you send all addendums to your title firm. After signing, the supplement will become part of Texas real property contracts.

Are you up to go through this? You could always ask an agent in your area to assist you. Many assist in contracts for a nominal cost.


Common Texas Real Estate Contracts

The most commonly used Texas property contracts are those approved through TREC.


Common Texas Real Estate Contracts


Texas Real Estate Commission, commonly known as TREC. There are many types of TREC contracts, and each is unique in its reason for being.

  • Standard Residential Purchase Agreement for Residential Purchase. It is the most widely used form since it’s used for purchasing and selling residential properties with less than four units. This form suits single-family houses, duplexes, quads, and triplexes.
  • Condominium Purchase Agreement. Buyers or sellers use it to purchase or sell condominiums if the sale includes something other than builders or developers.
  • Farm and Ranch. Selling a ranch or farm contains specific clauses regarding land rights, zoning, and other aspects more specific to farm or ranch land.
  • New Home Contract (completed construction). People use it to purchase a new and completed home. A homeowner did not previously own the home.
  • The New Homes Contract (incomplete building). This form is used when buying a house that has not been built or finished. Once they complete the house, they close it. Avoid using this form if you have a pre-established deadline for closing, especially for condos.


Can Anyone Use a TREC Contract?

Yes. TREC contracts are accessible to the public, meaning anyone buying or selling a home can utilize these forms. The Texas Real Estate Commission designed these forms for approval and endorsement, specifically for use by licensed real estate brokers and trained agents to ensure correct utilization. Incorrectly filled-out forms could result in an unenforceable real estate contract and financial loss.

If you are considering buying or selling a property, you should talk to an approved real estate lawyer or realtor to help you with the transaction. A professional can guide you through this process to ensure you know all the contract provisions for real estate.


Essential Components of A Texas Real Estate Contract

In Texas, the four essential components that make a real estate agreement legally binding are:

  1. A valid offer and the acceptance of the offer
  2. A legal reason for the contract
  3. The mutual consent of or the agreement of both parties
  4. Consideration

Both parties should write and sign real estate contracts before they deem them legal and binding.


Texas Real Estate Contract Law

There may be more efficient methods to amend an insufficient real estate contract than inserting, striking out, and putting initials in with a pen.

However, it’s legal. Another method of revising is to add a supplement to the contract that is more powerful than any other clauses in the contract that may appear to contradict the contract. An addendum is more effective because:

  • It shows only the items that require changes.
  • The page or two lists the items that need to be altered.
  • Agents and brokers like it because the TREC contract stays the same when adding the supplement.

You could also draft a custom contract for something other than a supplement. However, brokers and agents prefer to avoid custom contracts, mainly if they deal in residential property.


In Texas, what group has the right to draft real estate contracts for others?

In Texas, licensed attorneys usually have the power to draft real estate contracts on behalf of others. Brokers and agents can also help with contracts. But, they must do this within their license and usually with their employer’s guidance. You should read the regulations and rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission. They have the most up-to-date information. The laws and regulations may differ and change.


Things Real Estate Sellers Consider

The most important thing for sellers is whether they are confident that the purchaser can purchase the property. This is why sellers typically require pre-approval letters and the down payment to be substantial with the contract. Other issues sellers face include:

  • Sellers wish to transfer their home “as is.” They want to sell it with less responsibility for legal concerns, repairs, and warranties, except warranty titles.
  • Sellers must advise purchasers that proper due care is solely the buyer’s obligation, including appraisal and legal advice, determining square footage, etc.
  • Most Texas real estate contracts provide that sellers prefer to offer the survey “as is” without warranties. Buyers can fund another survey if the first survey needs to be corrected.
  • Include the seller in the writing of the warrant deed.


Things Buyers Consider

Buyers must know as much information concerning the house as possible. They can find the information they need through an inspection, seller disclosure, agent details, title guarantee, etc. A few of the concerns buyers face include:

  • Buyers should know how long they will require financing to purchase the property.
  • Consider the possibility that the attorney for the seller secretly inserts restrictive clauses into the deed or note of trust.
  • House to ensure that all systems in the home are in good working order and functioning correctly.

The Circumstances Under Which The Parties Could End The Agreement.

A Contract Contingencies in Texas is legally binding and enforceable in the courts of law. In most cases, however, the agreement will outline the circumstances under which the parties could end the agreement. Examples include:

  • The standard cancellation period is three days. Many real estate contracts grant either party the option to cancel at any time within 72 hours of signing the contract.
  • The refusal to finance–As the rule of thumb, the real estate contracts are conditioned on the buyer getting financing. The clauses usually contain a timeframe that requires the buyer to secure financing within a specified duration.
  • Problems when selling another property – Typically, the buyer of the home currently has a mortgage on a different home and can make the closing of the deal contingent on selling the property. This kind of clause typically includes a deadline by which the second home has to be sold.
  • If the property is not inspected, sellers generally can “cure” any defect. However, if it isn’t possible, the buyer will have the Texas real estate contract option period of termination.
  • If the seller does not make an agreed-upon improvement, the sale may be contingent on specific fixes or improvements to the house.
  • The seller can only provide a clear title if a title search uncovers any liens, claims, or encumbrances that were disclosed previously. The buyer could withdraw from the transaction if easements or other title issues were not previously identified.


Contact Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

At the Attorney Real Estate Group, we thoroughly understand the laws that govern property transactions within Texas and can protect your rights in all factual estate-related disputes. To consult with a trusted Texas real estate lawyer. Contact us at any of the convenient locations below. We’re available all day, seven days a week.

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