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Searching for a Sacramento Trust Attorney? We are Attorneys Real Estate Group and have handled tons of living trusts, wills, deed transfers and more over the years and are exceptional at getting the job quickly and accurately at rates that you can afford. Getting your trust or deed done is related to estate planning and as you may or may not know, this is something that you will want to have in order especially the older that you get.

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Sacramento Trust Attorney

Our trust attorneys are certified and licensed and have experience getting the most effective wills & trusts set up for your situation. We can help you set up your trust, will, or estate plan in a manner that is optimal for you. Since we understand that no two people are the same, estate planning is rarely effective as a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solution.

Here are a few reasons you may want to hire a Trust Attorney in Sacramento:


#1. Avoid Probate Court

The first reason to come to a trust attorney is so that when the inevitable happens, you can make sure to avoid probate court. Probate just means that you did not set up your trust & will correctly or at all, and now the courts have to get involved and make some legal decision. This also means the court may step in to disperse any remaining assets, such as a home or other property. And they may also get involved with how to pay off any remaining debts owed from the deceased.


#2. Minimize Transfer Taxes

Another big place the courts can get you is when an estate is passed on. There can be huge transfer taxes that we need to pay. This can eat into the asset’s value and the amount you see back. However, an intelligent and legal way exists to get around this thorny issue. The three taxes that can take a big bite out of your juicy estate apple are the estate tax, gift tax, and generation-skipping transfer tax. A good trust attorney will devise a smart plan that helps minimize the taxes you owe to Uncle Sam.


#3. Planning For Philanthropy

If you are a charity-minded individual or want to make a legacy plan for your estate, we can help you. You can set up a charitable trust or a family foundation in your name or donate your funds to an existing organization whose causes you can get behind and believe in. A Sacramento trust attorney will review all your goals regarding your legacy and where you would like the funds to go and ensure they get there properly.


#4. Protecting Family Wealth

The wealthier people get, the more damage a random lawsuit can do to your estate, or other issues may arise. With wealth comes a target that goes on your back. A lot of folks come to us to remove their name from their money, which is, in essence, what a trust will do. Your income will be preserved inside a legally and financially protected vehicle with only that purpose, to preserve and protect your wealth.


Protecting Family Wealth.


#5. Keep Children Out Child Protective Services

Of course, in life, there are nightmare scenarios that we don’t like to think of but probably should. If you and your spouse are in a serious debilitating injury, for example, what exactly would happen to your kids? Some people would have family or friends who could pick the kids up or act as their custodial guardians, but not everyone would have this contingency plan in place. If this happens, your kids, by state law, would be placed in child protective services. Having a will in place can help to avoid this situation by clearly stating your wishes should this occur.


#6. Get Property Dispensed Quickly

The other issue we often see when trust needs to be set up accurately is that property can take a long time to dispense and distribute to those in your will. Sometimes the delay can take 3-9 months to receive. This can be a big issue when your family is trying to afford funeral costs and pay other miscellaneous bills and costs that can add up after losing a loved one. A properly set up estate plan can guarantee that this does not happen and that your family gets the funds they need quickly enough to avoid being caught in a sticky situation.